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Ford Town info
Ford Town and the surrounding area

Ok, three quick things to note about the area
1. The Glades is the post-atomic horror version of the Everglades, and it now covers most of southern Florida below Tampa-Lakeland-Palm Bay.
2. Ford Town in the largest settlement in the area and is used as a staging point for ‘prospecting’ runs into greater Miami about a day to the south.
3. Miami did not fall under nuclear attack and was one of the first places to be invaded as a deep water port, but it was invaded by Russian forces originally, that led to a series big land battles.

Ford Town is home to a little under seven hundred people who survive off the ruins of old Miami and selling materials. Founded in 2092, it is one of the older, stronger settlements in Neo South. Aside from ‘prospecting’ old Miami for materials it trains hunters and scavengers at its Southern Explorer’s Society.

Ford Town was established in The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale. The mall is just off of Sunrise Boulevard. The invading Russian forces initialing fortified the mall and the surround Sunrise Intercostal and used it as a base of operations. Through later conflicts it changed hands several times and came under attack and bombardment often. In 2029 Hymen Ford came along and organized the local fishermen and farmers and started rebuilding the mall using scavenged materials from the local houses.

Now, trade is based within the old mall, which is a very strong fort thanks to a steady supply of trade goods prospected in old Miami and ample food and fresh water to trade that is hunted or harvested locally. In fact, caravans often bring people seeking to explore old Miami for lost tech, building materials, or a fresh start. This influx of adventurers led to the formation of the Southern Explorer’s Society to provide training, guides, and services for people interested in a life in the Glades.

Places of note:
Betty’s Bed and Breakfast – for clean, safe, and secure there is no place like Betty’s

Fred’s Junk Shop – Junk, Junk, Junk and a whole lot more. Come on down to Fred’s where caps are king and junk is gold

Guns, Girls, and Gonja – Hey, what more could a man ask for!

Treb’s Bucket O’ Beer – eat, drink, and chillax with some of the best music, singing, and cabaret in the Neo South, gamblers welcome and cheaters skinned

Zed’s Trade Goods – for the discerning explorer, intrepid hunter, and seasoned prospector

There are houses to let, rooms to rent, and property that can be purchased in and around Ford Town. Food and fresh water are available, but it is rather expensive to live in the area. Plus, it is dangerous. The Glades have a frightful reputation for a reason.

The trek into Miami can be done in a day, two if there are bad storms. But, a party can expect to have a hostile encounter on the way in and out. Raiders, gangs, Beastlords, tribals, mirelurks, the occasional feral ghoul pack, and so on.

Ford Town can be lucrative, but it is run by three dominant factions; the Ford family is the strongest, the Southern Explorer’s Society has connections on top of their connections especially with outside traders and caravans, and a gang known as the Foot Clan that has the most muscle in Ford Town. It is an uneasy alliance at the moment.

It is said the Foot Clan was founded by four brothers rumored to be mutants and masterful martial artists. And the reason why all Foot Clan gang members must be very capable martial artists as well, and it also related to why they are known as the Foot Clan; a foot on the neck of those they conquer.