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Hand of Terra
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Wed 13 Apr 2016
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Character Creation
Members of the compliance team are drawn from the ranks of the Astartes but exceptional mortals may be called upon to serve the Imperium along side the Space Marine super soldiers.

Space Marine characters should select the Legion that they were drawn from from The Legiones Astartes thread. Then add the benefits of the Adeptus Astartes background from the Adeptus Astartes thread. Then Select their Specialty from the Specialty thread. You may then spend 1000XP.

Mortal characters follow normal Dark Heresy 2nd ed. character creation and then spend 12000XP. Keep in mind that in the 30,000th millennium a Shrine World is defined as "A world brought to compliance by the Word Bearers Legion" and Adeptus Ministrotum is basically defined as "Word Bearer Legion serf" or maybe "Iterator" if you refluff it a bit. A Heiropahnt I simply am going to re-skin as Iterator. Also there isn't an Imperial Guard it's still the Imperial Army and Navy

Note: Iterators are men and women selected to go along with expeditionary fleets because of their exceptional public speaking abilities. They are fundamentally heirophants of the Imperial Truth.

EDIT 21-APR-2016: Lowered the points of mortals by 1000, I nerfed Marines quite a bit (over 1000 points in weapon training alone) and after building a few mock characters I felt a point reduction would be fair.

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Hand of Terra
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
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Character Creation
Space marine powered armor does not start with a history, they aren't that old compared to Deathwatch. I think when we finish a major story arc that we can have your armor gain a history based on the events of the story.
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
at 20:41
Character Creation
Mortal characters will gain some additional gear.

1 Very Rare items
2 Rare items
4 Scarce items
or lower rarity.

Poor quality downgrades rarity by 1
Good quality upgrades rarity by 2
Best quality upgrades rarity by 3

meaning you could take a:
Good Longlas as a Very Rare
Best Quality Stub Revolver (because you may as well)

Note: I have no idea if this will balance out.

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Hand of Terra
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
at 20:47
Character Creation

Mortals all at 25 + 100 points, no higher than 40
Marines all at 30 + 100 points, no higher than 50
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
at 21:26
Character Creation
Skills per Dark Heresy 2
Talents From DH2 or OW in that order of precedence. Check with me if there is a must have from DW.
Hand of Terra
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Mon 18 Apr 2016
at 19:58
Character Creation
Update. I changed how I want to do Librarians and by extension Thousand Sons Librarians.

I removed the artificial limit that I had set on the trees Librarians can choose from. I then changed the bonus the thousand sons received from a +1 PR and an additional tree to a +1 with a chosen tree. This is a buff to Librarians and a nerf to TS Librarians. It is a marginal buff to other TS characters. It did everything I wanted.

I had 3-ish apps for TS Librarians, None for non-TS Librarians or non-Librarian Thousand Sons. I hope this makes those other options more appealing.
Hand of Terra
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
at 12:34
Character Creation
Wounds Max Roll
Fate Roll Normally
Taint/Insanity/whatever else you may roll for as normal