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Player Colonies
Station 01 Northstar

Age: 12 Years.
Government: Militarized Democratic.

Culture: The people aboard ‘Station NorthStar’, Are people that have started from the ground up.. Farmers, Hunters, Mechanics and Military personnel, they are grunts with intellect & kind spirit. They are disciplined people that have come a long way to maintain their newly found society and are not going to let it go. They show perseverance through the hardest of times and are the opposite of anarchists, They are workers and complete everything that must be done when it needs to be done. Religion onboard ‘Station Northstar’ is free to choose, but is a rarity onboard. The people onboard are peaceful and use aggression & force as a last resort. The rights and freedoms onboard are endless, but the law is strict and swift. Punishment is often used in the form of Death sentences. Everyone on board is required to go through a Basic military qualification and serve 4 years of military service, the station has a fitness requirement that you must meet for you to live in it. Every big decision and law or bill changed is Majority rules.

The History of Northstar, 31 Years ago.. Canada started work on a space agency, they adjusted every budget in the Canadian economics towards it, they wanted the space race at the highest volume, funding was cut for almost everything except schools. The after 7 years of labor and testing, CAAA (Canadian Astronomics and Armaments Agency) came up with a self-sustaining life support station, big enough to house colonies of people, it could be militarized and turned into earth-like conditions onboard. After another 7 years of building & failing the created Northstar, the name Northstar is derived from the story of the three kings and jesus, The motto of the station is “Canadian’s lead the way to victory” The station would be a star in the sky, and other countries would try and create stations and follow, they would be following the Northstar. A year later, they sent the station into space, with 100 people. And let it sit for 2 years, after two years of studying it, they said it was ready, they brought it back down a year later successfully. They made repairs and adjustments which took another 2 years. Then it was ready, ready for it’s final launch into space, ready to become a colony of Canada. They loaded it up with supplies that could last centuries, Food, weapons, technology and anything you could imagine. They loaded a chunk of the Canadian military into it, aircraft, vehicles and troops who would keep control. A Lot of the vehicles were modernized and modified for space while the station was being built and tested, along with building plans for more whilst on the station. To preserve the Canadian economy, the government took the people with lesser wealth, took all they had and exchanged it for a new currency, CAD (Canadian Astrometric Dollar). They basically took people from their homes let them keep a bunch of items of theirs and took everything else away and gave them all the same amount of money to start life on the station. Again they took all the non-wealthy people as to boost the Canadian economy, and it worked. They put so many people onto the station that the economy went through the roof, as pretty much the only people living in Canada were rich, but the people on the station were happy to be on it, happy to be apart of Canadian history. The station was then sent up into deep space past the atmosphere 2 years later. Suddenly a coup was started, the conservatives took over, peacefully and no lives were taken as most on board agreed with the coup, laws and bills were passed that made the station all work together, great achievements were made and the military & civilian industrialization era had begun, everyone was happy and disputes were settled almost instantly with complete fairness.  Totally unaware on the ground, Canada lost contact with the station and haven’t been heard from since. The Northstar station still shines brightly in the sky and keeps its message, “Canadian’s lead the way to victory”, always and forever.


Infantry: The Infanteers of Northstar look just like the Canadian army does, they were a more advanced version of the CADPAT pattern, called NADPAT. (Northstar Astrometrics disruption pattern.) They wore advanced ballistic plates on there helmets and within their vests that defended against projectiles, fragmentations, blunt force, sharp objects and extreme heat, They wore special boots that helped with 0G ( Only helped, the 0G aspect would still be there, just not as extreme) The average Canadian infantryman carried a Modified C7A2, the C7A4 Which was modified for extreme cold, 0G and the elements of space & earth, they carried the Sig P226 which was also modified to the same standards. The Carl Godustav was still with Northstar, and was modified to fit 0G environment. The C9A2 was modified to the exact standards of the C7A4, And is now the C9A3

The Infantry is split up into three divisions,




The Canadians only brought of 3 LAVS to space, as the thought of any kind of armor in space would be next to useless, 4 years later the LAAEV (Light armor any environment vehicle) were put into production, heavily based on the LAV 6, it was modified to extreme cold and was airtight inside the crew and passenger compartments, It has magnetics for 0G environment, the 25mm bushmaster remained with the vehicle, modified of course. That is it for the armor side of the North Star military.

The Canadian military brought of 12 Helicopters for logistics purposes inside the station 6 Griffons and 6 Chinooks, unmodified. , and 6 jets for emergency purposes, that were modified for space, The CF-18 Super/SV (Space Variant)   the helicopters died in the conditions, and new, upgraded and modified versions of each were put into production, 159 Griffon/SV & 158 Chinook/SV. They are able to carry troops and logistical supplies, and are attached with defense weapons that cannot be used in 0G. The CF-18 Super/SV Kept it’s make and name, and was upgraded and put into production, it is able to perform in orbit and out of, it is a multi-role aircraft.

Space Fleet: as Northstar is a lone station, and a runaway from the Canadian’s, is at a lock with what it can do, it does not have a fleet, but is in production of prototype ships that can be used defensively and offensively in the future.

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