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Tue 22 Mar 2016
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RTJ (Read First)
I plan to run an investigation heavy game. Expect 65-75% role playing, and the rest combat.

I like to give the players (as opposed to the characters) an opportunity to figure out what is going on. I intend to reward players that make connections from the evidence, come up with good ideas, or generally role play well.

However, if the players get stuck (and as you make rolls throughout the game), your skills lend an opportunity for me to provide you additional information that you might not have recognized on your own.

If this is the type of game you'd be interested in playing in, then here is what I'd like in an request to join:

What you're interested in from a Dark Heresy 2e game (combat, investigation, role playing, daemons, heretics, xenos?).

How often do you post on rpol? Once a day, 3-4 times a week, once a week or less?

Your personal experience with WH40K games/setting. This isn't an accept or reject criteria, it's a way for me to understand what you may or may not know.

A brief description (1 short paragraph) of 1 or 2 different character concepts you'd like to play. This can be specific (home world, background, role, etc.) if you want, but doesn't have to be.

I am judging RTJ's based on how well you will fit in with the type of game I am trying to run. For example, an RTJ indicating the player wants to play in a heavy combat game will probably get a polite decline from me.

I am also judging your RTJ based on how well you and your character will fit in with other RTJ's. If you post once a week and everyone else posts daily, you will probably be overwhelmed or feel like you are being left behind. If you submit only one character concept, and you're the 4th psyker to apply, you'll have to be the best psyker applicant to have a good chance of being accepted.

Finally, I will work with the RTJ's to build a history with the campaign's Inquisitor. This will either include me asking you specific questions about your character's back story, such as me giving you a description of an event your character participated in, and you telling me how they acted/what they said. Alternatively, this may not be your first investigation with this Inquisitor, in which case I might ask you questions about a previous investigation, and your responses will become a part of your history with the Inquisitor.

The goal is to make your character fit in organically with the campaign by providing a history with the Inquisitor that is unique to your character and created by both of us.

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