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Sun 13 Mar 2016
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Character Thread - Shred
A character thread for Jonas Finch, aka Shred.
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Mon 27 Jun 2016
at 04:26
Slash squinted at the news feed, about an alleged terrorist bombing at a facility he was all too familiar with. He didn't remember any bombing that day. Unless you counted... how *bomb* his squad was. :shades:

An unassuming thread on an underground "real news" sort of site, under one of the many assumed names of an untraceable hacker, called a little attention to how little was known about the story that was being told. Why play this down like a little five-o-clock spot, if some serious inter-corporate damage was done to the site? Sounded fishy to him, like they were trying to hide something. Someone should do some recon on the place and get back with him at <this disposable email account>.

He nodded. Ambiguous enough to avoid any real suspicions, and some information could trickle his direction. He probably knew just about everything at this point, but you never turn down an opportunity for extra feelers, and maybe even some scapegoats to throw off the technocrats. He shrugged, prepared for his plan to backfire or turn up a coincidental lead, and tabbed back over to his game with the insider. Gold farming had never been more profitable.
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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 02:36
Mr. Cuddles
Watching the multitude of cameras while walking out of the "secret" passage they'd just excavated, Slash's eyes went wide as Wren's oversoul burst from her aura and surged into the battlefield. He couldn't help but scratch the playlist and start blasting a new song to herald the end of days.

Her enemies were welcomed to the abyss, right as Mr. Cuddles slammed into the police line and started his rampage. "Feral Chaos" seemed awfully appropriate.
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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 22:47
Mr. Cuddles
"Ifrit like this song! Ifrit glad that at least one of the puny mortals can recognize Ifrit's phenomenal power and pay proper homage! When Ifrit destroy this puny world and send all mortals into eternal suffering in the abyss, Ifrit will save puny human for last. Ifrit feeling so benevolent, Ifrit give puny human one free pass for calling Ifrit Mr Cuddles. NOBODY CALL IFRIT MR CUDDLES! That name tainted by the twisted light of She Who Holds The Name. On the day that Ifrit break free of Her abominable control, Ifrit visit vengeance of the Hells upon her sick and twisted soul. SO IFRIT VOWS, SO MUST IT BE DONE!"

"Ifrit think Mr Cuddles is a stupid name anyway. Ifrit embarrassed."

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Fri 1 Jul 2016
at 22:58
Mr. Cuddles
"Oh, Mr. Cuddles! You're so silly! Are you playing your game again? 'Oh, look at me! I am big man who will skin you alive.' You're just so cyuuuuuute!!! But of course people should call you Mr Cuddles. That's your name, you big goof! But you shouldn't play like that. I'm not sure that other people know you well enough to know you're just a big Silly."

"Anyway, come on! Now that everyone else can touch you, there are so many things we can do. Like piggy back rides! We can do a piggy back ride all around the neighborhood. It'll be so much fun!"

"Mr. Cuddles?"

"Hey, did anyone see where Mr. Cuddles went?"