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Character Creation Information
All characters will begin 1st level. Characters added throughout the campaign will be balanced with the current party's state.

You must generate your character sheet using the standard array (15,14,13,12,10,08). Characters will begin with maximum hits points for 1st level, plus your Constitution modifier, as per the usual.

All Player's Handbook backgrounds are available, including the Haunted background, a Curse of Strahd exclusive (see below). Unfortunately, I do not own any other Dungeons and Dragons book, besides the three core manuals and the Curse of Strahd campaign setting.

I am permitting the use of Feats for the campaign. You acquire feats at 4th level instead of increasing your ability score, and your may do so each time you would gain an ability score increase. The Variant Human also begins with a Feat.

You are asked to begin with your class and background starting equipment. You may use the extra gold from your background to begin play with extra gear, if that suits your fancy. As a reminder, starting equipment replaces the starting gold.

You may also choose a small trinket, either using the table in the PHB, or the special Gothic theme trinkets (see below).

You may peruse the Haunted background and the Gothic trinkets directly from Wizards of the Coast:

If you need any help with character creation, you may either send me a PM or ask your fellow players.

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Fri 22 Apr 2016
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Character Creation Information
Also, we shall be using the Forgotten Realms as an initial setting. You may choose a Deity from the appropriate setting list. For ease of use, characters should also come from the Sword Cost, or be in that area at the beginning of the campaign.