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Combat Thread
This thread is for us to keep track of combat without filling up horrendous amounts of space in the main thread.  I'll be posting up everything that I think you'll need to know about the enemies to try and expedite things.  I'll update the thread at least after each round of combat completes (more often if spell effects or other such things need to be added between turns).

Outline your actions and movement in OOC as precisely as you need.
-Reaction: Activate Shield to increase my AC to 22 so that Archer 1 misses his last attack.
-Move: C3 to F5 (C3 to C4 to C5 to F5 to avoid AoO's from Thug 2)
-Action: Attack Thug 1  23 vs AC 14 for 8 Damage
-Bonus: Shocking Grasp DC 12 vs Thug 1.  Thug 1 rolls 15 and takes no damage.

I'll include enemy saves, resistances, and other needed info for you to calculate damage.  The only thing that you won't have is their total and current HP.  I will color code their condition at the end of each round.  Since each round is supposed to consist of "simultaneous" turns with minute differences, there is the potential to overkill a baddie and that's just part of how things will work.  As a compensation, you will get one added piece of information about certain enemies.  If the enemy's CR is lower than the party's average level, then I will be including how many Hit Dice that the enemy possesses.  This should help you gauge how tough someone is by "sizing them up" based on your experience.

Special Note: I will sometimes keep certain attributes or other things hidden for the sake of suspense, but I will not do this too often.  A good example would be for a fight with the BBEG, I may not list that he's immune to Force damage right away or some similar effect.

I'll roll Initiative for everyone at the start of combat.  Anyone that beats the enemies will go first, then the enemies, then everyone will go as a group and alternate with the bad guys.  I may amend this later, but I want to try to keep it simple at first.
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Wed 18 May 2016
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Combat Thread

 Initiative         Conditions
Mekkar      - 18   --
Rolgar      - 16   --
Finnius     - 12   --
William     - 11   --
Spike       -  6   Unconscious
Imp         -  5   Invisible

 Green > Yellow > Purple > Red

 Battlefield Conditions
 Rough Terrain: Squares filled with blue chairs are considered difficult terrain.

 Solid Objects: Impassable but can provide cover.

Imp -  Small Fiend, Lawful Evil
  Str  Dex  Con  Int  Wis  Cha
    6   17   13   11   12   14
   -2   +3   +1   +0   +1   +2

 AC 13  HD ?d?

 Damage Resistances: cold; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks that arenít silvered
 Damage Immunities: fire, poison
 Condition Immunities: poisoned

 Magic Resistance: The imp has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
 Invisibility: The imp magically turns invisible until it attacks or until its concentration ends (as if concentrating on a spell). Any equipment the imp wears or carries is invisible with it.

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