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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Day 3
The day dawns cold and damp. A feeble light comes in through the inn's windows, where outside a foggy mist clings to the buildings and trees of Red Larch.

Inside the common room, Kaylessa sips tea from a porcelain cup and speaks quietly with another traveler, dressed in the robes of a traveling priest.

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Asano Breathkill
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Day 3
Asano trudges down the stairs, blearily rubbing his eyes. As he hits the ground floor, he stretches with a nearly silent yawn, his muscles complaining of the previous day's exertions. He takes a seat at a table near, but not too near, Mistress Kaylessa and her visitor and patiently waits for them to naturally conclude their current subject before he inquires as to the state of the day's breakfast.

Not necessarily trying to overhear their conversation, but if some amount of information was uttered just loud enough for my keen half-elven ears to decipher, hey, not my fault they are carrying on a private conversation in a public setting.

Perception- 8

Annnnd, I hear the blood rushing in my head.