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Player Background Info
Google Drive for Ptolus Player Background Info - this is customized from various bits of Ptolus material mixing in some other stuff like Freeport and others.

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Not sure this one is legal or not but it has Ptolus Campaign backgound info:

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Player Background Info

Ptolus looks a little like a Germanic city from the late medieval period. The buildings usually have stone first stories with wooden upper stories. The main exception is Oldtown, where many buildings are more classical in design, with impressive, Roman-style facades and marble columns. It rains more often than not in Ptolus—at least, that’s the way it seems. Winters are cold, grey, and wet, but summers are dry and mild. Occasionally, a cold, razorlike wind comes off the Bay of Ptolus, but usually it’s quite calm. The smell of sea salt fills the air, when it’s not overpowered by the stronger odors of such places as the leatherworking shops, slaughterhouses, and breweries of the Guildsman District. One always feels the presence of magic in Ptolus. A spellcaster flies over the city, a mephit scurries down an alleyway bearing a message, or some adventurer walks down the street followed by his manticore companion. The touch of the technology that built the Empire of Tarsis is found here as well, although its influence wanes with each year as fewer people rely on its comforts or remember its secrets. Still, aeroships, some with steam-powered engines, fly overhead from time to time. The City Watch employs firearms, and local defenses include cannons watching over the harbor and within Dalenguard. Leaflets printed on presses with movable type distribute news and information. In a few places, steam-powered pumps help clean out the sewers, while in others clockwork machines power heavy doors that protect wealthy estates.
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Player Background Info
What does the average Ptolus resident know about his or her community? Here are some basics:

• Humans are by far the most common race in the city.
• The Ptolus year has 364 days, with twelve months and a seven-day week.
• The Ptolus climate is cool, with many overcast or rainy days.
• Commoner men typically wear white shirts and vests, sometimes with a wide-lapelled coat. Hats are frequently worn.  Men usually keep their hair short and their faces clean shaven. Commoner women wear dresses, often covered with an apron. They wear their hair long, sometimes styled up.
• The typical commoner earns I to 3 sp per day. A silver piece is often called a "shield" or a "shiny."
• There are no banks, as such, but you can rent out a small personal vault to store your valuables at places such as Hammersong Vaults in Oldtown.
• Buildings have glass windows that hinge open.
• Most buildings, but not all of them, have indoor plumbing, including privies that pump water in via hand pumps and drain it away into the city sewers.
• You can hire a messenger to carry notes and packages anywhere in the city. This typically costs I sp per delivery. There is also a magical messenger service.
• Carriages are widely available for hire to take you wherever you want to go. This service costs about I sp per trip.
• While no stranger to magic or monsters, the typical Ptolusite fears the undead rumored to stir in the Necropolis. Even more real, however, are fears of thieves, fire, and plague.
• The Ptolus City Watch is extremely competent. Despite this fact, the city has a terrible crime problem.
• Ratmen live in the sewers.
• Rumors speak of Cults of Chaos finding members about the city these days.
• Imperial law requires that everyone carries identification papers. Written law favors citizens over noncitizens, but practical law favors the upper classes over the lower.
• Spells that make people do things they normally wouldn't, like charm person, are illegal in Ptolus. So are spells that create undead or spread plague.
• Most shops and places of business stay open as long as the sun is up, which means that business hours are longer in the summer than in the winter. Many are open seven days a week.