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Dungeon Master
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Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 02:05
Lured Into Darkness
The morning sun has turned from yellow to white when the party arrives at the edge of the Shrieken Mire, not far from the spot where the fishermen had been killed a few days earlier. There is no one in sight and, apart from the buzzing of marsh insects, the area is quiet.
Lucien Nailo
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Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 15:05
Lured Into Darkness
As the group arrives, Lucien takes out the map supplies and spreads the paper out on his leg. At one edge he marks their current location as well as the place where the fishermen had been killed and the edge of the Mire. "I've marked our starting location. I think I will take one flank and I imagine Lathan will take the other. Does anyone else feel confident moving quietly and unseen?"
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Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 15:10
Lured Into Darkness
"Hah!" Karon exclaims with a grin on his face, and by way of an answer rattles the scabbard of his sword against his chain armor. "I can sneak up on a rock pretty good. Assuming it's a deaf rock, of course. I guess that puts me in the center of the line, ready to be ambushed and eaten by a giant, dragon or whatever else we can find out here," he says, still smiling.

"I do think we might need to try to speak to the lizard-folk that live here. Assuming they'd want to talk. They didn't seem to keen on speaking to me, but then they have that in common with more civilized folk so let's not read too much into that," the bulky half-orc continues.
Lathan Swiftstrider
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Tue 9 Jan 2018
at 17:21
Lured Into Darkness
"Yes, if we can, we should try to talk to the lizardfolk and see what they know," Lathan agrees. "Let's spread out. Lucien you take the right flank and I'll take the left. Everyone else can space out in the middle between us. Let's go slowly and cautiously. If you see something, signal to Lucien or me and we'll come check it out."

Lathan then takes up his position on the left flank of the party and waits for everyone else to spread out before beginning the trek through the marshlands, keeping his eyes and ears alert for any signs of danger or clues as to where they might find the giants.
Theron Ashmore
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Thu 11 Jan 2018
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Lured Into Darkness
Theron quickly picks and moves to a spot immediately next to the half-orc, his own chain mail jingling as much, if not more than the large warrior's. "I believe I am in the same position as Karon. That, and if there's any need for a cleric, it will most likely be in the center of the group", he reasons, his gauntlet-clad hand balling into a fist,  one segmented finger after another, its steel clinking quietly.

Before the march forward begins, he unslings his shield from his back, strapping it to his left arm. With his remaining, gauntleted hand, he pulls out some beef jerky from among his rations and begins to chew on it methodically as he walks alongside his companions across the marshy land. His eyes dart from the damp ground to the horizon, from left to right and, with quick glances, up to the sky before returning to what's beneath his booted feet again.

Quite aware of his inability to keep his steps quiet, he calls over to the half-orc in a tone hushed enough not to be considered loud, but audible enough to carry the distance that separates them. "So, you have seen these lizard-folk before? Can they really speak and understand us? What I have heard about them is little, and focused on their beastly aspects...", his voice trails off, but he quickly catches himself. He looks forward more attentively as he speaks his next line in a quieter, somber voice. "I suppose I should refrain from passing judgment before seeing them for myself, shouldn't I."
Viola Knight
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Thu 11 Jan 2018
at 06:33
Lured Into Darkness
Viola nods. "I'm small, and don't have much equipment on me. I think that I could remain hidden if necessary."

She lifts an arm and removes her bracelet, stowing it safely within her clothes.