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Character Stories
Post something interesting about your character here to show off your mad creativity sk1LLz n stuff.  +500 XP reward (one time) for putting a bit of your background here.

An example:

Hobart the Daring

Hobart remembered the time that he was escaping an angry hoarde of villagers.

"Well, yasee it uzza reel nasty day, ituz, Howz i spose ta know she 'ad a 'usband? So one thing led ta the udder, and the town was out ta do me in. Dey wannit a hangin' anner not takin' no ferrin anshure."

Hobart took another deep chug of his dwarven ale and slapped the passing barmaid's backside as he continued...

"So, wassa fella ta do? I knew they got dis tower, so i make a run ferit. I knocked over-an armur stund nexta da stairways up, den duck into the cloak clossit just as da mob stars tearin in up dem stairs screemin' bludy murdurrr.  I'm abut ta shat mushef tinking 'Ol Hobbart ya durty hoor, ya dun got yersulf kilt overa piecea find elven arse!"

Another swig of the stout stuff keeps the tale going, as the soundly "buzzed" dwarf gives a wink to the comely bardess, and continues.

"So i backdup 'gainst da wall, shakin', and me hands feel a lil' strange grove inda stonemasonry, unnit turnt out ta be a hidden' door, with stairs leadin' down into the warm dark of earth. 'now dis is more like it! I figgur, so i head in thar. Ended up in Ptolus shomehow, after wandrin' round fer a few days with no food, un no water.  But i stil had me trutsy AX, Peacegiver. Un i gives peace ta munny a gobgob un da way here, har har har!!!"

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 the Orc.
Sun 6 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
Krass the Orc

<Buuuuurp> "Hey, I'm Krass. I still don't know why sum hoomans 'n dwarfies laff when I say that. The first one I kinda threw through the bar mirror. Though I did say sorry after. Peeples always tell me control my temper. Then when I fight, they tell me to lose my temper. Why can't they make up dere minds?" He takes another draught of ale and wipes his hairy lips on his sleeve. "Folks wanna know about the wild woods? Dey is scary, and lotsa monsters. You want details, then raid a library, an' try not to burn too much. Me, I fight and kill, an' do good at it. I can see real good in the dark, and can take some heavy hits. But don't expect me ta be no sage. Only sage I know is what I put on elk meat." He pauses, then adds "Where do I cum from? I was a member o' the Bloodfist tribe. After a power struggle against my uncle, which I lost, I was told to seek my future....somewhere else. I've had a few encounters with elves and dwarves, trading services for goods, but haven't made friends. Curiously enough, the only friend I made on my journey was Neji, who convinced me to come to this City of Wonders."

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Neji Stumbleduck
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
"Yeah I ran into Krass while traveling back to our fair city on a delivery for the family.  Delivering what?  Oh you know the usual, alchemical, mechanical, and magical nik naks and doodads.  While traveling back some rude dwarf, I know they are all rude, but this one was really rude.  He got to trying to insult me but my tongue was a bit sharper then his so he moved the confrontation to the physical world.  Well there I'm not so sharp so after a few good smacks and I was hurting Krass picked him up by his beard and whirled him around a bit and threw him into a tree."

"A few weeks later and here we are, looking for some adventure!"

Neji took a small sip from her very big cup of ale.  "So where do we go first?  What dungeon do we delve?"

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Mistydale Spellweaver
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Sun 20 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
The grave that had been dug was quite shallow.
Mistydale had not got the right tools for the job.
Only his great strength had really made possible for him to dig it.
However it was a nice spot.  Some five miles away from the city.
He laid the body down into the hole and stood over it.
He looked up and around at the countryside.
He reflected it was most likely the furthest his mother had traveled from the city.
From the dark cold sewage she lived out her life.
He had looked after her from a young age.
He had everything she did not.  Strength, intelligence, wisdom and the gift of magic.

You are a good boy for staying with mother. She would say.
I have must to learn from you  He would answer.
No.  I don't think so.  She would answer.
But when I am gone you must do better than this whole in the ground.
You have the looks.  You can face the world up on the streets.  I cannot.

I will mother.  My children will be born to sunlight and good health.
But for how I look after you.

You are good boy for staying with your mother.
Then she smile her crooked smile.

Mistydale looked back at city then down at paper in his hand.
Membership of Delver’s Guild.  One of their member had laid hidden dieing it the sewers near Mistydale home.  Old home.  The elf had weaved his magic and human had lived.
This was his new future.

Rest in peace mother.  Be at peace.  He said over the grave.
Then he spent the next 2 hour filling in grave.
The silently walk back to city and headed to guild to take up his first steps to better life.

Subject to GM agreement.

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Wed 23 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
For those who have a background but not yet posted, please don't forget this thread so others get a taste of what makes you, you. For those still working on backgrounds, if you got Ultimate Campaign (maybe from the Humble Bundle deal) that has a really neat random background generator that could help you with some inspiration.
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Wed 23 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
Fazon has made many bad decisions in his short life. One of these decisions led Fazon to try and clam the purse of some human, and he would have gotten away with it had it not been for that darn man and his chariot, Fazon stumbled into a chariot driven by tall dark haired human, Raytheon had seen the whole thing and made Fazon return the purse before promising to travel with him on some quest. Fazon has followed Raytheon around for some time and while initially mad about being caught, Fazon has started to enjoy the companionship.
Adoven Chorster
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Thu 24 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
"Hey there, I'm Adoven the Amazing. I used to perform street magic for cash, but recently Kardak here told me about the Delver Guild. I'm not the strongest gnome, but I can hold my own with my wondrous and mighty magic. I tend to exaggerate a little bit, and I'm a lot confident. Feel free to smack me if I get too annoying. If and when we get into a scuffle with some baddies, I'll be able to dazzle and distract the foes. That way you big guys can smash better. I don't have much in the way of healing, but occasionally I can give ya some extra speed or a little more oomph in your swing! Looking forward to meeting all of you."

Adoven stands just over 3 feet tall wearing a bright blue robe and round spectacles of the normal variety. He has a full head of hair closely matching the blue robes. He carries a staff but don't expect him to swing it very often! He is extremely cocky and confident in his abilities and tends to brag about them often.

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Thu 24 Mar 2016
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Character Stories
When Raytheon approached Kardak and asked whether he'd like to join the Delver's guild and go adventuring under the city, Kardak only had one question: "Is the pay good?" Raytheon had promised him treasure and and prestige, which are the only two things that matter to Kardak. The burly man agreed to join Raytheon's group and even promised to bring along a friend of his.

Kardak had watched Adoven perform on the streets before and, impressed by the gnome's magic, had approached him after a show. Whether the two can now be called friends may not be certain, but they are certainly acquaintances. It was only natural for Kardak to think of Adoven when the proposition of joining the Delver's guild was brought to his attention. The gnome's skill with magic was a natural complement to Kardak's ability to take hit and dole them back in return.

Kardak is a street fighter and part-time enforcer. His huge frame and blunt demeanor somewhat belie surprisingly quick feet and, if not a sharp mind, at least not a dull one. Kardak has a lot of natural talent besides, with particularly keen eyes and a knack for tracking down a quarry. Kardak constantly looks as scary as he can, a lesson from his childhood, that means few people are willing to cross him.
Keldros Halfmoon
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Mon 18 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
The footsteps were coming closer.

The young half-elf boy looked down at his mother, tears streaming down his face, silent screams stuck in his throat. His mother lay on the ground, wide eyes staring at nothing, blood pooling under her from the slashed throat. The young boy gripped one of her hands as if it were a lifeline. "Please, momma! Get up! The bad man is comin'! Please! Don't leave me!"

The footsteps were almost there now.

The young boy kept pleading with his dead mother to get up and help him, but she refused to listen. The dead may listen, but they rarely act. He tugged futilely on her arm to try and get her moving once more.

The footsteps stopped, very close now.

The boy looked up to the see a human man, bald-headed and dripping sweat. There was a wide grin on his face showing off rotted teeth and a maniacal look in his eyes that spoke of very bad things to come. In one hand he held a blood-soaked knife. His voice was rough, like sandpaper. "Well, well, well. Lookit what we got here. You must be a whore's son. I must'a missed you when I killed yo' momma. I'll fix that right now."

The young boy looked up at the murdering monster, terror evident on his face and paralyzing his body. But then there was a voice from behind the man, "No. You won't. You'll face justice for what you've done."

As the human turned, the boy could see another human, standing there, but this one was calm and standing unafraid with a sword in hand. As if the bald human wasn't there, the new man spoke to the boy, "Don't worry, young one. You're safe now."

The bald man grated out, "Like hell he is! I'll finish 'im when after I gut you!" The combat was brief and the murdered was wounded and disarmed, then tied up.

The rescuer stepped over the prone bald man and gave the boy a smile tinged with sadness. "I'm sorry about your mother, young one, but you are safe now. And...I will take care of you. My name is Ashaw Rykter. What's your name?"

"K-K-..." The boy took a gulp of air as the man laid a hand on his shoulder to steady me. "M-my name is Keldros, s-sir." The fear quaking through him was starting to subside.

The man kept smiling and gave a nod. "Pleased to meet you, Keldros, though I am saddened by the circumstances. I am Investigator, working for the city. I try to help people from bad men and monsters. Come with me, and let's take you to your new home."

     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Keldros, no longer that scared little boy but all grown up, paused to take a sip of water as he looked over at the woman who had asked him how he came to be an investigator, who now looked at him with wide eyes and a look of shock on her face. "And that was how I met my mentor and started my path to becoming an Investigator. I never knew my father, but Ashaw helped me become the man I am today." Perhaps he had overshared.

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Sister Beatrix Ellespath
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 Theosophist of Lothian
Tue 19 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
Beatrix was by the young man's side even before he woke up screaming. "Be at peace - you're safe here. No threat shall come for you," she said, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. She sat by the young man as he gasped and panted, his mind slowly reorienting itself back to the present and away from the nightmare that had tormented him. Mercifully, the others in the infirmary remained asleep; they'd all had disrupted nights as it was, and Beatrix knew she wasn't going to get any sleep tonight.

It was some time before the man got his voice back. "Thank you, Sister. Water?" he croaked.

Beatrix handed him a cup she'd already poured. "Drink your fill. Had you gone back under the city again?"

The man nodded and gulped down the water, splashing a bit on the bandages around his chest and eye. "I'm not going back."

"And none shall force your hand. You're safe here. Remember that."

The man stared off into the distance. "It's hard to, sometimes. Sometimes, it's... it's like I never left. Will this heal too?"

Beatrix sighed. She never liked that question. "The mind is... a difficult thing to heal, and while it scars as much as the body does, we are less versed in its healing without the aid of magic. Even that can be temporary save for the truly powerful spells. Even so, this will aid your sleep." She placed a hand over the man's head and sang softly; warmth built up in her hand, pulsing to the rhythm of her own heartbeat before she felt the second one start. She felt the man's heartbeat fast at first, but then it slowly brought itself down to match her own. Even as the spell faded into him, Beatrix saw the fear dissipating from his eyes. "There - your fear has passed now, and perhaps permit you time to return to sleep."

The man nodded and rubbed his eyes before giving Beatrix a tired smile. "Thanks, Sister. They should send people like you down with the delvers - maybe more of them would come back."

Beatrix couldn't hide her surprise. "The Church doesn't send anyone? How many of you are lost?" she asked.

The man shrugged. "One in ten, maybe... that's just the ones we know about or can even come back to make something of a report, mind. It's probably more than that. And the guys I was with said they rarely see anyone from Lothian down there."

Beatrix shook her head; she was having trouble believing that her church would just let people go down to the catacombs to their deaths. "Do... do you think having us come down there would help more?"

The man lay down again and pulled the sheets over himself. "Yeah - even one cleric would make a difference. Maybe not much, but it'd be better than the zero we get now. Goodnight Sister. Thank you."

"Lothian be with you..." Beatrix replied before she realised how hollow those words sounded now. The Lawgiver wasn't with him when he'd been injured; the Daykeeper had done nothing to stop his mind from scarring; and yet He should be here now, when His help is needed least? Had He been there, would this man be less injured or scarred? Any how many more was He leaving to die?

Or was He?

Beatrix shook her head and stood up to start rounding on the other patients, thinking all the while. Lothian Himself wouldn't be able to go down there, but she could. "Even one cleric" he'd said. Why couldn't she be that cleric? She had the training and the power to give aid, even the smallest amounts - why not make use of that? Granted, the High Father wouldn't be likely to let her go, but she was sure she could talk him around.

"Why not?" she whispered to herself.

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Myst Starlight
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Tue 19 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
 Growing up in the barbarian tribe wasn't easy. Although Myst was the daughter of the chief, her half genie heritage was often teased by the other children of the tribe. One child in particular, named Grugar, was the biggest nuisance.

 One day, Grugar challenged Myst to a series of contests. If Grugar won Myst would have to grant him a wish because, "that's what genies do".

 The contests wound up pretty even with Grugar winning some, like feats of strength, and Myst winning others. It came down to the final event, one Grugar was sure he'd win, a wrestling contest. This was not to be, however, as Myst managed to out maneuver the larger boy and put him in a painful pin he was unable to escape from. Right before he gave up, Young Myst leaned in and whispered in his ear with a grin.

"Any last wishes?"

 (It's not great, but it's simple and I might post another one at a later point if I can think of one. )
Vincent Blackfire
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
Vincent always grew up in his brothers Shadow.  Morgan was always the more skilled and better choice to inherit the family "throne" in Dad's eyes.  Vincent was just the back up.  Vincent found comfort in the sunny dry places much like a lizard, family retainers would find him basking in sunbeams and on hot rocks.  Then one day around his 14th year, when he had wandered far afield from the family compound- as he was prone to do to get away from the torments of Morgan. He found a temple of Serenrae that was long abandoned but it seamed to call to him.  And for the first time He found peace and ended up taking a nap on the long abandoned alter- and had a "Vision" of the Goddess and he pledged his life to serve her. When he awoke and stepped off the alter Vincent noticed a hidden compartment, and within a small silver holy symbol on a chain.  He as worn it every day hence.
Ember Ashwind
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
Ember looked out into the darkness. Behind her was the crackling of the fire, the smoke of the woods ablaze and the infernal heat. Her red fur was covered in soot and her red hair was also singed in several places. She glanced back at the forest, a torrent of emotions welling up in her.

Fear, anger, happiness, sadness, pride, shame, satisfaction, and many others. She'd never thought she be allowed to leave the accursed woods and now she stood outside it silently hoping the whole place would burn down but her thought where interrupted by the sound of thunder. Now that the sound had broken her reverie, she could smell rain on the air. Of course... The forest wouldn't allow itself to burn down would it...

Somewhere in the back of her head, she recalled a trapped traveler saying they where from a big city called Ptolus. A place without trees sounded quite good right now. She looks up at the moon to get her bearings before heading out into the night...
Perypeteia Fortis
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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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Character Stories
Perypeteia backed into the tavern, shooing a way of gaggle of street urchins wanting more amusing tricks of her trade. "I promise, I will make more water shoot out of the constable's ears tomorrow. Now away with you. This is no place for proper children, and only proper children will have my attention tomorrow," She winked at the smallest of these who looked particularly concerned at this statement, and shut the heavy door behind her. "Goodness. Peace at last." She ordered a glass of water and shallow bowl of porridge. She considered splurging for raisins, but resisted. Others have to feed more with less. She settled onto a stool in the corner, and sighed, relaxing for the first time that day.
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Wed 4 May 2016
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Character Stories
Raytheon spent his childhood dreaming of being a knight. His father was the Floray Khatru, the youngest son of Dorant Khatru. He showed signs of budding strength but even more of a charming smile and his father did his best to steer him towards the knighthood. As a favor to Floray, a Dallimothan paladin took Raytheon as his squire. He picked up both martial and courtly skills but the Paladin's commitment to his deity and to good was too black and white for Raytheon who had witnessed first hand the intrigues of nobility and court. After 2 years of squiring for the Paladin, Raytheon felt he had learned all that he could without committing to a faith he didn't have, so he left, on good terms of course and has been looking for a role to play in the Khatru ranks. Not finding a fit he liked, he set out to gain the experience and training he needs.

He soon joined the Delver's Guild and was sent out to recruit his own team of Delver's. He'd run into Kardak a few times "enforcing" and respected the man's strength and personality. He was a no brainer. Of course the brute asked about the pay and Raytheon had no problem assuring him that with their combined abilities, the sky was the limit...