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Day 1
A steamy haze hangs over the entirety of the Dessarin Valley, like gossamer wisps from a translucent shawl. The air is unusually humid for mid-autumn, and the heat more reminiscent of midsummer.

No wind stirs the leafy branches of the High Forest in the east, as elves roam beneath the strong boughs of the trees and wonder at the weather. A heavy pall also hangs over the Dessarin Hills in the north, as barbarians wipe sweat from their brows, stooping over preparations to cook the dayís hunt. Perhaps there are those who wonder at the heat in dark Kryptgarden forest in the west, though none can say if anyone still roams the paths of that lonely wood.

Travelers pass each other on the Long Road, each pausing to rest for a time when the need and opportunity arises - the shade beneath a solitary tree, a tall rock, or a stopped wagon is duly appreciated.

Red Larch is a town on the Long Road, a few daysí travel north of Waterdeep and a few daysí travel south of Triboar. Itís a way stop for caravans coming to or from the cities of the North, with an inn named the Swinging Sword, a tavern called the Helm at Highsun, and many craftspeople who cater to travelers.

The streets of the town are not stocked with people, but neither are they empty. Travelers and townsfolk alike browse the goods and services available, seeking any respite from the relentless heat. A ring of wagons on the outskirts of town encircles a small horde of shoppers, haggling over all manner of in-season produce from outlying farms.

On the main road, the Swinging Sword is also abuzz with activity. A faint breeze kicks up in the dining room on occasion, as servers and helpers rush in and out of doors preparing the eveningís meal from a makeshift kitchen in the yard. The proceedings are overseen by a sturdy woman of perhaps forty-odd years, wearing a stained apron. Despite her firm directions to her charges, she bears a pleasant smile to patrons. She pauses to glance around and take in the occupants of the dining room.

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Mayon Graycross
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
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Day 1
One such occupant sits quietly at a table, watching the general madness with wide, pale gray eyes, occasionally brushing his dust-brown hair aside from to see through it better. A cup of water rests on the table in front of him, partially empty and not nearly as cool as when he'd purchased it. But it's wet, and it won't cloud his head.

Mayon had arrived at the town late last night and managed to get a room here, but his plans of exploring had been pretty much ruined by the heat. He really did hate hot weather.

Sighing softly, deciding to go out when the evening cools the air a bit, the young half-elf takes another sip of his drink. Shame the day had wound up wasted, but he'd rather delay his travels by a few hours than by days of illness and heatstroke.

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Verthel Go'Van
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Thu 13 Oct 2016
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Day 1
Most instinctively avoided the black-skinned elf in the corner, who was quietly nursing a glass of wine. He was clad in chainmail and had a mace resting at his side, giving a warning to any who might approach that he was not to be trifled with. He also, on close inspection, also had a symbol of Auril on a silver box around his neck, marking him as one of her clerics.

He was uncomfortable in the heat and humidity, but was glad to be off the road. It had been some time since he ate anything he hadn't hunted or gathered himself, and longer still since he had slept in a bed. He was looking forward to both comforts, assuming no one tried to start any trouble with him.
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Fri 14 Oct 2016
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Day 1
"...the snow, but at least you can cover up from the cold." Morg says as he enters the Swinging Sword's dining room.

The sweating dwarf looks around to see if there's ale being served, and smiling at what he sees, walks away from his two travelling companions towards a woman wearing an apron and looking to be in charge. "Good evening. Do you have any available dormitory hall beds, what's the cost to stay overnight, and do you offer backpack storage?" he says, pointing to his heavy laden back.
Asano Breathkill
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Fri 14 Oct 2016
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Day 1
Asano had arrived in Red Larch riding with one of the local farmers. He immediately noticed that while the man had a heavy load of produce, he had no one to help him set up and display his goods. Asano easily fell into the role, immediately setting to diplaying the farmer's produce to the best of his ability's. He did his best to direct queries and potential customers to the farmer himself, but Asano was glad to as much of the heavy lifting as he could. As the heat of the day began thinning the crowd, Asano felt duty calling to him.
"Master Garron, thank you for the ride," he began, "I need to head into Red Larch for a time, but will be glad to return and help repack the wagon, if you are leaving again tonight." He clasped the olde man's forearm, slipped a gold coin into the man's wagon, and made his way to Red Larch proper. He entered the Swinging Sword on the heels ofa small, but well armed, party of three adventurers. Taking a seat at the bar, he waited his turn and ordered a local brew, his green eyes scanning the tavern's occupants briefly.
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Re: Day 1
Morg Danforge:
"...the snow, but at least you can cover up from the cold." Morg says as he enters the Swinging Sword's dining room.

A tall half-elf garbed in a dusty travel cloak entered the inn just behind the dwarf.  He removed the wide-brimmed straw hat that had been shading his sunburnt, bespectacled face and replied, "I welcome summer to stay as long as it likes.  Once the snow falls my toes stay frozen straight through to spring.  Quite disagreeable."  He dropped the hat onto the dwarf's ruddy-haired head and added with a chuckle, "You missed your chance back in Daggerford to procure one of these hats.  Keeps the sun off nicely and looks dapper besides, doesn't it, Jak?"

The fellow peered curiously around the common room, taking in the space and its occupants.  His brows raised and mouth opened slightly in surprise at the sight of the drow elf sat in the corner, an Aurilite no less.  Fascinating.  Without conferring with his travel companions he approached the dark elf with a nervous, but hopefully unthreatening demeanor.  He gave a slight bow and introduced himself in Elvish, [Language unknown:  "Stieenestyin, ni reapo.  Noactr vor nteereres, Ai nirat ilcon o roictr.  Nti Hi Iveortare, icheennti ons atilllneev.  Pl er erndhasa o ckinmase ac all, m ceerte werthomen?"]
Kaylessa Irkell
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Fri 14 Oct 2016
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Re: Day 1
Morg Danforge:
"Good evening. Do you have any available dormitory hall beds, what's the cost to stay overnight, and do you offer backpack storage?"

"Well, bowl me for a basket of boars, you all come in at once and ask all your questions at once too! Welcome to the Swinging Sword," the woman says with a delighted smile, taking in all of the newcomers. "I am Kaylessa Irkell, the proprietor of this fine inn." She pauses to direct one of her charges to the corner table, where a new arrival has approached a drow nursing his wine.

Her attention then returns to the dwarf in front of her. "We do indeed have dormitories on the top floor, up to six to a room, for 1 silver piece per night. But our nicer rooms are on the cooler floors. The private rooms are smaller but much more pleasant, each with their own garderobe. Those are only 8 silver a night. Much better to rest your pile of bones in those chambers."

She glances at the dwarf's backpack. "No backpack storage especially, but we haven't had much trouble with thieves and the like. Though I suppose you never know these days." Her brows furrowed. "If you're like to leave your valuables lying around you might want the private guest room."