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Sun 28 Feb 2016
at 04:42
Please let me know ahead of time if you think or are well aware you will be disappearing for a few days. I know there are other priorities in life but be respectful for the other players in the game. All I ask is you inform me in advance, let your writing partner know if you have one, and dismiss yourself from the group so they can continue. Example: As Rosa was approaching Charles. Charles raised his index finger up to his mouth and whispered into her ear, "I must depart from thee." And then bat man jumped off the ledge. The estimated time you will have before being removed will be two weeks, throughout that time you will be asked twice, the first time in three days. If still no response then it will be a week and the game will move on. At the two week marker you will be removed from the game and will need to reapply. Your character information will be saved if you wish to rejoin.

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