Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core.   Posted by PFarland.Group: 0
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Tue 5 Apr 2016
at 04:37
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
We need to come up with some way to Lose tech, gain it, and come up with a way for the Helm Core to "show up".

For the Helm Core, I would suggest after X number of years of losing the Star League tech, every turn the GM rolls a 2D6.  On a 2, the GM re-rolls and on a second 2 the Helm Core is found.
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Fri 8 Apr 2016
at 07:41
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
I forget off-hand what the level of Royal mechs were in the Star League army, but I suggest that number be used for the percentage left behind as well.  Also some way of being able to use that tech for produced units, but making sure it's 'cost' is known.  The real cost of producing a unit doesn't come across correctly in ISaW.
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Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 05:24
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
Ok, so please bear with me, I'm working on minimal sleep and my brain is acting like a maglev with faulty controls (fast and shaky).

The questions:

How to deal with losing tech in 1st and 2nd SW.
The benefit (other than new combat commands) of upgrading worlds vs. just investing the money.
A way to get 'real world' type benefits from reducing the types of equipment needed (like just using LRM-10s vs LRM-5, 10, 15, & 20s)
A few other things than I can't remember off-hand, but they were there.

On to the answer:

Each Factory (remember a major industrial world 3-7 factories, minor industrial worlds have one to two factories, Hyper Industrial worlds 8-15 factories) supplies one type of 'part'.

That's the answer.  Of course we have a lot of depth to cover in this answer, but that is the long and short of it.  What constitutes a part is still up in the air for me but I'll run it down:
Each mech (or other unit), with X number of variants.
Weapons, each one having it's own needed factory line.  (One factory to cover LRM-20s, another to cover LRM-15s, etc)
Frames and Internal Structure (maybe broken down into weight classes).

You can re-tool a factory line for a cost (I'm thinking 20 RP).  If you want Warships, you'll need a Hyper Industrial World.  Things like infantry, ICE engines, and ammo don't need a factory line (but BA would).  Of course, having a Military AND an Economic treaty would enable you to (at the owner's discretion) have access to their factory lines.

Now another different optional rule (unrelated) could be for people that want to use their own designs, you have to pay 4 RP per month for 6 months and then make a roll.  On 9+ you have design done on your unit, if you fail, you have to pay 4 RP again next month and roll again.
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 13:56
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
What about improving upon older tech to better than Star League tech? We don't necessarily have to go in reverse either and destroy our tech base as bad as the Inner Sphere did in canon.
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 14:34
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
In reply to bblaney (msg # 4):

That would be possible, but would require the IS (thus the other players) to not make the same mistakes as the original Houses did.
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 14:43
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
And it would probably result in a tech level progression similar to the Clans, maybe with a dash of IS thrown in.
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Mon 18 Apr 2016
at 22:00
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
In reply to PFarland (msg # 6):

As with the other thread, I love the idea of adding in research to the game.. not just to gain tech that you dont have that others do have, but of adding in brand new things to the game. That last part I think should be more at the GMs discretion, of course.

I would suggest some sort of radial tech-tree (akin to what you see in Civilization Beyond Earth) to help guide things, but free-form researching could also be interesting, if we can find some way to deal with escalating costs?
 GM, 55 posts
Tue 19 Apr 2016
at 15:42
Lostech, Research, and the Helm Memory Core
I shall look into it.