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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 06:35
Player Polls
Which would everyone prefer as a mechanic for losing tech and gaining tech:

1) One based around having X number of factories for various products (including specific tech, i.e. Large Lasers and ER Large Lasers would require 2 factories)

2) One based around the A-B-C-D-F-X mechanic where certain circumstances would/could force rolls to advance or decline you base production level.  (I.E. You start out at level C tech {Access to LosTech} and certain events force a roll to see if you drop down to tech level B {basic Tech})

Those are the two options I see.  Having a mechanic where Tech is lost or gained at fixed points in time just seems artificial and forced, not to mention railroading all the players.  Plus the further the game gets from the start, the more the chance of a 'disconnect' situation happening.

I will be opening up a discussion thread for Player Polls if anyone has any questions they can post them there or PM me them and I will answer publically.  If someone wants to make their vote private, feel free to do so.  I will endeavor to keep it that way (though it might come out in a scenario like it being the deciding vote).
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 14:36
Player Polls
Option 2