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Galaxy Planets
Gray = Neutral Grounds

Blue = Nato

Red = CSDF

Green = Conglomerate States

Brown = Russardini

The planets are set up from closest to the sun to the furthest from the sun.

Earth is currently under the control of NATO due to the fact that it has the largest military presence on the planet. On the home planet, there is a mutual agreement that no military actions will be taken on Earth although evident enough, there are large military drills that take place with countries powers pointing at each other. Security is very tight on the planet with all countries militaries stationed on the planet defending the borders they have. For those that live on Earth, the residence constantly live in fear that a total war can happen within a blink of an eye and even though they are fearful of living on Earth. The majority of the planet contains people who have decided not to leave the planet out of fear of the unknown. The Residence of the planet continue to live under extreme supervision and private information is now available for the governments to see what there intentions are.

  Earth itself is no longer as it once was remembered, the green forests and the dense jungles have been stripped away from the land. All that remains on the planet are raising sea water, extreme heat, deserts as far as the eye can see, and scars left in the planet of the horrors of war. Many of the residence of the planet continue to live life as best as they can with the little they have. Food worldwide is rationed depending on what the country that owns the respected territory allows the population to consume. The majority of the food that is produced on the planet gets sent out to the other colonies. The only alliance that has helped their citizens get by and allowed them to eat well on earth is NATO.

  Earth is currently being treated as a frontline for the next big event that is suspected to happen with heightened tensions. The people who live on the planet are constantly monitored and have military escort taking citizens to and from work. Public educations have become breeding grounds for war propaganda machines. The planet itself is being used to pump out war supplies and various fighting machines for all the countries who live on the planet.

Earth's Moon:

  The moon currently acts as the first defense for the home planet from any threat that may be about and houses the largest fleet that NATO has to offer. The other purpose for the planet besides it being the home base for NATO is that this is where all the manufacturing of weapons, ships, and other various war machines needed to control their areas and protect themselves from any possible threats.

  From a resident's point of view, you would see constantly highways being built, military vehicles driving up along the roads and solar panels as far as the eye can see. The main source of energy for NATO and her allies are the very solar panels they rely on, from being able to convert energy they have managed to begin creating large settlements. One odd thing that does stand out from the moon is the way the structures are built. The cities don't go up to the sky but instead spread out evenly with wide roads to separate the buildings. This is because NATO has the intention of grabbing as much land as the can and make sure if there settlement gets bombed or a meteor strikes, then there would be less damages that would need to be repaired. Many of the buildings on the moon are in the shape of a sphere and every buildings has the ability grow there own food.

 There are currently fifteen million people that live on the moon at the moment with about seven million working in the mines extracting ore from the moon. Mining is definitely the largest leader in terms of economy for NATO making up 17% of their overall GDP. The citizens that live on the moon are very loyal subjects, they are the ones that left earth the earliest in an attempt to start over again and rebuild the Alliance for the sake of their children. This generation of people are some of the most dedicated well mannered individuals that aspire to be great and wish to let the other generations prosper from their works.

Sonen was a colony with high hopes for the human race and would serve as the first actual staging ground for the survival of all mankind. The planet had it's own atmosphere, plentiful with resources and soil to grow various crops. The planet seemed almost as a second earth, only larger in diameter. During the early colonization of the planet, the communities had been placed in various locations around the planet to test how fast they could adapt to the world around them. It was very common for neighboring states to contest one another for land that they so desired and often this brought armed conflict amongst the groups. The diversity though wasn't vastly different from the rest of the states on the planet but conflict seemed to lurk by around every corner.

  As tensions grew city by city, it came obvious that something would soon burst and NATO sent in peacekeepers to contain the problem that was arising. Everything calmed down at first, the states backed off one another as NATO roamed around their lands but a series of terrorist attacks would befall the planet. As NATO struggled to locate the threats in time and had no answers, the public grew worried and eventually small skirmishes would take place along the state borders. NATO who was caught in the crossfire engaged the states that attacked it and the colonies that were present on the planet rubbed against NATO.

  Just overhead of the planet lies the battle group that supports NATO, the opposition fleet has already been destroyed and most of the rebels have been pushed back into the cities. It seems that the rest of the war will last for few more months with very minimal losses for NATO and heavy losses for the rebellious states. At this current moment, one army has been dispatched and has many cities under siege trying to clear out the threats. What was once lush forests and wonderful works of art have now become vacant fields and rubbled buildings. Rebuilding operations have commenced in rural areas and large camps have been set up around the cities to house the civilians that run out by the thousands a week.


The red planet that the world had always dreamed of conquering has come true, but the power that owns it has it own plan on how to run it. The CSDF has used the planet as their headquarters and have been moving parts of the assembly from earth to mars within the last few years in an attempt to make it permanently there home. With many resource that the human body would need to survive, the speed of the construction of the major cities has drastically slowed down to the point where some  cities have been abandoned leaving gray towers standing firmly on the planet. These structures are the failed attempts of the colonization from the CSDF but that hasn't stopped other allies within the group to create newer structures. While there are still gray towers standing in the open, large bubble like buildings have appeared with large cities inside that hold a very large amount of their population.

  Outside the large structures on the rest of the planet, solar panels and other minerals that have been extracted from the planet have been used as fuel to power the large cities. With water unable to be located on the surface of mars, The CSDF had to look to other means of getting the liquid. With scientist searching for water underground, they have determined that the safest drinking water that could be harvest would come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. With Miners being relocated from the planet, large mining expeditions have been sent out to bring resources to the planet. In the beginning of the colonization, it was very difficult for the home planet of mars to house that amount it had but with other alternatives to house their people. The major crisis had been averted.

 The society of the CSDF is very similar across the alliance, every one is forced to work for minimal pay and if they don't then death will come swiftly. Many of the residence have had their dreams taken away from them and with the majority of the population working in factories or mining ore, this has brought up many health concerns to the CSDF. Most of the residence have the look of dread and tiredness on there face, as if they lost hope but from way they speak it's almost as if there is a fire in there voice, a fire that allows them to be ruled but can't be conquered. There are citizens that don't live inside these almost "Perfect cities, these are the people that the government has deemed weak or unfit for work leaving them to defend themselves on the surface.

Phobos, the moon closest to Mars has been colonised and is currently being run by the Russian Federation, the leading faction member of the CSDF. The military of the Russian Federation have made it their goal to be the personal defenders of Mars from any other powers that wish to strip it away from the alliance. The moon is highly defended with vast amounts of weaponry and outer orbit fighters that can engage an enemy fleet within a matter of minutes. The people that reside on the planet are mainly military but civilians has been sent to the moon to build structure, living areas, and other essentials needed to sustain large amounts of military personnel. Many of the civilians that had been forced to build these structures have never returned back to Mars leaving them stranded with the military who refuses to engage them.

  With many military personnel on the moon, many men and women have had their fair share of combat. Most of them have the look on there face of patriotic warriors and hold themselves up to those standards. The men on the moon are some of toughest soldiers around and only the best soldiers are allowed to serve in the famous Krasnaya armiya alongside the 22-ya boyevaya gruppa. The strongest land army and the largest fleet from Bludhurs hold the moon and have specific orders. Protect the planet at all costs.

The second moon that orbits Mars is Deimos. Deimos is another military concentrated moon built by the Alliance of the CSDF and is currently housing a blend of the alliance's military. This moon although is a military planet is also used as a checking point where any ship that desires to enter the airspace of Mars must get clearance from the facilities there first. The final main thing this moon is being used for is for the sole purpose of building ships and training its military force and constantly doing weapons testing and other war games. Civilians do not reside on the planet except for the ones try to get clearance to go to Mars. Any other vessels that try to avoid the planet are immediately intercepted and shot down.

Ceres the Dwarf Planet is currently owned by multiple mining companies and other offshore industries that are currently harvesting natural resources from the planet. There is no standing military but each of the industries have mercenary companies to protect their interests in their designated part of the planet. The companies range from robotics to mining, and even some weapons research that could be sold to other powers.

  Currently there is about five-thousands civilians living on this Dwarf Planet, and they all reside on one small colony named Colony 217. The people that come to the colony to work are normally NATO and Conglomerate citizens that are there working for a certain task one of the companies may need. Typically every one gives each others dirty looks and constant complaints and bickering rise throughout the colony in good faith.

  The companies that reside on the planet with the citizens have agreed to allow other countries to aid them in time of need or evacuate the colony from any threat that may arise from any of the other powers. Though the Dwarf Planet is independent, it has no military, no defensive systems or anything war related to threaten anyone and relies mainly on Nato for support.

When the Conglomerate states had first made their attempts of colonizing the moons that surrounded the planet of Jupiter, they immediately ran into problems. The small colony that was on the large moon that could classify as a planet began to struggle. They found that the surface of the planet was too cold to even attempt to try and settle. In the beginning months, the crews that had starting constructions structures to house everyone and grow crops began to die out of hypothermia. There suits couldn't compete with the cold they had dealt with. On the surface of the moon, you can see many buildings that are almost frozen in time sitting along the valley floors and in the mountains.

  After the first failed attempt, the colony that was working with the moon decided to dig under ground and get closer to the moon's core. purchasing mining equipment from Nato, the colony began to rapidly dig into the earth and started forming their own pockets of civilization. When tunnels and caves were built, they found it much warmer underground and more importantly water. Underground the temperature was almost perfectly suitable for people who had lived in very cold climates, but the water itself was warm. With the decision to begin the construction, vast networks and large cities had begun forming in the newly crafted ground. Currently the moon acts as the headquarters for the Conglomerate states of Turquoise and houses the largest army within the colonies.

  The people that live under the moon's surface are multiple different colonies that formed separately and were forced to merge together and create a mega colony. With the colonies together and acting more like states unified as one, they immediately began working on their military and society seeing that many residents were from the former country known as The Republic of Egypt. There was still bad blood and threats of fighting were constant but bearable. Some of the residence could care less about the world around them and seem to be more interested in what's happening within the colonies than what the universe has dealt with.

  Something different about the  twelve colonies that differ from the rest of the alliances is there methods of recruitment for the military. While some are mandatory and others volunteer. What the Conglomerate States do is tax the colonies in manpower. Each person is seen as a price to protect the alliance. Every colony must donate one-thousand men a month in order to keep the alliance together. Once the tax has been paid, then the colonies are free to recruit members from their own sectors.

  The moon Ganymede is similar to that of Europe with the conditions on the surface but one thing that is odd is that there is liquid water on certain areas of the moon. With the water on the surface of the moon, it made it very easy for the colony to survive on the surface. Using large dam like structures, they have been able to use the energy and convert it into heat and are releasing it inside of structures they have been able to build do to the transfer of energy.

  Some of the structures that appear on the surface have a outer shell that creates heat and generates it into the structure or city that is stored beneath it. With this, they have managed to get temperatures similar to what earth had experienced in the 1940s. Many of agriculture industries have released their greenhouse gases into the skies above in an attempt to create an ozone on the moon.

  The citizens that reside on the moon have complete control of what they desire to do with their lives. There have no chains and no bounds from any outside sources. The colony runs itself but in time of need will protect it's fellow colonies. Most of the people have either strong ties to faith and religion and use that to keep them going, while others use what ever makes them happy. There is no laws that stops someone from doing what they wish, as long as no one is hurt or provoked.  With the lax laws, it has showed that it can work but many people still abuse the loopholes and often harass other colonies near by.

The colonies that reside on the moon named Callisto can be almost described as a utopia to the citizens. Almost everything is free or if not at least very cheap. The downside to this, is that it makes taxes very high in order for the conglomerate states to pay for the services they offer. The planet is abundant with high paying jobs and with robots becoming more common by the day, these machines have seemed to replace the citizens that used to work in the stores and in other insignificant jobs, and has allowed the younger generations more opportunities to continue their education.

  Many of the colonies that reside on this moon are extremely pasifistic and have no intentions of war, or any violence for the matter. The society has been almost to the point of near perfection. Crime is almost non existent and corruption on the moon is very limited. What the citizens that reside here tend to do is further the development for mankind all together, or go into other friendly areas and race for technology.

  The citizens who live here can almost be described as cowards when threats arise, there easy to influence when aggression is used against them and forces the Conglomerate States to protect them. Though there is a home guard for the planet, the majority of the military stay off the planet and sit on other moons near by waiting to assist.


  Titan is a very large moon that orbits Saturn and is easily one of the most important resource hubs in the market. Titan has very similar conditions to earth, there is rain, wind, and other an atmosphere that exists with this moon. Do to the conditions it has, the planet stays relatively warm, but do to the hostile methane gas that is in the atmosphere, it makes this moon very poisonous for those that work there. Titan isn't like many other moons, this moon in particular has large bodies of water that make up 40% of the surface. In the mountains however, many of the lakes, streams, and rivers run with natural gas that doesn't need to be pulled from underground. This give Russardini a strategic advantage in the economic and industrial field.

  The colonies that live on the planet have large structures that are airtight, and uses a filtration system that brings in the toxic air and filters it into the buildings to allow life on the moon. When the citizens venture out for the day, they wear a special suit designed to clean the air for them and holds there food and liquids inside. Long term studies have showed, that people can only live on this moon for seven years, before there bodies will start to rapidly deteriorate of the climate and gases.

  The moon Iapetus is a very cold a horrid living area. The surface of the planet is mountainous and rugged with no specific shape to it. The colony that lives in the moon have been constructing underground tunnels and cities for their people. The bases for the planet is not to harvest resources because the lacks them, but instead acts as an entire military base. The Navy of Russardini is stationed on this planet and has countless marines and fighters ready to defend the other moons it occupies. This moon can be considered a fortress world and is made obvious through the drills that are done on the moon. Most aircraft see the structures on the surface can make out that they are large defensive anti ship and anti air weapons. Besides that, there is nothing much more that is known about this colony, or the military that is stationed on it.

  This moon is the pride and joy of the Federation of Russardini. The citizens that live here can be described as radicalized. They scream their leader's name, they worship him willingly because he has saved them from the horrors of earth. The families that live on this planet are very militaristic and take much pride in there armed forces. Everything they do revolves around the military in their day to day activity. Despite the fact that the citizens take pride in the military, the street are vacant and the military staying on their bases.

  The planet currently has the main government stationed on the planet with many of it's members ironically part of the military. The Left Wing is very powerful within the country and have pretty much have no opposing party. The moon itself carries natural resources and is plentiful in water, but doesn't hold any iconic minerals or anything else that would make it stand out for the matter. This colony works mainly with constructing naval vessels for the military and 70% of the factories are used for consumer goods, giving the citizens the freedom to purchase as they please.

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