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Wed 30 Mar 2016
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Intelligence Report and Orders
FROM: Majestic Command


The Black Sun is a clandestine Nazi organization which seeks to aid the German war effort through the use of the occult, lead by Reinhardt Weissler.  Nachtwolfe is splinter group of former Black Sun members, led by Mina Wolff, who have chosen to aid Nazi Germany by pursuing the recovery and reverse engineering of ancient Atlantean and Hyperborean technology.


On August 18th, the covert radio interception network for North Africa (Codename: NEST) operated by SPARROW intercepted new radio traffic using the unbroken Black Sun and Nacthwolfe encryption codes. While the content of these transmissions have not been deciphered, their use indicates the arrival of both organizations in the North African front.  With the unresolved stalemate between General Rommel's forces and General Montgomery's army at El Alamein, this represents a potential threat to British control of Egypt.

While there have been no known contacts with Black Sun personnel, Intelligence indicates that a convoy of Nachtwolfe vehicles, including 1-2 armored vehicles, 2-3 cargo trucks, and 2-3 smaller vehicles left Tripoli and headed south toward the village of Bou Saada. Troop strength estimated at 15-20.

1.  Depart Cairo no later than August 20th, 0600 hours, utilizing transport provided by the Long Range Desert Group.
2.  Rendezvous with Agent BLUEJAY in the village of Bou Saada and acquire intelligence about the convoy’s destination.
3.  Pursue the convoy, determine Nazi objective, and destroy the convoy.
4.  Secure any vital intelligence and personnel and return to Cairo.