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Sun 24 Sep 2017
at 17:04
Iron God's OOC
As you can see, this is a new topic for the Iron God's adventure path. If there is anything you want to save from the quest, please save it as the posts are going away.

The first part is a 2-4 so I will aim for 3rd. If you want to play your PFS characters, you can or in Jharak's case, he can run a 4th level pregen. If you want campaign mode, I will let you know the options shortly but there will not be any 3rd party stuff allowed. Off the top of my head, Summoners will have to be from Unchained and most races will be allowed...list of ones not allowed to follow.

You will want to take a look at the Iron God's players manual that is available at the Paizo web site.
 Human Hunter1, 77 posts
Sun 24 Sep 2017
at 18:00
Iron God's OOC
Cool! I have always been intrigued by this AP. Going to look at the pregens now to choose my new character!
 Human Hunter1, 78 posts
Sun 24 Sep 2017
at 18:16
Iron God's OOC
Sorry for the double post, but here are the three I'm considering most:
SELTYIEL the Half-Elf Magus
JIRELLE the half-elf swashbuckler
LIRIANNE the half-elf gunslinger

I am leaning most towards Lirianne and Seltyiel, but I welcome any recommendations from the rest of the group!
Careen Windsong
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Tue 26 Sep 2017
at 02:57
Iron God's OOC
I'm interested in playing Iron Gods, though I have already played through the AP and received credit for it.  I don't mind playing for no credit.  Our GM was heavily influenced by Anime and modified the story so I'm curious to see what the differences are.
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Wed 27 Sep 2017
at 19:36
Iron God's OOC
If we're doing Iron Gods, I'll do a Magus.

I'd rather we not though since I am running this live and I am spoiled for the first two books.