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I'll use this thread to post stats for classes
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Ancient spirits of the wilderness guide an order guardian
to protect it, unleashing it when the need arises.

Nature Mastery d10, Shapeshifting d8

SFX: Bestial Form. When making an attack action
containing a Shapeshifting asset, step up physical stress

SFX: Nature’s Wrath. Add a d6 and step up effect die
when inflicting a nature-based complication.

Limit: Unpredictability of Nature. Convert a Druid power
to a complication to gain a PP. Remove complication to
recover power.

Suggested Advancements:
»» Suggested Traits: Durability, Elemental Blast,
Flight, Mimic, Nature Control, Senses,
»» SFX: Charm Animal. If you stress out an animal of
natural origin in a conflict, you may add it as an asset
(using their Level die) for the next scene.
»» SFX: Plant Control. When using Nature Control
to create assets, add a d6 and step up your effect die.
»» SFX: Natural Perfection. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress,
trauma, or complications from fatigue, poison, aging,
or disease.
»» SFX: Nature’s Ally. When including an animal resource
in your dice pool, you may split that resource
into two stepped back dice and keep an extra effect
»» SFX: Bestial Regeneration. When including
Shapeshifting in a pool, you may spend a PP to
use an effect die to recover physical stress.

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Nearly every civilization in the realm has trained soldiers,
guards, and knights, ready to protect and serve the
common man with only the force of arms.

Weapon d10, Enhanced Durability d8

SFX: Defender. Spend a PP to take physical stress intended
for a nearby ally.

SFX: Peerless Parry. On successful reaction against a
melee attack using a Weapon, inflict physical stress equal
to your effect die. Spend a PP to do this even if reaction

Limit: Gear. Shutdown Weapon or Enhanced
Durability to gain a PP. Recover by taking an action
against the doom pool.

»» Suggested Traits: Weapon, Enhanced Durability,
»» SFX: Tank. On a reaction using Enhanced
Durability, double Enhanced Durability die.
Remove highest rolling die and add three dice to
»» SFX: Sword & Board. When taking stress using
Defender SFX while wielding a sword and shield,
step down the effect die for stress, and then create a
stunt of equal size.
»» SFX: Two-Handed Style. While wielding a two-handed
weapon, split Weapon die into two stepped down
dice. Keep an extra effect die.
»» SFX: Polearm Mastery. If using a polearm Weapon
in a pool to inflict physical stress on an opponent,
double it for an action, then add second-highest rolling
die from that action to the doom pool.
»» SFX: Tactical Genius. Spend a PP to borrow the highest
die from the doom pool when creating tactical
assets. After rolling, return the die to the doom pool
and step it down.

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Thieves, scoundrels, and burglars are found in any city,
considered a scourge by some and valuable partners by

Enhanced Senses d8, Weapon d8

SFX: Sneak Attack. Step up any stunt created on
opportunity, or step up physical stress against an
opponent you’re taking an attack action against by
activating an opportunity in his reaction pool.

SFX: Trap Sense. Step back any stress or complication
inflicted by a trap during an Exploration Scene.

Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any Rogue power to gain a
PP. Recover during the next Exploration or Social Scene.

»» Suggested Traits: Weapon, Senses, Durability,
Reflexes, Invisibility
»» SFX: Uncanny Dodge. On a successful reaction
against a physical attack action, convert your opponent’s
effect die into a Rogue stunt or step up a Rogue
power until used in an action. If your opponent’s
action succeeds, spend 1 PP to use this SFX.
»» SFX: Improved Evasion. Spend 1 PP to ignore physical
stress caused by an attack affecting multiple
»» SFX: Poisoned Blade. When inflicting a Poisoned
complication on a target, add a d6 and step up complication.
Whenever that target acts, you may spend
a PP to step that complication up.
»» SFX: Slippery Mind. Before you take an action including
a Rogue power, you may move your mental
stress die to the doom pool and step up a Rogue
power for this action.
»» SFX: Hide in Plain Sight. When using an stealthbased
asset in your reaction pool, you may spend a
PP to reroll your reaction, stepping up or doubling
the asset for that reroll.