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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 14:56
  To join this game, please do the following:

  •   Give me a character concept you want to play (see the Character Creation thread for Careers and specializations in the game).
  •   Let me know your role-playing experience, and level of knowledge for Edge of the Empire. Beginners to this system or to role-playing games are fine, just let me know so I can help those along who don't know.
  •   Be respectful to other players in the group. This is a place to have fun and get away from life's drama. Don't bring drama into the game, or you will be banned. If you can accept that, you can join.
  •   You must be willing to post on average a minimum of twice a week (exceptions for circumstances are fine as long as you communicate that). I will control a character, after a reasonable amount of time, to move things along if others are waiting to take action.