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Fri 11 Mar 2016
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Media Thread
Thread for media-related posts related to the story.
The Panopticon
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Sat 25 Jun 2016
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Terrorist Incident at Atherton Industries
Earlier today, a dangerous fanatic detonated a bomb at Atherton Industries headquarters in the Columbia District Arcology.  The bomber was killed by his own explosives.  Thankfully, the security forces at Atherton Industries were able to make sure that the terrorist was the only casualty during the attack.  Repairs are already underway so that normal operations may resume as soon as possible.

Intel gained from the fanatic indicates he likely had a partner.  This individual is assumed to be well-armed and extremely dangerous, and likely enhanced.  The Authority asks that anyone who has information regarding the fanatic's partner to call us on the hotline listed.  Any information of value will be reimbursed properly.  Do not make contact with the fanatic, and call the Authority as soon as it is safe to do so.

The picture is of the same elf that appeared inside Atherton Industries and subsequently escaped.  A number is given for any information that could be helpful to the Technocratic Authority regarding this incident.