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Tue 5 Apr 2016
at 04:44
Coming up with the units will be interesting.  I know that 3/4 of the SL leaves with Kerensky.

The rest of the forces would be House forces.  Without getting insane and adding in all the mechs, we really need to limit them.

We can pick which mechs each side uses.  Or  We can make our own.

Picking them is going to be easier, but making our own has some challenges with adding additional rules it also has some really interesting things to add.

Creating "supply light" mechs to reduce supply issues.

Either going "cheap" on mechs and equipment or going "expensive".  Right now the rules just give you new mechs.
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Mon 11 Apr 2016
at 16:44
So, I'm narrowing down the Star League remnant forces.  Are people more in favor of more traditional BTech forces (mostly just everything lumped together) or more military units where similar units are grouped together?

Both have their appeal.  The 'lumped' option does make it look like an army on the comeback from the biggest war in human history.  The 'military' option does give you more bonuses and has a much more military feel for it, PLUS you have the potential slide downhill as you have to fill losses with units unsuited for their purpose.

My vote id for the Military option.
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Tue 3 May 2016
at 02:20
Ok, first bit of unit info (strengths) from First Succession War

Realm’Mech Regiments* (2780 / 2784 / 2786)Active WarShips** (2780 / 2784 / 2786)
Star League Defense Force635 / 515 /— 414 / 414 / —
Capellan Confederation92 / 96 / 12192 / 119 / 153
Draconis Combine114 / 139 / 147100 / 150 / 194
Federated Suns116 / 139 / 143110 / 149 / 184
Free Worlds League95 / 106 / 119103 / 133 / 163
Lyran Commonwealth94 / 104 / 122130 / 180 / 216
*Approximate numbers, based on regimental strength averages of 120
BattleMechs, discounting supporting elements
**Figures do not include reserve vessels and other non-combat vessels

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