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Posting and Conduct

  Post on average a minimum of twice a week (exceptions for circumstances are fine as long as you communicate that). I will control a character, after a reasonable amount of time, to move things along if others are waiting to take action.


  This game is general rating, so try to keep it fairly clean, as in the Star Wars spirit.
  #1 rule is be respectful of your fellow players (and GM's)
  • No overt or graphic sexuality in or out of game is allowed. Implied situations in the Fringe is expected, but just be very vanilla about it. "Let's go back to my place," and leave it at that.
  • Keep it PG-13 for all aspects of violence.
  • No curse words should be used, there are Star Wars expletives that can and should be used for characters. Below is a place where you can reference some of that.

Star Wars expletives:

Star Wars slang and phrases:

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Structured Play template for actions
Type Details
Incidentals(Enter in all incidental actions taken this turn)
Maneuver2 (-2 strain)(Enter this only if taking 2 strain, you can post a maneuver under action if it will be traded in. So leave this blank if doing that and fill in your maneuver below in action.)
Destiny Point used?  (Put Y if used, else leave blank)             
Roll results 
Advantage/Triumph Usage(Put what you want to spend any advantages/triumphs on. Such as crit hits, weapon quality activation, passing boost die to ally, setback die to target, etc.

  (Here write out the story version of your actions)

Copy CODE below and paste into Structured Turn Post:

|2!        <red>  STRUCTURED PLAY TURN  </red>                  |
|!! <blue> Type </blue>    |   Details                          |
|!> Incidentals            |                                    |
|!> Maneuver1              |                                    |
|!> Maneuver2 (-2 strain)  |                                    |
|!> Action                 |                                    |
|!> Destiny Point used?    | <red><b>               </b></red>  |
|!> Roll results           |                                    |
|!> Advantage/Triumph Usage|                                    |

  (Here write out the story version of your actions)

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