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History of the world.
  Global Resource Crises 2035 and it's Resolve
   In the year 2035, resources around the world were becoming harder and harder to locate, and harvesting energy for the millennial's influence on the world was becoming far more challenging for the generation to survive. Overpopulation and industrial productivity along with rising sea temperatures had started to take their toll on the planet, and with any means of reversing the effects dissipating ever so increasingly, it had started to become far more difficult to keep first world countries afloat with there high demand for energy.

  After several years of the major powers in the world discussing how they will be able to survive what was to come with a world running out of natural resources. The countries around the world came to a mutual agreement that they would look for other alternatives than just relying on Petrol for fuel and topsoil to grow food. All major superpowers had nearly depleted their deposits of Petrol and the demand for a new fuel source was very high. In some countries such as Saudi Arabia and Ukraine along with other minor countries that still could have had control of what could've easily been some of the last fuel left on the planet. There had been technological advances on how the countries would survive in this new world but it wasn't enough to sustain the entire planet.

  The Nato Aggression of 2051
   With the United States running low on oil and superpower status growing ever so slightly to the Chinese Republic. The United States along with her sister allies helped the United States fabricate claims in the middle east for military interventionism under the United Nations. Once the evidence was needed for military intervention, NATO mobilized their troops and invaded the middle east. Assaulting the country of Yemen first and easily taking over the country, the Nato powers decided to betray their long-time neutral ally of Saudi Arabia, and assaulted their oil fields and storage facilities. Intense fighting ensued for the following days, and with the realizations that the Saudi Regime would fall within a short time. King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud called upon other middle eastern countries to protect their land and faith; Summoning the final Jihad. A handful of countries joined this event and the war was now escalating to dangerous levels. The Countries of Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates all joined on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Seeing that opportunity to invade, The country of Iran entered the war and assaulted Saudi Arabia.

  "The restoration of the Russian Federation. 'year 2130'"
  The reason why the Russian Federation had a restoration was due to very high unemployment and inflation in the country's economy. When resources had continued to grow far more scarce in the world, there weren't enough resources to harvest and keep major factories and companies going. Most of the factories running within the country at the time were major coal industries, oil companies, and other minor companies such as the agricultural department. Without the oil, there was no way of moving large equipment effectively and on the scale required. Food was now being produced at a lower quantity and quality than before. people going hungry was the new norm along with no public transportation. The soil had been destroyed in certain areas of the country and livestock wasn't surviving the long winters with the increasing lack of feed and medication for the animals.

  Large industries spent large amounts of borrowed money from the government, and other 3rd party sources in an attempt to stabilize their interest to no avail. These companies and government officials spent too much money and eventually weren't able to pay back the money. The government started pulling money out of the accounts of the people trying to repay the debts and eventually the people rejected the government entirely. The economies inflation increased to 13% and made it unstable for the government to continue to operate. The mass rebellion started in the streets and eventual armed conflicts began to rise across the country.

  The Russian President at this time was racing to find solutions on how to handle these new crises that were now in his hands, and the solution he had was to completely reindustrialize the country in an attempt to give the people work. Other methods he used was rebuilding the military and eventually fielding one of the largest military countries in the world. With his new military and the people starting to go back to what one could only imagine a normal life, the Russian president sent his new reformed military to squash any rebellions that rose in his country.

  "Continental Security Defense Force Pact of 2132"
  After the short civil unrest, the Russian Federation had been reformed and with its new level of military prowess on the planet, the Russian President proposed a pact that would protect far east countries from NATO aggression. Creating a Pact with China, North Korea, India, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indo-China, Ukraine, and some of the Baltic states, all formed under the new "CSDF." of 2132. As the communist and reactionary countries started to rise. Authoritarian and psychotic dictatorship countries began to rise as a direct result of the socialist uprising. With the new military pact, the former Warsaw countries were Annexed by the Russian Federation and were swiftly invaded. The result of the invasions placed  Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan all into the Russian Federations crosshairs. The countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus all joined the Reactionary party and were consumed by the Russian Federation for the fear that Nato would betray them and couldn't protect them from the wars to come. During the years of intense fighting, Nato sent volunteers in an attempt to stop the CSDF's swarm but to no avail. With that, the power had shifted immensely and the odds seemed even.

  "The crippling of NATO and the creation of the Empire of Russardini 2135"
  During the Events that had started to unfold in Eastern Europe, European countries had started to abandon their capitalist-style economy and instead, chose to run their countries where the workforce was completely supported along with the military, balancing the two. With the military buildup that had come from the Russian Federation, Germany acted as the main political speaker for the countries in Europe and started to aggressively try to unite all of Europe. During this time period, all counties except for two countries in Europe all joined the Federation of Russardini. Those countries were the United Kingdom, and Poland. Much isn't known what happens inside of The Federation of Russardini but it is rumored that a military revival in Europe had started during this time.

  The "Moldova Peace Talks" and the "Galactic Conquest-treaty of 2135"
  With the powers now at each other's throats and still no solution for the fuel. All powers came together in one assembly and attended the Moldova Peace talks. Nato Members and members of the CSDF pact, along with the Federation of Russardini, refused to enter each other's countries. Eventually coming to a resolution, they all came to the agreement of talking in Moldova, Moldova wasn't part of Nato nor the CSDF and was a Neutral territory near the border with NATO, the CSDF, and Russardini. It was still close enough for the three powers to be in neutral peace talks with their militaries on standby if needed.

  During the discussion, the three powers agreed that war was inevitable if they continued down the path of military industrialization as a fuel point for their economy. The tensions were too high and anything, even an insult could start what would be the end of the world. As the talks continued throughout the weeks, The world watched in shock as their very lives would be changed for either the better or worse. At the conclusion of the meeting, both NATO and the newly founded CSDF along with the Federation of Russardini signed the treaty of "Galactic Conquest" treaty of 2135. This new age would bring temporary peace between the great powers of the world. All powers wouldn't be allowed to station militaries along each border of their neighbors. This event resulted with large extensive demilitarized zones all along the powers of the world. With a Non-Aggression pact now reached and signed by the three powers. Inside of the Non-aggression pact was almost an agreement to slow Weapon research until it came to a safe temporary halt. With this, this opened up newly found efforts in the powers and would result in creating the first spaceship that can support one-million occupants.

  Central and South America join NATO. "Americana pact of 2141"
With recent events and downfall of NATO, it was imperative for the United States to find new allies for what could possibly be the end of NATO altogether. There had been large uprisings inside of Central and South America for many years within the time the world's resources were coming to an end and the United States took the opportunity to influence the populations in supporting NATO candidates by using Gift Diplomacy and sending food along with drinking water and jobs into both Americas. Over time, the people had chosen to side with the United States and the candidates that Supported NATO sent their requests to join NATO which the NATO faction leaders allowed them to enter on the condition that the untapped oil fields in all of the Americas would be distributed evenly to NATO countries.

  Africa Unites Phase One - "The Conglomerate states of Africa." year 2145.
As countries in Africa soon became an international hub for having their supplies robbed from them. South Africa took a stand and discussed one union like Africa. Each state would act completely independently in terms of how they governed their territory, but the country of Africa would be united under one banner. The president of South Africa protested and proved how the west was stealing their land through corporate means through the International Trade Committee. South Africa also mentioned the Nato Aggression over oil in the middle east and explained, how Africa could easily become a target of western interests and ideology. He also claimed that the reason for Africa being a target was because. "The abundance of resources we hold and the population we contain if United would make us a superpower in this time." As many of the southern and western countries of Africa agreed, they saw their own interest being harassed, but a unified Africa would make them powerful. The North and East parts of Africa didn't join, North and South Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, and Ethiopia all refused to join.

  Africa Units Phase Two - "The people's republic of Egypt" year 2147
Seeing the danger that had just arose, Egypt took it into their own interest in conquering North and South Sudan in a lightning war, as Sudan fell, Egypt disrupted the tribes of Sudan and forced their ideas down the throats of the people, Morocco and Algeria both claimed that the actions that were taken against Sudan were that of a warmongering child. The country of Egypt responded with threats of military intervention. Algeria called upon Nato countries for support, Nato gave them a lend-lease and sent volunteers. Morocco created a military pact with Algeria. within a year of receiving the units and stacking soldiers on the Egyptian border. They declared war. Egypt was already expecting the attack and a bloody conflict raged as Algeria and Morocco were getting the upper hand in the war. Seeing the a large portion of Africa could be consumed by Nato, the countries were supported by the CSDF sent volunteers and military relief efforts along with large amounts of supplies into Egypt. As the war continued for many years, Egypt had finally won the war and conquered all of Northern Africa, parts of Western Africa, and Annexed, Ethiopia, Libya, and Somalia, these countries refused the annexation, but were toppled quickly once their leaders were reported to be assassinated and the countries militaries dissolved in chaos.

  NASA announces their first spaceship designed for human colonization missions. - "United Naval Space Command - Renegade." Or, "UNSC Renegade"
With the completion of the Renegade, the ship did depart on November 7th, 2147. The vessel contained well over 1.5 million people, and was currently making it's way towards the moon in an early attempt of a mass colonization, within two years of this plan in action, a large facility was able to be created within a timely manner and would mark the first time, humans would live on another world other than their own. within the time, mass mining efforts were performed on the surface of the planet, and large deposits of Iron were found within many of the moon's large craters and valleys. With this, the resources were sent back to Earth and the next vessels would be departing soon after.

  Africa Unites Phase Three, "Egypt-Africa war of 2150"
With war starting up in Africa again, it didn't take long for the victories to rise, within one year of fighting, the deserts of Africa had caught up with Egypt and production for their war machine came to a screeching halt, Egypt wasn't able to compete with the United conglomerate states of Africa and lost the war not because of manpower, but because of attrition. As the States of Africa raced up North with their newly formed armies, the cities fell one by one within a timely manner. Food was cut off to the cities during the fighting along with other vital supplies bring starvation and disease into the cities. With Egypt now nothing more than a distant memory, the African countries finally united under one banner and rebuilt their constitution. They were renamed to the Conglomerate States of Turquoisia.

  Mass Planetary conquest of 2155.
As the years quickly went by, and man plundered the natural world of its natural resources, many of the superpowers of the world raced to conquest the planets in the solar system with the newly developed warp drives. Nobody had expected the technology to come so early but with the technology now available, it made the universe an actual place to conquest and throughout the conquest rose the four new powers of the world. The Federation of Russardini which was former Europe now occupied by the Germans. The Conglomerate States of Turquoisia which is the United African country. NATO Which is held by a few countries that were still holding in Europe such as the UK and other countries in Asia and in the Americas, and Finally we have CSDF which is now the newly formed Russian Empire.

  The Sonen rebellion of 2160 Event is current
When the Sonon rebellion began three years ago, the major industrial sites and cities were overrun with rebel activity. It first started off with Nato announcing that the terrorist attacks were being caused by supporters of the CSDF but this had been ruled out shortly after. Most of the rebels that had survived the initial attack have been pushed out of the mountains of the planet and have been concentrated well within the cities. It's unsure who the rebels support and why they fight against Nato, but what is known is that the military equipment is outdated US Army equipment from the year 2014.

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