Day 7 - Return to Sacred Stone Monastery...?   Posted by DM.Group: 0
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Sat 3 Mar 2018
at 14:12
Day 7 - Return to Sacred Stone Monastery...?
The day dawns cloudy and windy, as the furious gusts from the north seem only to intensify as the sun rises. An occasional sighting of snow flurries darkens the air further as the group rouses from their fitful slumber.

As per usual, Zora can choose new spells if she likes, and everyone should now be sporting the full benefits of a long rest.

Interaction is welcome as always of course but then... what next? You're still camped a little way away from the Sacred Stone Monastery on The Dessarin Valley map.

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Zora Jilkina
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 15:31
Day 7 - Return to Sacred Stone Monastery...?
With one of the monk's robes and masks over her armor, she was ready to return to the monastery. When in sight of the place, she suggested they all hide and scout the place out, looking for another way in. The front door was unlikely to be open to them now.

She also looked the place over for new patrols, signs of reinforcements, or fortification since the last night.

09:30, Today: Zora Jilkina rolled 21 using 1d20+3 with rolls of 18.  Perception, look for another way in, fortifications, reinforcements etc.

I'm good with my spell load out from last long rest. Just need more slots!