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Wed 16 Mar 2016
at 12:01

The rules are simple. Don't break them or you will be warned and kicked if necessary.

1. No godmodding. No being all powerful. Everyone has a weakness.

2. No autohits. Do not attack a character without giving them a response. (if discussed ahead of time by each other then that's fine.)

3. No metagames. If you did not gain knowledge in character then your character doesn't have such knowledge.

4. Try to remain active and notify the GM of any absence you're taking.

5. No ooc fighting. All problems should be reported to GM.

6. This is a M rated game. Use fade to blacks when necessary.

7. Absolutely no one liner posts.

8. Cannon characters are not allowed, but family members of cannon characters are.

9. You may have multiple characters. Just send RTJs for them and do not take on more than you can handle.

10. You may control and have your own NPCs.

11. PvP is allowed ONLY upon request. Do not just go around fighting. Not everyone wants PvP just story and RP. So ask them and discuss a scenario. Both parties must agree or see GM before a pvp can happen.

12. There a 3 GMs because we wanted to keep this game going as a continuation of a deleted game. Issues can be taken any of us to be dealt with.

Rules list subject to change. Players will be notified if any changes are made.

If you have any questions, notify the GM.

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The Narrator
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Mon 21 Mar 2016
at 02:52
13. Post rate: I hate setting one, but try to keep it at 2-3 times a week. If something comes up and you have to be away, have the common courtesy to let folks know in the OOC section