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Wed 16 Mar 2016
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Read First: RTJ
Greetings and thank you for the interest!  Below is a brief overview of how I've chosen to handle RTJ submissions.  The process seems longer than it actually is, so don't be intimidated by the multiple steps!  If anything, treat it as a verification that you and I will be around after more than a day has passed.

Step One - The Basics

Send me the following with your initial RTJ.

1.  Brief Introduction - I like to know my players at least a little.  What got you started in gaming?

2.  Play style - What's your biggest drive as a player?  Cool loot?  Roleplaying?  Interesting locations?  Character driven story?  Dungeon crawling?  Also, rank these things from highest to lowest importance to you: Combat, Roleplaying, Intrigue, Exploration, Treasure.

3.  Character Concept - Include race, name, and class (Background would also be good).  Keep this brief.  I'm not looking for a huge backstory here.  I'm looking for a physical description with a brief outline of personality, motivations, and perhaps fighting style.

Step One and a Half - Potential

I liked you and your concept, but something was unclear in your initial submission.  Or there's some other thing that needs to be addressed before I decide that I will let you move on to the next step.  No need to fret too much, I usually just have a couple of questions that bear answering before moving forward any farther.

Step Two - The Reaction

If you make it to this step, it means that I liked your concept.  I'll pose a small scenario to you, and I want you to write a response in character to it.  This gives me a feel for your writing and your character.  Might be a good idea to read the House Rules thread for expected writing conventions.  Since you've not actually created a character yet, I'm giving you some license to be loose with the rules and story in order to write a proper response.  Show me your writing chops!

Step Three - Backstory

At this point, you've solidly got my attention.  Now, I will want you to create some additional details surrounding yourself.  Where are you from?  How did you get here?  Do you have any important people around your character: friends, old allies, family?  Fair warning:  I like lots of detail, so take time to really think about this and write this out.  I tend to bring up this stuff at least a few times during a game.

The expectation here is for a story told in about 3 paragraphs.  Your childhood, your training or early life, and finally your recent history.  I'll be providing you a primer to help you think through the details.  Note that just lazily answering every question in the primer is a fast track to "No."

Step Four - Sheet and Initiation

Congrats!  You've been formally accepted and now it's time to sort out the gritty details of your character.  It's also time for you to really pay attention to the Character Creation notice.

You as a player will stay on hold until both of us are happy with your character sheet.  I may ask for changes based on what we've previously discussed.  For instance, if you pitch a swashbuckling, loud-mouthed duelist and sheet up as a nature-loving Druid, I would probably ask you to rethink something.

Final Words

I reserve the right to boot anyone at any time for any reason and to say no to anything I find unreasonable, distasteful, or that would encroach on anyone's fun.  It is my responsibility to keep things moving forward and to make sure that everyone has fun, and I do not take it lightly.

Also, I recognize that I am human and fallible.  I tend be a reasonable and respectable person.  I am open to discussion, but I do not brook constant challenges to my authority.  Debating the rules from time to time is something that I expect, but I do not relish being challenged post by post.  If you have any problem or issue, I expect you to address me via a PM and accept my decision.
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Wed 16 Mar 2016
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Read First: RTJ
Who in the world is W0LF0S?

I'm glad you asked!  I totally understand if you rolled your eyes; I would have.  I am a 27 year old accountant who has been gaming in form or another since the age of 2.  Literally since I was 2; my father bought me an NES with Mario, Zelda, Duck Hunt, and Life Force for my 2nd birthday.  Somewhere around 12, I was introduced to D&D and eventually started playing regularly.  After the end of my second time as a player, I stepped behind the DM screen and remained there until last year for my IRL games.  During a dry spell, I found RPOL and started gaming online as well.  It's been a blast!  As I'm sure many of you have experienced, games have come and gone on me, and I've treasured the ones that have lasted for a long time.  Now, I'm looking to start a second long-running RPOL game, so hopefully I can get things off the ground and moving forward with a good group of players.

What to expect from The Deep Works?

I have an initial plan and hook that will run from level one up to level five or so.  After that, the game can end naturally or we can find other adventures together.  This will be the 2nd time that I've run a 5e game and something like the 12th in which I've participated.  5e has left a lot of open room for me to go nuts as a DM and I plan to take full advantage of it all.

For posting rate, I'm expecting 3 or 4 posts a week from everyone.  I realize that everyone's got lives, and I am personally a fan of trying to unplug from things on weekends.  In any case, I have developed a habit of checking RPOL several times on most weekdays and making time to post, and I expect everyone that applies to be able to meet my expectations for 3 or 4 posts each week.  I've had several games stall out because "That Guy" didn't post for three or four days, and I'll not allow that to happen here.

Finally, I expect that everyone's character is willing to work together towards a common goal.  If you want to play a gender confused, morally ambiguous, violent towards everyone of any sort, I urge you to seek a slot elsewhere.  I am not going to ban evil characters, but I will warn you that I am a very tough sell on the idea.