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Character Creation
Standard character creation. Refer to the Savage Worlds Deluxe and Accursed core rules. As of right now, there is no new rules. Special equipment (especially Sakuran or Nordheim stuff) can be approved, if it fits the character.

Starting rank is Novice, no experience or advances.

Starting area will be the Outlands. Any nationalities will work, including Discordian or Sakuran.

New witchbreeds may be approved, although I prefer only core Witchbreeds, with one exception: I present below a new witchbreed, from a Witch that will feature pretty heavily in this storyline.

I will be using Acceptance/Defiance rules, so let me know if your character is going to go down that path or 'grey jedi' this stuff.

Do note the one house rule I'm including is featured below in the new witchbreed. This affects Golems, Mongrels with the Size racial trait, Oni/Kiyo, etc, as well as anyone with the Brawny or Obese traits. If I approve another witchbreed and they have Size or Toughness indicating bulk, this affects you as well. When in doubt, ask me.

For your character description, just give me a public description. If you have stuff you want hidden, keep it hidden. However, I do want details on what symbols show on your Witchmark and where it is. PM me the details on what they mean, but for the public description, just describe it.

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New Witchbreed: True Ogres
True Ogres: Oni and Kiyo

When a person succumbs to base emotions, particularly of greed and debauchery, he becomes a terrible ogre, the Ogress' engines of destruction and corruption. However, if the person holds onto a sense of self, a curious transformation begins, leading to the Ogress' True Ogres. Curiously, the Witchbreed exhibits a physical and spiritual dimorphism rarely present in other Witchbreeds. As the Witchmark takes its victim, it draws out their base nature, transforming their bodies and souls to something more befitting their twisted selves. If the Accursed's truest self is crude and blunt, favoring the body, then they become the massive Oni; if, instead, their nature is crafty and conniving, more mental in practice, then they twist into the magical Kiyo.

Oni appear as incredibly tall and powerfully built humans, on average seven to nine feet tall, weighing several hundred pounds, and are broader in stature than Kiyo. Their thick skin ranges across the color spectrum, although blues and reds are most common. Typically their hair, if any, is red or black, although those few Oni witches often have silvery white locks. All Oni have long pointed ears and mouths full of sharp teeth and slight tusks. Many Oni also have elaborate eyebrows, often grown into shapes of clouds or lightning bolts. Typically, Oni develop one to three horns across their brow. Oni favor brute force, and while they can be cunning, a typical Oni smashes anything in its path rather than play little games. The typical image of an Oni is the massive, bare-chested demon wielding an iron club called a kanebo, roaring and charging into battle.

Kiyo, in contrast, are smaller and far more lithe than powerful, although they are still larger and stronger than humans. Their limbs and features are slightly exaggerated, although they do not initially transform into the truly hideous. In fact, a few Kiyo are stunningly beautiful, their monstrous features only enhancing their beauty. Others embrace the monsters within, looking haggish and terrifying. Like Oni, they bear horns, sharp teeth, and small tusks, although not as pronounced or numerous as their brutish fellow True Ogres. Furthermore, Kiyo tend instead to grow terrible black talons on exaggerated fingers. A Kiyo's skin tones range from dark black to chalky white, though occasional Kiyo show more colorful skin tones. Whereas an Oni grows physically more powerful over time, a Kiyo instead develops magically. All Kiyo are Witches of some strength, their souls fueling their black craft. They favor weapons that serve as witchcraft tools, such as daggers and staves.

Physical differences become more pointed as a True Ogre slides closer to Acceptance. Oni grow in size and weight, their features becoming more hulking and bestial, while Kiyo become almost painfully thin and stretched, their faces exaggerated with terribly long jaws and noses, their limbs far longer than should be possible. Likewise, as Oni grow physically stronger, a Kiyo becomes spiritually more powerful, commanding magics only seen among the Witches themselves.

Oni and Kiyo share many similar traits, however. As demons, they enjoy inhuman recovery skills as well as a pointed resistance to toxins and diseases. In addition, their great size affords them increased resilience. Adversely, True Ogres suffer terrible wounds from cold iron weapons, and its mere touch causes discomfort. Despite this frailty, True Ogres often use iron weapons, stoicly baring the pain in favor of striking down other demons.

Outside the normal demonic strengths and frailties, True Ogres radiate an unnatural aura. This aura causes most creatures near them to feel unease, as if the True Ogre does not belong. While it does not outright frighten people like a Shade's aura, True Ogres find it harder to get people and animals to accept them, including other Witchmarked or even members of the Order of the Penitent, those most used to monsters. This leads the Witchbreed to live solitary lives isolated from others, and many take a bitter and pragmatic look at life, a life that constantly rejects their existence.

Furthermore, nothing stirs the Ogress' anger like one of her own rejecting her, and all of her forces constantly seek out and hunt renegade Oni and Kiyo. Her righteous fury bleeds over into her banes and mortal conscripts, until the errant Accursed either returns to her fold or dies in a most horrific way. Even those who return often spend some time suffering as a reminder to those who seek to irk the Ogress. Many who return are outright killed in a fit of furious retribution for denying their Witch.

It is, perhaps, this outsider life that draws True Ogres to the Order of the Penitent the most. Sakurans have a connection to their land that only the Gradniki can understand. Rejection of their nation and their world weighs heavily on their souls. Even those who accept their fate seek redemption among others like them, as well as dark revenge against the Witch who stole their life. Those who reject their demonic natures become the most pious of souls, beacons to other Accursed that even the darkest, most corrupted Witchmarks can find peace and light at the end of the tunnel. While their unnatural nature instinctively makes Penitents distrustful, those who strive to overcome their demonic natures can find peace in their halls.

Witchbreed Package

All True Ogre characters gain the following racial package. Depending on whether the character chooses to be an Oni or a Kiyo can change their traits:

Demon: Being demons, True Ogres enjoy resistance to many ill effects. All True Ogres gain a +2 bonus on Spirit rolls to resist Shake, and are immune to poison and diseases.

Demonic Strength: True Ogres begin with a d6 starting Strength.

True Natures: True Ogres start with a free Edge, depending on which aspect he takes on. Oni gain the Brawny Edge for free, while Kiyo gain Arcane Background: Witchcraft. This bonus Edge ignores normal requirements, although Kiyo are encouraged to take the Spellcasting skill.

Size +1: All True Ogres stand heads taller than most others. Their great size grants them +1 Toughness.

Cold Iron Weakness: Much like Revenants and Fey, the purity of cold iron can harm True Ogres. They suffer +4 damage from weapons made from cold iron.

Enemy: True Ogres who turn against their Witch are prime targets for the Ogress' purest form of wrath. Sakuran ogres and other banes created by the Ogress always attack an Oni or Kiyo in preference to other targets. These banes actively seek "fallen" True Ogres, to either tempt them back into the fold, or else utterly destroy them as proof of their creator's ire.

Unnatural: Even moreso than other Accursed, True Ogres generate an aura of wrongness. Animals will not willingly go near them, plants wither in their presence, and even people feel uneasy around the demons. This racial trait acts as a Major version of the Outsider hindrance; in addition to a -2 penalty to Charisma, all npcs are automatically unfriendly, if not outright hostile, to true ogres, and animals will refuse to go near them or let them ride them.

Larger Characters

Larger than normal characters sometimes find certain goods harder to acquire due to their increased bulk. At the GM's discretion, any character who receives a bonus to their Toughness due to size and composition (including Golems, True Ogres, and those with the Brawny Edge or the Obese Hindrance) may increase the Availability for gear such as clothing, armor, and foodstuffs by 1 per +1 Toughness (to a maximum overall Availability of 6) to reflect the custom manufacture.

Note that characters who receive Toughness due to physical make-up, such as Undead or the Tough as Nails Edge, should never have to pay more for their gear.



Prerequisites: Veteran, True Ogre, Spirit d8+

A True Ogre's gaze and tantalizing words are enough to twist the minds and souls of all but the strongest hearts. The True Ogre gains the ability to use the puppet power at will, using Spirit as the spellcasting ability, with unlimited power points. However, the True Ogre may only use this ability against one target at a time, and the target must be able to see and hear the True Ogre to be affected. A True Ogre who rolls a natural 1 on his spellcasting roll Backlashes, suffering a level of Fatigue that is recovered after 8 hours of rest.

Special: At the GM's discretion, Dhampir may also take this Edge, drawing upon their vampiric heritage to bend the minds of others to their will; Dhampirs call this edge Charm instead.

Third Eye

Prerequisites: Novice, True Ogre, Notice d6+, special

This True Ogre bears a third eye, allowing the True Ogre to see the souls of all living beings. The True Ogre's soul vision works much like infravision, halving penalties (round down) for bad lighting when attacking living targets. For purposes of this trait, all Accursed are considered alive, even Golems, Mummies, and Revenants, as they still retain their souls. Many undead banes are soulless, however, and cannot be seen.
This Edge may only be taken at character creation. However, as a True Ogre Accepts or Defies his fate, a GM may allow the True Ogre to develop the eye during a stage increase, choosing this Edge as their next Advance when possible. A True Ogre who Defies his fate still retains this power, even once becoming human again; the eye subsumes into their body and becomes a metaphysical third eye rather than a physical one.


Prerequisites: Seasoned, True Ogre, Spirit d8+

True Ogres who take this power are able to project a cone of hellish flame, from their eyes, hands, or, most often, their mouth (chosen upon taking this Edge). The True Ogre places the thin end of a Cone Template at his front, and makes a Shooting roll. Targets within the template may make Agility rolls versus the True Ogre's Shooting roll to avoid the blaze. Those who fail suffer 2d8 damage. This counts as a Heavy Weapon. A True Ogre who rolls a natural 1 on his Shooting roll Backlashes, taking 2d6 damage instead as the flames burn internally.

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The Witchmark
The Witchmark

True Ogre Stigmata

True Ogre Witchmarks are intricate and beautiful creations, typically contrasting with their Accursed's horrible features. They appear as if drawn across their skin with a traditional Sakuran calligraphy brush and black ink, featuring bold and powerful strokes in equal parts swirling and straight geometric figures. No amount of washing removes the ink, and damaging the skin simply causes the art to be drawn over the scars instead. As the True Ogre grows more powerful, the calligraphy grows far more intricate, covering the True Ogre's body in a beautiful Sakuran description of his life exploits.


Stage 1: Acceptance

True Ogres accepting their curse fully acknowledge the demons inside them, transforming into monsters. An Oni's horns grow from mere nubs to full goring instruments, while a Kiyo's nails lengthen to talons; both types find their teeth enlarge to full-blown tusks within enlarged maws. This provides the True Ogre with wicked natural weapons. Accepting the curse also brings increased sensitivity to cold iron, causing such weapons to inflict grievous, burning wounds.

Effect: The True Ogre can use its bite, claws (for Kiyo), and horns (for Oni) as natural weapons, dealing Strength+d6 damage. The True Ogre now suffers double damage from attacks by weapons made from cold iron.

Stage 2: Acceptance

As the True Ogre grows in power, the aura of unnaturalness increases in power. All who view the Accursed in its full glory run in terror, or cow to its horrific majesty. However, the True Ogre finds it even harder to integrate with a world that is forever in terror of him.

Effect: The True Ogre gains the fear monstrous ability. The Accursed cannot control this ability, however. Any creatures or NPCs who cross his path must make Fear checks. Even if they succeed, they are still affected by the True Ogre's Unnatural special ability. Like other monsters, NPCs over time may become jaded to the True Ogre, and some veteran NPCs may be already jaded to their allies. The other characters in the True Ogre's circle are assumed to already be jaded to the character. Demons, True Ogres, and other banes from the Ogress' Witchline are immune to this power.

Final Stage: Acceptance

Once a True Ogre has fully accepted his curse, his power explodes. At this point, the True Ogre fully becomes a demon, both in body and mind, and cannot resist their cruel natures any longer. They delight and actually feed off of suffering, and cannot hide their gluttony for pain and pleasure. Furthermore, their true form causes terror unlike much else in the world, for good or ill.

A True Ogre's dimorphism shows itself the greatest once a True Ogre has truly accepted his or her fate:

Oni grow immense, gaining another foot or two in height and increasing their mass exponentially. Their strength further increases with their size, as their muscles literally bulge from their bones.

Kiyo mutate much differently. While their looks do change as well, becoming far exaggerated with oft-emaciated limbs, spindly fingers tipped with cruel claws, and oversized maws, they do not increase in physical strength or height; instead, it is their magical ability that explodes in volumes.

Effect: An Oni gains +1 Size and Strength increases by one step. A Kiyo's Spellcasting trait increases by one die type (Kiyo without the Spellcasting skill gain it at d4), and they gain a new power of their choice, not limited to those from the Witchcraft arcane background. This additional power does not count towards the once per rank limitation for the Ji'Go'Ku's Gift Edge, although a GM should disallow Alchemical powers, as well as restorative powers such as healing and succor. A True Ogre's Strength or Spellcasting trait maximum increases to d12+2, or d12+4 with the appropriate Edges. Both types gain the Bloodthirsty hindrance, and creatures and NPCs suffer a 2 penalty to resist the True Ogre's fear ability.

Stage 1: Defiance

The True Ogre who fights his demonic heritage find his curse lessened, allowing others to feel more at ease around him. Furthermore, cold iron's purity hurts less. However, some of his horrible strength fades as he rejects the curse.

Effect: A True Ogre's Strength is reduced by one die type, to a minimum of d4. The True Ogre's Unnatural trait reduces its penalty to 1, and his Weakness reduces its bonus damage from +4 to +2.

Stage 2: Defiance

As the True Ogre continues to struggle against his Witchmark, his body changes. His great height decreases, until he is on height with a Golem or other large humans. His demonic features begin to recede, and his skin tones become more natural. Not only does allow the True Ogre to integrate better with normal humans, his fortunes about him improve, and he can handle cold iron's purity once more.

Effect: The True Ogre's size reduces to +0, and he no longer suffers from Weakness (Cold Iron). The True Ogre receives +1 Benny at the start of each game.

Final Stage: Defiance

The last stage sees the True Ogre casing off the last vestiges of his curse. His demonic features and taint disappear almost completely, until he looks like a normal human once again. While he looses his resistances, he retains some of his true self's strength - Oni remain physically robust, and Kiyo keep their magical prowess. Furthermore, he gains an internal level of purity, his soul blazing from throwing off the corruption. This perfection strengthens the True Ogre against the impure Witches, becoming both arms and armor against their evil.

Effect: The True Ogre becomes fully human in appearance and soul. He loses the Demon and Unnatural traits, but retains his True Nature. In addition, the True Ogre gains the effects of the Champion edge when fighting the Witches and their creations, including other non-Defiant Accursed. This trait does not affect other supernatural evil, however, such as Unseelie Fey or non-Witchline monsters.

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The Witch: The Ogress
The Ogress
Perhaps the greatest terror known to the normally peaceful Sakurans, the Witch known as the Ogress has existed in the Shogunate for countless centuries. Also known as Amanozako Hime, according to Sakuran legend, the Ogress is a demon goddess born of fury and rage, and is the enemy of Heaven itself. Much like Baba Yaga, Amanozako took the essence of a Sakuran myth, corrupting its meaning into something as hideous as her true form. Some say that Amanozako is as old as the Land of Sakura itself, although true historians record her appearance in the Shogunate only as far back as a few hundred years.

Much like her creations, the Ogress' appearance is bestial and horrible in equal measure, representative of her true nature. Amanozako appears as a terrible demoness, head and shoulders taller than the tallest man, with an incredibly long nose, dangling pointed ears, sharp teeth, and ogre-like tusks so strong they can chew metal blades ragged. Her kimono strains to hold her powerful figure, which is strong enough to toss even a hunger troll aside with ease. The Witches know that Amanozako is physically the most powerful, a fact in which she revels.

Crude and contrary to a point, the Ogress goes against the crowd, acting in a manner exactly opposite of what is societally expected. Such niceties as charm and etiquette bore her to no end, and she prefers to give in to immoral and blunt impulses. Never fearful of speaking her mind, even among the Coven, Amanozako displays a haughty, stubborn streak as strong as her body. She overconfidently rushes headlong into battle and oft forgets well-laid plans of her allies or even herself. Rumors have it that once the Ogress challenged the Crone directly for leadership of the Grand Coven. It was said that their battle lasted weeks and caused untold destruction. To this day, the other Witches despise the Ogress, and only in the rarest circumstances does another Witch aid her plots.

The Ogress' most well-known facet is her volatile temper. Able to flare without a moment's notice, those who court her favor do so carefully, lest her bare hands or terrible teeth rip them apart. When things do not go exactly the way the Ogress desires, she flies into a terrible rage, destroying anyone and anything within her grasp. While her anger is terrifying, Sakuran generals have used it in their favor, causing her to fly into a rage and abandon all her caution and reasoning. In truth, the only reason she has yet to truly conquer the Shogunate is that her own anger ruins even her best plans.

Even more than the Blood Witch, Amanozako delights in the temptation, or more accurately, corruption of the mortal soul; especially the pious. When she is not wantonly destroying everything around her or succumbing to her base desires, she seeks to possess the hearts of the pure, changing them into, as she sees it, their truest forms. Her demons often appear as either pitiful and helpless or rich and powerful. They offer to whomever listens their heart's desires, for the simple price of their souls. Those who accept are slowly twisted into deeper acts of depravity, until their blackened hearts can go no further. At this point, many transform into terrible yokai (demons) themselves, their base natures consuming them mind, body, and soul. Those who spurn her offers are often slain outright in a fit of rage.

In keeping with her nature, emotions already present within the victims fuel the temptations. The clever and proud turn haughty and overconfident, while the jealous become murderous in their pursuits. One of her eldest servants, the dragon Kiyohime, is perhaps the greatest example. Tales recount that Kiyohime was once a beautiful and pure daughter of an innkeeper. One guest at the inn, a priest, caught her eye, and the two fell madly in love. However, the priest eventually turned on her, going back to his pious and virtuous self. In a fit of rage, Kiyohime called for vengeance and lured the priest to a lake. Amanozako answered her vengeful wish and transformed the girl into a terrible dragon, chasing the priest and burning him alive as he hid inside a golden bell. Since then, Kiyohime has faithfully served Amanozako, a testament to how even the most pure have a small demon within them.

Amanozako's end game is the corruption of every person's heart, and eventually the entire land of Sakura. Seeing the Shogunate as mocking her, a land so pure it cannot be corrupted, Amanozako would love to see the nation burned to the last tree, and all its citizens revel in their true selves. The Ogress reluctantly joined the Grand Coven against Morden and only after being promised help in conquering those Sakurans she could not corrupt herself. When it was clear that the Grand Coven was failing, she fled to the Shogunate, abandoning both her sisters and those Sakurans and demons who came with her. Her obsession with the Shogunate overrules all other sense of reason, and, unknown to her, she is being bound to the land she hates so much.

Most recently, her gaze turned to the peasant champion, Meito. In the young girl she sees the greatest challenge of her life. Here stands a child so pure the land itself moves to protect her, and all who listen to her words love her. No one is without temptation, however, and the Ogress believes if she can corrupt the peasant, she can control the minds of the rebellion. After that, the Jade Empire is certain to crumble into dust.

Style of Magic
The Ogress' magic is much like her: a blunt instrument of pure fury and destruction. Her magic reflects her inherent raw physical power. She can summon raging hellfires that never cease burning or cause the earth to shake and split under her powerful gait. Trees wither under her touch, and the skies darken into noxious clouds of soot. Even without her spells, her raw strength makes her a terror. During one notable encounter, she was seen tossing a fully armored knight a thousand yards away with a mere backhand. Among the Witches, only the Crone can match her for the raw capacity for wanton destruction and devastation.

The Ogress is not without wit and spiritual prowess. Much like the Blood Witch, she gazes into her victims' hearts and twists them to her own desires. Unlike Sanguinara, however, her powers do not enhance or sculpt the minds of her toys, but rather escalate their baser desires. Much more a blunt instrument than a finely tuned tool, her corruption brings out the worst in people: those inner voices most choose to ignore. Victims who give into her temptation are transformed into bestial forms, becoming the demonic banes under her command. Her gifts are the ultimate black carrot: one that grants victims their wishes but forever dooms them to hell thereafter.

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