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RTJ - Please read before applying!
Welcome to Dinner.

This is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition game. We shall be running through the Curse of Strahd campaign setting, a retelling of the classic I6 Module, Ravenloft.

This is my first time running this campaign setting. I am currently reading through the book, and it is a work of art. It is a long, but fascinating read.

My experience with Dungeons and Dragons and Dungeon Mastering:

I have been playing with the system since 3rd Edition. I dabbled a bit in the 4th, but not as much as I had hoped. I did not enjoy the system as much as the one I was familiar with. I have played a couple of games with my friends, and played a few short games on the internet, mainly PBPs. I also am very familiar with Vampire the Masquerade and Shadowrun 3rd Edition games, which are my favorites.

I have only DMed one PBP game that was a mild success, which lasted a year before real life being what it is. The newest edition of Dungeons and Dragons spiked my interest again; I am currently a player in the "Out of the Abyss" and "Princes of the Apocalypse" campaign setting, and am also DMing the starter adventure "Lost Mine of Phandelver" at the youth center I work at (been going on since September, they are very slow, but a fun little group).

My experience with RPOL.net:
I have very beginner knowledge of the site's functionalities. I do believe I have the basics under control. Please be patient with me. I'm beginning to get the gist of it.

Why do I want to run this specific campaign?
I am planning on running this campaign for my friends once we are done with "Out of the Abyss". We still have some ways to go, and I believe running this campaign in PBP format might be beneficial to me as a Dungeon Master with them.  It will give me time to assimilate the campaign material, so I can give them the best live experience.

If you decide to apply, please consider the following:

a) I would prefer to have players with little to no experience with the campaign setting. I want it to be as much of an experience to myself and to my players. If you do have experience, please mention it in your RTJ.

b) English is not my first language, even though I am bilingual. My writing skills aren't extraordinary. I think I can manage some good writing, though. I will do my best to write as best I can giving as much details as you need, and thematically appropriate.

c) This game is rated "Mature". It is a dark, horror, fantasy type game. There are certain gritty themes in the book. Please keep these things in mind.

d) I will do my best to keep a regular posting rate (2-3 times a week), and will make an effort to post a bit more during combat. I'm not sure if I will be using maps or not, so we'll see. I may post more frequently certain weeks than others, and may take breaks during the course of this campaign to better situate myself with real life.

e) I can't promise we will finish this campaign. My experience with PBPs have shown that the vast majority of games never come to completion, either due to DM exhaustion, lack of interest, or player dropouts, a mix of the above, or other reasons. I think running a module will be easier to me, and for the players. Let's hope for the best!!!

f) I may or may not modify the rules to better suits my needs and your needs during the course of the campaign.


When sending me your RTJ, please include the following:

a) A character name, preferred race and class combination (no Evil characters, no full character sheets)
b) A short character background, enough to get the general idea of your character, and your writing capabilities.
c) A quick description of you yourself, as a player.
d) Your experience with Dungeons and Dragons, especially the 5th edition (no experience is required)
e) What do you expect of me, as a DM, towards yourself, and the group.
f) You can ask me any questions you feel appropriate.

Once the whole process is complete, I will choose players accordingly. I will try balancing everything out.

I have eager to meet up with you all, and start this darned adventure! Cheers! :)

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