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NAWA is a e-wrestling federation that hopes to bring back what was once a huge wave online. A few basics out of the way -

Language: Lets keep it PG-13 (Don't get carried away remember that we are broadcasted on TV not HBO.)

Sexual Themes: Again PG-13 (See above Rule)

Supernatural elements to you wrestler - NO! You can not can not cast lightning...Everything that you do must be explained through pyros and things of that nature. This is not a "fantasy Arena game".

Respect: Its one thing to talk trash to your opponent but don't make it personal and it goes without saying (although I'm going to anyway) no racial or untasteful remarks.

How to Play:

Each wrestler (or Tag Team) will post 3 "Promos" for their match.

Those promos will be graded on a scale by myself and the other players in the game.

All Grades will be sent PM to me (to keep voting private) by Saturday 12pm est.(noon)
[You do not vote on your own match]

example of PM

Subject: Insert Card Name and Date Here

Huckster vrs Nacho Man
Winner: Nacho Man

Fat Boy vrs Hiroshima
Winner: Fat Boy

Winners should be selected based on how you felt they promoed that week. How entertaining their promo was and so forth.

You may not include another players character in your Promo without his/her okay first. Also you can not attack or other wise harm another players character either in your promos.

Matches will be Posted Monday

Along with the grading systems players can send in an option Strat for the match: Nothing long or in great detail just some pointers. This also goes for others outside the match - if they plan to run into the ring to sneak attack someone or not.

Remember that voting will have the the strongest sway in the outcome of a match but if a strat is sent in and I feel it helps develop a storyline it will be worked out according to fit within the match.

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