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 GM, 2 posts
Wed 2 Mar 2016
at 07:14
-No drama.
-1 free extra item at character generation, worth -20 after upgrades
-Everyone rolls their own attack, defense, enemy defense, and damage vs enemies
-All characters must have a personal motivation for being a part of this crew

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 GM, 15 posts
Fri 4 Mar 2016
at 06:08
New starting acquisition rules.  Every character may choose their gear from any of the Rogue Trader or Only War books, provided:
-The gear is of the same type and within +-10 scarcity of the normal starting gear for their character
-Any gear swaps (SP weapon to Las weapon, for example) are run by me first with explanation
-Additionally, all characters may take one heirloom/signature item of any type with any upgrades desired, provided it does not go below -40 availability after upgrades and has a good backstory linking it to the character

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