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Faction's public Information.
North American Treaty Organization Brief summary

The countries that make up the body of NATO are still very powerful first world organizations with a fierce military. Created on April 4, 1949, in Washington D.C. This group has survived for over one-hundred years but are threatened by the new powers that have risen around it. Their headquarters remains the same and still resides on Earth. With fewer seats from the countries that have left making them weaker. Nato has had trouble colonizing the many moons and planets that reside in our solar system leaving them with just a handful of areas they control.

  The NATO countries still hold their democratic beliefs and clutch them with an iron fist. With the desire to hold on to the little land they have, they have proven to the rest of the world that even if they have smaller numbers. Their loyalty to serve mankind goes unnoticed and the men and woman of the NATO military will defend the U.S Constitution to the very end. With many of the countries being absorbed into the U.S, The countries realized they could no longer run together separately so instead joined the U.S as its client state.

  Nato has been remarkable and truly a freedom driven alliance with its citizens looking towards space for the answer. The people that live under NATO's protection are generally very opened minded individuals but what seems to still be a constant thunder in its storm is the Left and Right wing parties stripping each other away. The Left wing has played roles revolving around society and social construct while Right-wing members have joined Government Factories and makeup 80% of the military.

The Continental Security Defense Force Brief summary

The CSDF are former Soviet states that have been rallied together through the tough times of the 20th century. The CSDF does not just contain the former Soviet states, but it also houses China, North Korea, and other minor countries that have assisted in the war games. The CSDF's goal is to defend themselves from NATO and keep their traditions and values true but with the Empire of Russardini threatening their very livelihood, it seems as if Russardini may be the bigger threat and the balance of power shifting.

The CSDF is well known for having the majority of their citizens living in the poverty line with man looking to crime for a way to make money. Those that haven't chosen to go down the path of crime have joined the military where their wages are higher and there standard living conditions have been improved. Those that reside within the country mainly focus on industrialization, mining, and farming. Just the essentials to keep the country together. Within the borders of the CSDF, those who are lucky enough to live among the party have the best treats and those that are loyal are given rewards from there country, may it be a weapon, a new home, or the chance to gain wealth.

 The citizens that reside in the country all though they live within the poverty line are given free education, free healthcare, and guaranteed to find work. Taxes are extremely high to pay for these services leaving the majority of the population very educated and poor. Most of the colonies in the CSDF are very loyal but not because they want to, but because the leader of the alliance will do whatever he has to to keep the colonies together.

Conglomerate States of Turquoisia's Brief Summary

the Conglomerate States of Turquoisia is a rather peaceful group. They try to avoid conflict with the other powers as best as they can and try to worry about making sure the colonies don't go to war with each other. Most of the residence of turquoisia is a mixture of all works of life with having the most diverse communities, cultures, and religions. Language barriers make it difficult to speak at one counsel so each colony sends a representative to represent their colony. Though the colonies in Turquoisia have residence struggling to get by, the fact that they are free from the bonds of another imperialist like country unites the people and is the only bond that holds their fragile alliance together.

  Though each colony within the conglomerate states shift rapidly in terms of their culture. What all of the colonies have agreed upon was that they would deliver a certain amount of troops to the actual conglomerate military. These colonists would then be trained as conglomerate marines or any other combat roles that are desired by the alliance. Each colony keeps their own military which acts as their national guard and protect themselves until other colonies or the conglomerate army arrive to support the colony that is being attacked. The Conglomerate army is trained not to have a biased opinion to the best of their abilities and look at the alliance as a whole and not just there people.

  Even with the conglomerate states having the weakest armies, they make up for it with having the largest fleets and the biggest armies. Though they are not as well trained or equipped as the other countries. These numbers make them deadly and a true threat to any power that wishes to invade. The conglomerate military does not specialize in offensive strikes but instead, it uses guerrilla warfare and has proven to be successful against the old Republic of Egypt.

The Federation of Russardini Brief Summary

The Federation of Russardini is a very militaristic society with a population that prides its military. It seems as every colony has experienced a dramatic level of nationality in the country. Crime is nonexistent within its borders and military vehicles can be seen on almost every street corner. The Federation of Russardini can be seen constantly playing war games with the colonies it controls and is the largest rapid growing threat to all the other powers around them. There tech level though not as great as Nato is very good compared to the CSDF and the conglomerate states.

  The culture of the people is very unique compared to the other countries. Civilians walk, talk, and work as if they were one entity with the country. Each citizen holds themselves as if they were soldiers in the military. Practicing government fed propaganda on the loudspeakers that ring in the ears of the citizens, it's very normal to see people praising statutes of their great leader and often taunting the other powers and colonies for their lack of nationality. The state-run media has taught the people of the dangers of the other powers and constantly runs military drills and wargames within its borders.

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