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 GM, 2 posts
Tue 5 Apr 2016
at 04:15
Really, I want to play more than I want to GM.  Specifically play Free Worlds League.

As for sides/players we'll have:

1) GM & ComStar  At some point in the game this could/might/will evolve into one or two actual player factions (ComStar & the Word of Blake).  Separate Thread for this

2) Federated Suns / Davion

3) Free Worlds League / Marik

4) Lyran Commonwealth / Steiner

5) Draconis Combine / Kurita

6) Capellan Confederation / Liao

Possible other factions with enough players (otherwise will be GM factions)

7) Magistracy of Canopus

8) Outworlds Alliance

9) Taurian Concordat

With enough players/interest we could even have a separate Clan game going on.

The Starting Clans would be:

Clan Blood Spirit
Clan Burrock
Clan Cloud Cobra
Clan Coyote
Clan Sea Fox
Clan Fire Mandrill
Clan Ghost Bear
Clan Goliath Scorpion
Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Ice Hellion
Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Nova Cat
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Clan Snow Raven
Clan Star Adder
Clan Steel Viper
Clan Wolverine
Clan Wolf

If we do a Clan game we will have to modify a LOT of the rules.
 GM, 17 posts
Thu 7 Apr 2016
at 14:47
Really hoping someone else wants to GM.  PLEASE?


FWL/Marik is my number one choice just because of a tactic set I want to try.

After than, I don't care much.
 player, 3 posts
Thu 7 Apr 2016
at 22:22
Assuming we are going to stick to Inner Sphere factions for now I will throw my hat in for the Magistracy of Canopus, which will end up a significantly more important faction under my leadership than it appears in the cannon material.
 player, 8 posts
Thu 7 Apr 2016
at 22:24
House Steiner
Capellan Confederation
Taurian Concordant
 player, 1 post
Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 02:14
In reply to bblaney (msg # 4):

When we do this, count me in for House Davion. To and true.
 player, 3 posts
Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 02:21
My preferences are Davion, followed by Steiner, followed by Marik.  But if all those are taken I will gladly do one of the periphery states.
 player, 2 posts
Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 03:06
Capellans, Combine, Concordat
 player, 1 post
Sun 10 Apr 2016
at 15:17
I would like to play the OWA .. Nothing to BIG at this time
 player, 15 posts
Tue 19 Apr 2016
at 17:28
Well I am going to say this now, who wants to team up with myself, as I think I will get House Steiner.

Allying will be critical in the protection of your realm, ally with the heaviest force in the Inner Sphere.
 player, 13 posts
Tue 19 Apr 2016
at 17:34
Part of the core principals of the Magistracy of Canopus is to accept alliances in both trade and non conflicting mutual defense categories from anyone who can be trusted to maintain them so I will start alliances with anyone once.