Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard.   Posted by DM.Group: 0
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Wed 30 Aug 2017
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Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard
The day dawns clear and bright, though the group who had returned from defeating Larrakh the previous night were not awake to see it. The air from the open windows of their rooms finally roused them about half an hour before midday, and they began preparations for departing the town of Red Larch, at least temporarily.

I've marked a green line on the Dessarin Valley map marking out the direct-line route from Red Larch to Beliard, or you can stay on the Larch Path, or go some other way.

Go ahead and post anything that you want to (try to) do in town before leaving and we'll keep moving things along!

<Rubbing hands together - we're getting to the good stuff ;)>

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Fri 1 Sep 2017
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Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard
Dweeble's tiny mouth opened into a wide yawn as the day greeted her in its careful way of tickling her skin with the lightest of breezes.  Her hands stretched out over her head and bent back down to scratch her leather-wrapped shoulders.  The ever-prepared little hin had naturally worn her armor to bed as she always did.  Her eye were crusted with sleep but they opened enough to check the small horde of gear, 'treasures', and clinking coins she'd accumulated.  She saw it was there and her lips curled into a happy grin.

She stretched again and threw off her familiar bedroll.  She sat up in the mattress that had simply been the perfect place to roll out her bedroll and stared at the horde once more.  The fingers of her left hand curled and shook anxiously and reached out towards the pile of stuff.  "Mine.  Dwee-."  Her words cut off as the mildly heavy pouch of coins flew towards her.  What should have terrified her instead simply seemed so right.  She could see the outline of a hand carrying those coins towards her but she knew that hand was somehow hers.  She smirked as the coins were deposited into her lap and clinked them noisily with the spectral grip she'd manifested.  Dweeble you genius, you! she thought to herself as she got up and got ready to meet the others.

The hand slid into a pouch at her waist and procured a ball bearing.  She found the motions easy now, her fingers barely needing to slide along to mimic the motions.  With the ball bearing floating along beside her, she knocked on the doors of her companions' rooms.  Whether they were awake, asleep, or already gone she'd make sure those inside were at least aware it was time to go.  There were shinies waiting to be discovered and Dweeble had a set of shiny-snatchers to grab them with!

I don't think Dweeble needs anything right now.  There are a few items she could have shopped around for but I'll worry about that in the future.  Don't see a reason she'd try to do business in Red Larch!
Morg Danforge
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Fri 1 Sep 2017
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Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard
Morg makes sure he doesn't forget anything in his room, orders some food, and over lunch asks Bram [Language unknown:  "Ad nde intthooerave m llin erecul mo ishe th ted liaipr ngwi-elin aingprac venounove strwi "Hasratkor tr Alcaos"? Li trfo reastrnde m ioulpr p aista strsanwas thstle on Thehatame?"]

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Sat 2 Sep 2017
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Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard
Jak woke up with a large yawn that made his jaws creak. He gave a big stretch and then pulled himself out of bed to perform a series of stretches to limber up and get ready for the day. He then cleaned himself up and went to see about finding some breakfast.

After a quick breakfast he went out in to the town and went to see if he could find someone who would sell him a chain shirt and buy the hide armor off of him. He wanted to be a little better equipped if he could for their journey. And maybe a shortbow or a light crossbow as well to give him a bit more range (and for when he was out of spells).
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Sat 2 Sep 2017
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Day 5.2 - Off to Beliard
A heavy set man Jak recognizes as one of the butchers approaches him as he leaves the inn. "I'm to escort you out of town before noon," he says brusquely, glancing up at the sun nearly directly above his head. "Is it just you for now, or are the rest of you coming? Harburk said to expect six of ya."