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Faction Creation (Optional)
If you are interested in creating your own little faction, I have three types of scenarios for you. When you create one of the three that I will be listing soon, keep in mind that there must be something special about it. Why is the group/faction around, Is it land? Is it skill groups? What is it. Before you create the faction or group, we MUST go back and forth and discuss your group of people that will be under your command.

Guilds are the easiest but can quickly become some of the hardest things to play as depending on what you want. You are only allowed a Maximum of TWELVE NPCs or players at a time in one of the guilds; nothing more. The least amount you need to be allowed to make the guild will be four. I figure you should at least have a fire team sized element with you. Guilds in the game generally focus around specific traits. Best way to think of it is as if you are a badass group of assassins, hackers, politicians. You name it. If you want diversity in the group, you can but they must be under that bracket that you have given me. Example: You make a hacker group, one guy is really good at getting on frequencies unnoticed while someone else is very skilled at breaking through security walls. Same job territory, different skills. before you write up the guild, please speak with me about you ideas, and I will be more than happy to help you and myself get to some agreement.

Guild Name: (Obvious, what are you called?)

Guild Age: (How old is the group, have you guys just met, or have you been together for twenty plus years. "This does not affect the group's skill, it's just to give me a heads up if there is chance governments would know of your existence and if they do, you get a bonus. )

Guild Skill: (What do you focus on? Assassinations, Electronics, vehicles, pilots? You name it.)

Guilds History (Two Paragraphs minimum. Please add detail, this is very important so I know what to do with the guild, or which way to help you steer the story to your likings.)

Mercenaries in the game are normally protection agencies hired by many colonies or major factions to protect convoys, work sites, or keep the peace. It's not to common to here mercenaries taking work for other groups and many mercenaries are normally some form of either rebellious group or patriotic peoples within the country they operate in. If you want to be a rogue group, one that isn't rebellious or patriotic, you are more than welcome and it will open many more doors for you to operate in. Now one important thing to take notice about the mercenaries is at the start, you will be small. You will have two-hundred men to start with, this number DOES NOT consist of your logistics. Your actual size is five-hundred, you get two-hundred to fight with you or deploy to a zone. You are also permitted a platoon worth of tanks, mechanized, motorized, and any other support vehicles you would need along with support assets at the start. Adding these vehicles lowers the amount of actual combat manpower you have.

  It is not mandatory to play as a mercenary, if you want to play as a group of rebels or country/ state militias you are more than welcome too. Just specify what you want exactly and we'll discuss it. Also, if you can give me a good back story for your mercenaries, I'll give you more men to play with, requirement. Provide as much information on the company's history, the more you give, the more you get.

Mercenary name: (Obvious, what are you called?)

Flag: (What does the company banner you carry look like)

Leader: (Hopefully you run it.)

Rank structure (Optional: If you give me a rank structure, this will help me with your officers, NCO's, and regular grunts and will help me address your character appropriately. You do not have to have the standard U.S Army rank structure if you don't want it. You can make some really crazy ranks up. Feudal age any one?)

Infantry: (what does your infantry look like, if you'd like you can have up to three different types of units. Regulars, Elite, Special Forces.)

Armor: (Do you specify mainly in light armor, medium armor, or heavy armor? And what do they look like.)

Inner Orbit Air Power: (These are your aircraft that fly in the skies of the planet. These are you jets, fighters, helicopters, transport, and logistic.)

Mercenary company history (Two Paragraphs minimum. Please add detail, this is very important  for me to understand the company and maybe even have some outside sources help you out.)

Colonies are wonderful places to create your own little world with a universe that can kill you. In the beginning the game for you, it will be relatively easy and simple, you'll get some political cases for the majority of running the colony, peace time will be signing legislation and anything else you'd like to do. If you create a colony, you will not be all powerful, if you'd like to be a rogue colony you may do so. Rogue colonies are free game and are not protected or insured by any other powers. If you decide to go as a regular colonist, you will fall under the Conglomerate states. The Conglomerate States are colonies that protect one another, they carry a mutual defensive alliance and in numbers make them very dangerous. When you start, you will have a small fleet of twenty-four ships protecting your man made station along with 8,000,000 colonists that live inside of your station. You are only aloud to use up to 10% of your entire population in war. Taking the max amount of the population will cause issues inside the station and armies deployed will suffer. You also at the start get two-hundred tanks, five hundred inner and outer orbit fighters, one hundred helicopters, five hundred mechanized vehicles, one thousand motorized, and two hundred support vehicles. This consist of Anti Air, Artillery, rocket trucks and so on so forth.

  Before you create your colony, you will need to tell me what percent of your population you will use during Limited War and Total war. Limited war Caps at Five Percent, and total war can be moved up to ten percent. If you need more, we can discuss about it. What you decide to pull comes with a reward and punishment system that I will tell you based on your political agenda for the game. Also, make sure to tell me how many troops you are dedicating for Logistics. This is very important for me to work with so I can get an idea of how well your armies are maintained and supplied effectively.

10% of your population is considered quantity troops and places old and pretty young soldiers into your ranks

7% of your population is considered the all of your age restricted young to enter the military

5% of your population is considered average and would be considered drafted/conscripted

3% of your population is considered volunteer troops and are your most patriotic members of your society with well trained and equipped soldiers.

1% of your population is considered Quantity troops and are the best of the best you have to offer, these troops are the easiest to supply and best equipped.


Colony Name: (What is your Station's name and number, numbers for stations are 01, 02, 03 and so on and so forth)

Age: (How long have you settled for)

Flag: (What does the country banner you carry look like)

Leader: (Hopefully you run it)

Government: (How is structured? Are you militaristic country? Democratic? Socialist? What are you running)

Culture: (How they act and what makes this different besides there living areas?)

History: (Give me the sweet stuff that I need to know about your countries upbringing.)


Infantry: (what does you infantry look like, if you'd like you can have multiple different types. This ranges from special forces, to your standard grunt.)

Armor: (Do you specify mainly in light armor, medium armor, or heavy armor? And what do they look like.)

Inner Orbit Air Power: (These are your aircraft that fly in the skies of the planet. These are you jets, fighters, helicopters, transport, and logistic.)

Outer Orbit Fighters: (These are aircraft that fight along your space fleet and protect them from other fighters that may be trying to destroy them. Imagine them as escorts for bombers. Small and effective.

Space Fleet: (This is the mother of jewels and the most powerful fleet you posses, these are the vessels that make it possible for you to go and conquer other worlds.)

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