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Sat 27 Feb 2016
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Green = Follow up information

Blue = Speaking on the same level with you.

1. No metagaming: This is a large factor and I know sometimes it's nice to do it. But just don't you interrupt other players experience by doing so.

2. keep OOC in OOC: don't bring outside source information to further the survival of your character.

3. I get the final say on what happens in game: If you don't agree with something, please PM me and we can discuss it.

4. Don't take control of another player: NPCs that have been created for you are acceptable, such as NPCs that do not have a significant role to the game. Unless that player has given you permission to control their character, then don't do it.

5. This game is rated Mature respect the RPOL rules that have been written up by the hosts of the website.

6. Treat all players with respect, be adults about it. Don't go off and start an argument in private chat without me knowing what is bothering you. I'll respect all parties opinions and I'll deliver the final verdict. It is fine by me if you think your characters will argue ingame, as long as no one takes offense to it you may argue ,but please be adults about it.

7. In order to participate in this game, you will need to post the minimum of two paragraphs. Not doing so after your third warning will result in the removal from the game.

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