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1. No rules lawyers, if I say yes then it's yes. If I say no, you can show me a million rules that say otherwise. My ruling is final

 2. Get along OOC. Don't care about IC, but please clarify this as I don't want any hurt feelings.

 3. I use For my references. If you can find it there you may use it here.

 4. This will require role playing and not just "thunk smashes troll 1." I don't need a essay on every post, but try and make it interesting to read.

 5. If you can't commit, tell me you quit. This will not be a post a day game (but can if people are up to it). My aim is 1-2 posts a week. If there is a prolonged absence, you will be sent a warning. No reply in 3 days, your character will be NPCed by me. Absent for 3 consecutive warnings and you are out of the game.

6. I am not an ogre...if you have questions, advice or want to talk to me, please do...I may make the rules, but I'm pretty layed back too.

 7. I understand that real life gets in the way, if you are having any issues real life and need a few days, pm me. I can step in until it sorts itself out or you decide to leave (I hope as a last resort)

8. Goes without saying, but have fun

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Thu 7 Feb 2019
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New rule (Thanks Zell!)

Arrows and Crossbow bolts. In the book, it says that arrows and bolts break after impact. I disagree with this. Indians and other natives have been recovering arrows since the bow was invented. To recover an arrow, DC 13 check.

Note: This will be from this point on....all arrows recovered as per post to date stand

Note: any magical arrows NOT of elemental nature (fire, frost, shock) can be salvaged as per above. The arrows using elemental damage burn up the arrow on use and can not be retrieved.

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Tue 19 Mar 2019
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The cost of the pearl material for identifying magical items as per the spell is 50 gold Minimum....not 100 gold