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Name: (Simple, what is your name. Nicknames are allowed as well.)

Age: (How old are you)

Personality: (Give me either one good paragraph or two decent paragraphs)

Occupation: (What is you job in the universe. Are you a janitor in a school or are you something more exciting?)

Attire/clothing: (What are you wearing, this should be two paragraphs, the first is your civilian attire and the second is your uniform)

Gear: (What equipment do you have? Is it civilian equipment or military. Be specific if you don't mention it you don't have it.)

Character Bio: (This should be at least three paragraphs, the first should be your upbringing. Where you lived, who your parents were and so on so forth. The second is your teenage years. Where did you go to school? How did you carry yourself? and what was your first job? The final paragraph should be about what your character is doing today in this age in the game. If you think you would of been affected by some of the world's history, please don't be afraid to add some experiences you think your character would of had.)

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