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Wed 30 Mar 2016
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I'm play testing this module to run at an upcoming con. As a result, I am only allowing pregenerated characters. Beginners to the system are absolutely fine since that's what I'll be dealing with at the Con.

I'm looking for players who will post at least once every 48 hours and preferably once every 24 hours. I reserve the right to NPC you and take actions for you if you haven't posted in 48 hours.

If you're interested in joining, please let me know what character you're interested in playing and your experience with the Savage World's system.



Josephine Chevalier

Play style: Leading the troops, being Jane Bond, and monitoring the airwaves

Josephine Chevalier left her one-horse town for New Orleans and quickly became a singing star at both white and black clubs.  After an embarrassing encounter with segregation at a New Orleans hotel, she moved to the more enlightened Paris, where her fame grew.  In 1940, she went to Casablance for "pneumonia" but really to spy for Allied intelligence.  She used her fame to attend high-powered Axis parties and set up her cabaret as a safe house for Allied spies.  After narrowly escaping a raid by the Gestapo, she moved to Cairo and has been operating the covert radio interception network.  She's the civilian leader of this operation.


Josephine trades on her fame when it's helpful, but has never forgotten her humble roots. She's a charismatic leader, finding the good in her team and bringing out their natural talents. Even if she's not the best shot, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty

Wendell "Sarge" Fong

Play style: Run, gun, and patch up the wounded

Eager to avoid running his parents Chinese restaurant in Plano, Texas, Wendell joined the Army in 1936.  He showed promise as a medic and set up a field hospital during the attack on Pearl Harbor that saved hundreds of lives.  He was awarded a Silver Star for continuing treatment even as the attack was ongoing. After the attack, he was recruited by Majestic for his combat and medical expertise.  Even when in uniform, he wears an "I am Chinese" badge, both to avoid being mistaken for Japanese and to prove that Chinese-Americans are contributing to the war effort.  Sergeant Fong is the ranking military member of the group, but defers to Josephine Chevalier on overall mission goals.


Sarge is your stereotypical sergeant, chomping an ever-present cigar, speaking with a heavy Texas accent, and swaggering like he's wearing revolvers on each hip.  This bluster helps encourage the troops under his care, but it also hides a keen mind, causing many to underestimate him.

Nancy McNeil

Play style: Blowing up the enemies things and keeping our things running

With the men away fighting, Nancy McNeil worked in the Scottish coal mines from 1939 to 1940.  She took to explosives duty quickly, but after a mine collapse, she acquired claustrophobia and signed up for the Auxiliary Territorial Service.  Assigned to an AA gun in Southhampton, she was highly accurate, with four unofficial bomber kills during The Blitz.  She was the sole survivor of a bombing that killed her entire gun crew, but she continued operating and firing the gun on her own, earning her a British Empire Medal.  When the Blitz ended, Majestic recruited her for her explosives and artillery experience.


Nancy focuses on her explosives and artillery to keep her mind off the loss of the miners and ATS crew who were her friends. She likes to rattle off the specifications of any heavy weapon she sees and is always itching to fire new weapons.  She can be oblivious to social cues, particularly when she's talking too much. She has a thick Scottish brogue and despite her small size has a loud voice and big presence.

Mukhtar Khatti

Play style:  Doing one thing and one thing only. Killing Nazis.

Seeking to escape the shadow of his father, the mayor of his village in Punjab, and to fulfill the Sikh duty to defend others,  Corporal Khatti joined the Indian Army in 1938.  Assigned to the cavalry, Corporal Khatti was in the first line of defense of British Malaysia when the Japanese invaded December 8, 1941.  After his platoon was cut off, and their superior officers killed, he earned a Indian Order of Merit medal for sneaking his unit through the Malay jungle, escaping the Japanese.  Upon return to India, Corporal Khatti was approached by Majestic for special operations duty.


Corporal Khatti has a big smile when among friends, but gravely serious when in a tight spot.  Surprisingly, he has grown to miss his homeland and has decided to take over for his father when he retired. He insists when the war is over, his comrades should come visit him in Punjab. He hopes to become mayor of his village and do good things for his community. He prefers open combat to stealth, but recognized that sometimes stealth is the more sensible option.

Israel "Dizzy Izzy" Rodriguez

Play style: Solving puzzles, deciphering hieroglyphics, and doing the Lord's work

After growing up in rough and tumble 1920s Los Angeles, Israel Rodriguez joined the priesthood.  He acquired a Ph.D. in Biblical history, specializing in Egyptian and Jewish history.  After Pearl Harbor, he signed up for the Chaplain corps.  His frequent disorientation and showing up at random places at Fort Jackson has earned him the nickname "Dizzy Izzy".  He was recruited by Majestic for his expertise.


Dizzy Izzy tries to keep a sense of humor in all things and has a vast Arsenal of Biblical jokes.  Dizzy Izzy would prefer use his brain and his faith to solve most problems, but recognizing the true evil of the Nazis, he brings along a teargas launcher, just in case.  He believes all soldiers, regardless of uniform, deserve Last Rites.

Bake Attayak

Play style: Desert expert who can take the long shot or sneak in close

After the death of his father when he was 11, Bake Attayak took over as head of his family. To provide for his family, he volunteered to spy for the Allies and has  guided SOE operatives throughout North Africa since the start of hostilities. His knowledge of the area, connections with locals, and general helpfulness makes him a natural at this occupation.


Bake is quiet and private, leading most to think he doesn't like them. They are usually surprised when he offers help or an item they need, sometimes before they know they needed it.  Having lived with the responsibility of providing for his family after the disappearance of his father, he is attentive to the needs of anyone he considers a friend or ally.

Victoria "Vic-Vic" Ramos

Play style: Scrappy fighter and radio operator

Victoria joined the First Women’s Guerilla Corps in Ilocos Norte Province the day after Pearl Harbor.  When the Americans evacuated the Philippines they gave her squad a radio and weapons, setting them up as coast watchers.  When an American transport plane carrying a two-star US Army general crash landed in Ilocos Norte, her squad was the only force available to effect a rescue.  Despite the death of every other members of her squad, she retrieved the wounded General and was evacuated by submarine.   Majestic was waiting to recruit her when she stepped off the submarine in San Diego.


Victoria maintains a surprisingly cheerful disposition, despite her experiences over the past year.  She is also surprisingly concerned with her looks for a woman who spent a year in the jungles of Ilocos Norte.  She still carries her original M1 Garand, nicknamed “Macarthur” which she disassembles, cleans, and lubricates every chance she gets, talking to it like a dog.  In her sleep, she keeps her hand on her bolo knife, which does not have a name. 

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