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The Panopticon
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
at 18:50
Character Thread - Xavier Cauly
A Character Thread for Xavier Cauly.  Normal rules apply.

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Xavier Cauly
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Fri 8 Apr 2016
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Character Thread: Xavier Cauly
XP total: 24 + 5
One month and a half of downtime.

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The interview didn't go as expected. Bright side- there was a cute girl for you to add to your photo collection. (image attached)

I am not sure what happened. I think I got some bad gaunga. That idea of hiding them as cigarellos was a good idea, though. I swear the monsters from the forest showed up. I tried to get away. There was a bright light and that's the last thing I remember before things started returning to normal. Maybe it was just a halluination. Fear and Loathing in Central City.

My interviewer is lying unconcious in my truck, though, so I'm not sure. There are a bunch of people I feel like asking questions to, though.

Try to stay in touch.


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Xavier Cauly
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
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Online Character sheet
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