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RTJ Info

This is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition non-adult game set in and around...

by Green Ronin Studios

This is intended for players new or only mildly exposed to the setting.

Do not RTJ if you have read more than 1 or 2 of the published adventures for Freeport. If you have read or played through some of the material before, please let me know which ones so I can know what to expect with regard to player knowledge. This will not eliminate you from being a player, but I will know where I need to maybe make a few modifications to ensure your surprise and enjoyment.

If you've seen it all, done it all with Freeport, this probably is not the campaign for you, because I am pretty much using pre-published content exclusively. It will be boring for someone who already knows all the main plots from the published content. No, really, it will, and even if you are good at keeping Player/Character knowledge compartmentalized, subconsciously you still can't be surprised, and it will impact the enjoyment of the other players.


Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition SRD (System Reference Document)
Character races, classes, and concepts must be based on this document.

New material from other sources may be used IF:
1. You can provide the full text of it and/or a link.
2. It fits into the flavor of Freeport campaign.
3. The Dungeon Master approves the concept.

Helpful links for character generation:

D&D Basic Rules Official Web Site (Player rules in web form for 1st-5th)

D&D 5E web based character generation

D&D 5E Excel based character generation

OGL 5E System Reference Document Website

1. Ability scores will be rolled on RPOL using 4d6 drop lowest method.

2. If you first set of average ability score <= 12.0 you can ask for a re-roll, and take the better of the two sets, or if both rolls are less than 12 average, you can take the standard 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 set (which is 12 average).

3. You will begin the game with 400gp - (your average ability score (after racial adjustments) minus 10) times 100 in gold.

GOLD FORMULA: 400 - (AA - 10) * 100

Bob the Bartender
STR 10 DEX 12 CON 12 INT 11 WIS 13 CHA 13
AA = 11.8333

FORMULA: 400 - (11.83 - 10) * 100
= 400 - (1.83 * 100)
= 400 - 183
= 217 starting gold.

4. Your character needs to have a Freeport themed background. Some ideas (but definitely not limited to these, think outside the box):

1. Former pirate, turned bounty hunter.
2. Practicing pirate in between jobs.
4. Son of a pirate, probably, grew up an orphan on the streets of Freeport.
5. Not-so-famous nephew of a famous pirate with a knack for magic.
6. Occult investigator from the mainlands come to figure out the weird crap on Freeport.
7. Paladin come to Freeport to eradicate the rumored death cultists.
8. Bardic sea merchant down on his luck stuck in port.
9. Son of a sea merchant left here alone to learn independence by a harsh father.



These traits replace the humanís Ability Score Increase trait.

Ability Score Increase: Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.

Skills: You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.

Feat: You gain one feat of your choice.

Note, this is optional, you can stick with the standard Ability Score Increase trait for humans if you wish instead.


This document describes Rogue Swashbuckler option, Fighter Mariner option, and Storm Sorcerer options. Minotaur is not going to be allowed as player-character, but the non-Minotaur stuff at the back of this document should be OK.



1. Safe haven for min-maxing power gamers.
2. Going to have any graphic sexual scenes or language.
3. A place to try out experimental rules or races.
4. Freeform. We will stick to the rules of 5e for combat and out of combat action resolution. This is a Play-by-Post however, so some leeway for artistic freedom is assumed.


Answer these questions when submitting RTJ:

1. Describe your experience with D&D, particularly 3.5 and up.
2. Describe your experience if any with the Freeport setting.
3. What interests you most about this setting?
4. What classes interest you the most? The least?
5. Can you post 4 to 5 times per week to keep up with the game?

1. You do not intend to abide by the rules above.
2. You are already playing in one of my other games.
3. You already know all there is to know about Freeport.
4. You hate pirates and/or Lovecraftian horrors.
5. You are a ninja, love ninjas, or have played a ninja on T.V. (kidding on this one)


This game has the Mature flag set because of horror content that may be inappropriate for children. However, this game will try to stick with a PG-13 rating style content. The language used by the player characters is not to be modern real world obscenities and slang, remember this is a fantasy game.

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