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The  Legiones Astartes
Every Space Marine comes from one of the twenty eighteen Legions led by their gene-fathers the primarchs. You gain the benefits for your legion listed below. You do not gain squad or solo mode abilities.

I am basing my character creation off of DH2 this step for Space Marines functionally replaces the homeworld stage.

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The  Legiones Astartes
NumberLegionPrimarchAdded TalentC Bonus +5Aptitude
IDark AngelsLion El'JonsonCombat Formation or Iron JawWS, IntInt
IIIEmperor's ChildrenFulgrimCombat MasterPick Same +10Pick 1 Attribute
IVIron WarriorsPerturaboTech-Use, Trade (Siege)Will, BSWill
VWhite ScarsJaghatai KhanNavigate, Operate (Pick Same)Agi,  WillAgi
VISpace WolvesLeman RussHeightened Sense (Smell)Per, FelWS
VIIImperial FistsRogal DornUnshakable FaithWill +10Defense
VIIINight LordsKonrad CurzeStealth, IntimidateAgi, WillSocial
IXBlood AngelsSanguiniusBerserk ChargeAgi, WSFinesse
XIron HandsFerrus ManusWeapon TechTgh, IntTech
XIIWorld EatersAngronFrenzyStr, WSOffense
XIIIUltramarinesRoboute GuillimanPick 1 SkillPick 2Pick 1 Attribute
XIVDeath GuardMortarionSound Constitution, Iron JawTgh, BSTgh
XVThousand SonsMagnus the RedPsy Rating +1*Will, TghPsy+1 PR applies to one psychic tree. Giving a non-psyker a 1 while using that tree and a starting Librarian a 4.
XVILuna WolvesHorusRapid ReloadWill, Pick 1Offense
XVIIWord BearersLorgarAir of Authority or Unshakable FaithFel, Pick 1Fel
XVIIISalamandersVulkanWeapon Training (Flame), Sound ConstitutionTgh, IntInt
XIXRaven GuardCoraxStealth, DodgeAgi, PerAgi
XXAlpha LegionAlpharius, Omegon (twins)AmbushAgi, IntInt

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