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Neo South Background
Hotlanta - this is old Atlanta, GA. after it was hammered by nukes. It is a big rad pit powered by Ghoul developed and maintained Radiant Energy Absorption, Conversion, Transmission Optimized Reactors. It has an established safe zone for accepted travelers and boasts a Ghoul population of nearly three thousand with some residents over two hundred and fifty years old. It is a place of high tech and hard trade. Hotlanta was founded in 2117 by the Ghouls populace of the area.

Area 15 - what was once Roswell, GA renamed with a comical twist due to its name by some of the Ghouls who helped the norms to settle the area as a trade town on the outskirts of Hotlanta. It has a population of nearly six hundred some twelve miles northeast of the glow. Area 15 was founded in 2129 as a control zone near Hotlanta by the Confederacy.

Larryburg - this was Lawrenceville, GA., and it too was renamed, but by one Larry Taylor after he led a heroic effort to take the old ruins from a band of nomadic super mutants. It is a trade town of a little over three hundred just ten miles south of Hotlanta. Larryburg was founded in 2129 as control zone by the Confederacy.

Chattavegas - the well re-established ruins of old Chattanooga. It boasts a night life equal to that of anything found out west and has a population of nearly a thousand. Founded in 2267, it grew to become the ‘Sin City of the Neo South’ by 2130.

Spanish Town - is a two hundred strong Vault City in the old Spanish Fort in St. Augustine, Florida that is known for its mirelurk farming. Founded in 2140 after a two years of ‘near extinction’ survival by the remnants of Vault 157. Vault 157 professionals from all walks of life except military or law enforcement; further all the males were from technical professions while all of females selected were from liberal arts professions. To add to the experiment no survival or military equipment, including a GECK or weapons, was included in the Vault’s supplies.

Ford Town - old Fort Lauderdale, Fl. is home to a little under seven hundred people who survive off the ruins of old Miami and selling materials to those who try to constantly settle in the Glades and central Florida. Founded in 2092, it is one of the older, stronger settlements in Neo South. Aside from ‘prospecting’ old Miami for materials it trains hunters and scavengers at its Southern Explorer’s Society.

The Glades - the Everglades are grossly overgrown, full of deadly mutants, and boast the best place on Earth to grow anything. Approximately two thousand people are trying to build a life in the Glades scattered out in settlements and farms with scarcely more than two dozen residents. It covers almost all of southern Florida now.

Uofab - this is the old University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. It is an active trade community and boasts a thriving population of nearly two hundred. This was a survivalist community made up of Preppers who banded together to save their community immediately following the Great War in 2078. It is a small, close knit community of ‘eye for eye’, hard trading Neo Christians.

South Carolina
Rock Hill - the resettled ruins of Rock Hill, S.C. is a 500 strong community that has two claims to fame; it's proximity from the lucrative remains of downtown Charlotte, N.C. and it produces top quality low tech weapons and munitions at a myriad of local family owned shops. It was founded in 2133.

North Carolina
The Ville - Fayetteville, NC was resettled in 2096 and now has a flourishing population of nearly fifteen hundred. It is infamous for the fighting that goes on in the region since it’s a major stronghold for the ever encroaching Covenant and its proximity to the remains of Fort Bragg.

Bragg - A small population of nearly three hundred living a hereditary life of military discipline and honor control a stockpile of old munitions and supplies. Rumors of inbred mutations rival the tales of genetic engineering from the days before the Great War. Many go in, but few ever come back. It is unknown how long the community of Bragg has survived, or exactly how.

Blacktech - In the old Virginia Polytechnic Campus of Balskburg, VA can be found a rather close knit community with a flair for technology. Only numbering around two hundred and fifty people, the community boasts a level of wealth that outstrips its population. This settlement was found early, in 2083, and has undergone fights with plagues, gangs, and super mutants. It has a reputation for education, technology, and healing.

Beverly _ a small settlement known for mining coal in Beverly, KY. It has a rather poor population of fewer than two hundred that have been struggling to keep control of their coal mines since 2205.

Hickory - the settlement of Hickory, Mississippi is a recently thriving community of nearly two hundred. It boasts strong trade relations with bands of tribals in the area and has much to offer in basic amenities. It was founded in 2062 around a frontier trading post and watering hole and supports a local tribal alliance of eleven tribal communities.

The Sump - New Orleans, Louisiana was hit pretty hard, the watery regions between the city and the Gulf of Mexico took several direct hits leaving the city unable to keep water out. The Sump is a collection of small settlements built in the taller structures that stick up out of the mutant infest waters that flooded New Orleans in the aftermath of the Great War. Bridges, cable cars, and boats allow these settlements to form a joint economy that is unrivaled outside of Hotlanta in the southern wastelands.  It has a population of just over eighteen hundred and fifty that is in a constant state of flux due to rivalry and pressure from outside forces. It is the ‘gateway’ the the trade routes leading into Texas, the Midwestern Wastelands, and the Northern Wastes via the Old Miss River. It became a what is it today in 2201.

Life in the Neo South
Super Mutants can be found in bands throughout the southeast, but have come to really thrive in the border regions where the Midwest wastelands collide with the Neo South’s green expanses. The Confederacy is known to use mercenary units composed of super mutant soldiers in their militia.

The vast majority of the settled populace lives in small towns and settlements where as the rest live as tribes wondering the wastelands following game and growing cycles. It is about 50/50 with half the populace living in settled areas and the other half living in the swamps, forests, and mountains.

Filtering up from the Glades as far north as the outskirts of Hotlanta, the mutant Beastlords roam like tribal bands searching for a place to forage. They bring with them their hordes of animal companions and mystical ways. They are particularly reviled in the Confederacy.

Sneaking in from the central coastal areas, the Covenant has begun trying to spread its 'Old America' influence. It has been running a strong and diligent radio presence and has been known to seed its agents in caravans coming from those areas. Rumors abound about the Covenant’s connection to Bragg and it stranglehold on the Ville. It has a public ‘embassy’ in Hotlanta.

Though Ghouls are common in the southeast, feral Ghouls remain very scarce. It is believed that there is an underground movement in Hotlanta that strives to find and reeducate feral ghouls where possible.

The Brotherhood of Steel has begun making its presence known as its forces slip into the southern wastes from the Midwest. They have a base set up outside of Beverly and an airship docked in Chattavegas. The latest gossip tales of Brotherhood units operating in the wastes around Beverly, but reports are unconfirmed.

There are rumors of Reavers scavenging technology in middle Tennessee in the vicinity of Arnold Air Force Base and its engineering complexes around Tullahoma. It is said that the Reavers are seeking to build a headquarters for their cult’s expansion there because of the tales of alien technology kept in hidden bunkers. Some claim that it isn’t Reavers, but a cult of technologists from Blacktech.

The Institute, with its androids, has been reported in the Neo South along the southern shores foraging through old naval complexes searching for old tech of a particular nature.

A strange group of mutants calling themselves Neo Sapiens along the Gulf coast are rumored to be some sort of blood drinking abomination.

Gangs are still ever present; as such men will always exist. Think of the 1970's classic movie The Warriors. Most gangs are low tech and hard strapped just to survive. Some of the more notable gangs are as follows:

The Toreadors, who dress in flamboyant clothing with short capes and carry swords, are a Chattavegas gang.

The Breakers, who are known as deadly martial artists renowned for their breaking and fighting skills, are a gang native to Larryburg.

The Black Hand, sporting black hand print tattoos on their chests and are known for their ambushed and use of black powder fire arms, are a gang common to the Gulf Coast areas in western Florida, southern Alabama, and eastern Mississippi.

The Sump is home to two of the most notorious gangs in the Neo South; the Mean Machine and the Warlords. The Mean Machine is known for their way with recovered vehicles, while the Warlords are known for their use of shotguns, combat drugs, and axes.

Outside of the settlements few gangs can compete with the wondering tribals and beastmen, but a few gangs have succeeded so far. They are:

The Brujahs, who sport colorful and creative artwork, are known for their warrior-survivalist way of life where nothing is wasted.

The 27, well, are a gang of 27 former war criminals from the Confederacy that make their living raiding and pillaging Confederate settlements and escaping into the wastelands.

The Sons of Mars, or the Sons, are a gang that worships the Roman god of war, Mars, and are known for their militant devotion and use of sword, spear, and shield in battle. It is rumored they have ties to Caesar’s Legion.

Anywhere that a good source of fresh water allows for irrigation of decent soil a plantation will spring up. These family oriented settlements more resemble the clans of a feudal fief than anything. The people live like taxed peasantry working the land for the agrarian elite land owners. Slavery is a fact of life in such areas. A highly trained, horse mounted fighting force controls the lands for the plantation owners. Steep trade with outsiders and heavy taxes on foreign traders is the norm. Sibling rivalry to inherit often leads to blood feuds, duels, and warfare. Not mention migrating tribes and roving gangs are constant threats from outside.

This system evolved as early as 2087, but came to the fore in the Plantation Wars fought from 2111 to 2125. These wars ranged from the northern Florida growing lands across Georgia up to the very gates of Chattavegas. And burned through small communities and homegrown armies across central Alabama,  into central and southern Mississippi, and down along the Gulf Coastal farming communities of Louisiana until it reached the flood plains of the sump.

The largest ruling body in the Southeast is the Confederacy, founded after the Plantation Wars in 2127. It covers most of Georgia right up to Chattavegas, parts of northern Florida, and some of eastern-central Alabama. It is not as organized as the NCR, but it is growing rapidly thanks to an influx of super mutants with skills and a desire for war. Coupled to the combination of food producing plantations and Ghoul powered factories it has become a booming economy for super mutant mercenaries literally and figuratively. It is loosely based in the Hotlanta safe zone but there is an effort to create a new base for it in the remains of old Macon, GA; the traditional 'Heart of the Confederacy'.

Vehicles do exist, albeit very uncommonly. The old AmeriFord plant in Hotlanta has been refitted and currently produces six models in a very slow and expensive manufacturing process. These models are based on existing cars for a retro feel, like all of Fallout, but are modern vehicles that run on fusion batteries.

The Bonaroo Family Sedan (a 1970’s era American Motors Gremlin)
The Waste Runner (a 1970’s era Dodge Power Wagon)
The Merchant (a 1970’s Ford era Econoline van)
The Family Rambler (a 1970’s era Buick Estate Wagon)
The SKZ-4 (a 1980’s era Kawasaki Ninja)
The Sky Liner (a 2016 Terrafugia fly-car)

These are not the only vehicles known in the game, just some unique to this setting. They also represent vehicles that are actually factory produced instead of home built.

Unique to this part of the country is horses of seven particular breeds that are accustomed to life in the wastelands.

Stampers - Mutant Tennessee Walking horses, all black and muscled heavily. Bigger than Morgans, and more aggressive, they make suitable mounts for cavalry and occasionally super mutants.

Slicks - Narrow shouldered horses of brown to red coloring with a strong Arabian descent. They can run for a long time, with great speed and agility, as long as the load is light.

Stouts - Grey to Blue-Grey horses bigger than a Clydesdale, stronger too. But, with a keen intellect for an animal also, they make the best working and draft horses around. They are rare and expensive.

Slinks – Are a dark pelted Shetland pony that is able to move with great agility and actually sneak about. They are prized by hunters and scouts.

Saddlers – These, quite uncommon, quarter horse mutants are a perfect example of the breed with one exception; they have six legs. A favorite of merchants and soldiers for their speed, they are a delicacy, as well, to super mutants.

Sander's Beasts - These ultra rare horses are midnight black, have glowing red eyes, their dense hooves can puncture light steel, their hides are prized for their utility in any leatherwork, and they can breathe fire. Go figure.

The Neo South has its own flavor as can be seen in the food, liquor, animals, and so on. The following is a listing of some of the unique aspects of life in the Neo South.

Old Granddad Whiskey bottled in Chattavegas is known for its intense buzz and euphoric effects.

Bob’s Bodacious Bourbon bottled in Hotlanta is another crowd favorite. It has a strong kick, but is better known for giving those who drink it the ability to see in the dark.

Sinclair’s Finest is a brandy bottled in a small distillery that kept hidden in the Kentucky-Tennessee border region. It is remarkably smooth and mellow, but it is sought after mainly because of its curative abilities.

Crops of potatoes, tomatoes, corn, squash, turnips, green beans, and beats dominate fields. Herbs that serve as spices, medicinal treatments, scents, and incense thrive in gardens and planters. Mushrooms, sugar cane, and fruit like neo-oranges, crab apples, and peaches round out the common diet in the Neo South.

Herds of pig rats, geckos, and Brahmin form the nucleus for village industries that produce meat, leather, glue, cordage, bone buttons and utensils, and dye products. Horses, dogs, and ostrich herds are a limited second choice for cattlemen.

Marijuana is the dominant drug of choice in the Neo South. It comes in a myriad of strains; AK101, Purple Haze, Bio Hazard, Sleepy Time, Chill Pill, Rainbow Perfection, Panty Dropper, Lick the Sky, Dirty Harry, Glow Weed, Super Weed, Hot Pot, and Virgin Killer. Each has unique qualities as well as distinctive flavors and coloring.

The prevailing armories are Smith & Carson Arm and Ammunition Company founded in Larryburg, Huston Firearms located in the heart of The Sump, and Gentleman Jim’s Quality Arms on the riverfront in Chattavegas. In Hotlanta there are numerous small shops that make all manner of high tech energy weapons and armors for sell in the safe zone that end all over the Neo South.

It is said that their all six vaults in the Neo South that have yet to be discovered. The only known Vault city is Spanish Town. It has used its advanced technology to build an industry around harvesting mirelurks that provides it with a wealth of trade goods that are known as far as the Old Miss River.

Others vaults rumored to exist are as follows:
Vault-Tec vaults
146 in the region of Charleston, South Carolina
169 said to be deep in a Harlan County, Kentucky coal mine
172 presumed to be located near Tracie City, Tennessee
191 rumored to be abandoned in Florence, Alabama
Private Vaults
Burner Vault is rumored to be the personal Vault of media mogul Ted Burner of old Atlanta, Georgia
Carter Vault is rumored to be the personal Vault of John Carter of Carter Family Peanuts fame, somewhere in central Gerorgia
Vanderson Vault is rumored to the personal Vault of the filthy rich ‘Queen of Pornography’ Pamela Vanderson, somewhere in north Florida.

Military Vaults
Rumors claim General R. J. Fitzgerald had a Vault built under his family estate in the Everglades
A legend abounds about a Vault under McDill Air Force Base that was the secret home of the Army’s special operations command
The Vault built was rumored to have been established Virginia, deep in a mountain along the Appalachian trail, known only as N1Z1

Secret Vaults are legends, rumors, and the stuff of mythical happenings, yet there are supposedly three located in the Neo South that are simply know by the letter designation of Vault X, Vault Y, and Vault Z