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Wed 13 Apr 2016
at 07:25
Pitch Your Vignette
Advertise your Vignette idea here to recruit players and/or a GM!

Players should not respond here, they should respond in Cheers (OOC) so that this is JUST the list of sales pitches. Sort of like the Player's Wanted thread, but instead of linking to an RPOL game just ask them to mention in Cheers that they are interested in doing the Vignette XYZ. Maybe then they post a character concept. Once you have 1 or 2 players interested and a GM willing to run it, we'll set up a channel(s) for that vignette and give those people access to it.

Pitch format can vary, you could use the RTJ format I posted the sample for, or you can do it however you think fits your vignette the best, but just make ONE post per vignette please. If you want to discuss the Vignette in group 0 and let anyone talk about it, we can make a group 0 thread for that specific vignette.
Leroy Frankenstein
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Fri 15 Apr 2016
at 06:12
Pitch Your Vignette
VIGNETTE NAME: Super Dimensional Fortress Tunguska
GENRE: Space Opera mixed with Screwball Comedy
MOOD: very tongue in cheek
SETTING: Siberia in an alternate history, maybe around 2012. The derelict alien spacecraft (from Macross and Robotech) crashed on Earth, but instead of landing in the south pacific and ushering in an era of multi-national cooperation, it landed in Siberia in 1908. With the Russians entirely in control of this advanced technology, the Soviets easily won the Cold War and became the dominate culture of early 21st Century Earth. The Eastern Block Soviet Independant States (an expanded USSR) rebuilt the alien spaceship and used it as the flagship of a new red space fleet. The Red Starfleet includes advanced transforming fighter models named after Russian folklore figures or gods and goddesses, although Western knock-offs made with stolen technology also exist.
THEME: anime-inspired mecha action
HERO(ES): mecha pilots and maybe a cybernetic bear
VILLAINS: invading aliens (probably capitalists)
SUPPORTING CAST: commander officers, military support personnel
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: The long anticipated arrival of hostile aliens to Earth finally happens.
OTHER STORY REQUIREMENTS: strong tolerance for silly fake Russian accents, offensive humor, and an abundance of "In Soviet E.B.S.I.S...." jokes.
RULES DESIRED: ideally Macross II RPG, but some other strong contenders would be either edition of Robotech RPG (a different flavor of Palladium Megaversal System); Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG (a.k.a. Tri-Stat Rules); D6 Space; and C.O.R.E. (Chupa Open Roleplay Engine) all come to mind. True20 or similar would be okay too.
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: giant mech combat rules if they don't already exist for selected system but nothing too crunchy like Mekton please.
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Sun 17 Apr 2016
at 04:30
NUMBER OF PLAYERS DESIRED: 1 (I will GM, 1 player will play in each instance, at start)
GENRE: Survival Horror
MOOD: Fear, Isolation, Horror, Hopelessness
SETTING: Earth, 2016
THEME: You've been in a coma and you wake up to find the hospital is empty except for a few slow moving "undead"... (zombies?, that's not possible, right?) You're alone. The Last.
HERO(ES): Just you or whatever role you choose to portray in this situation.
VILLAINS: Mostly environmental to start with.
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: Discovering what happened to everyone, finding other survivors.
OTHER STORY REQUIREMENTS: How far will you go to survive?
RULES DESIRED: D20 Modern or if a player has a pref that fits the theme...
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: Gritty realism, may need to add some crit rules, etc.
No magic, no psionics, no supernatural (other than the "undead"), no super powers.

Interested players will PM with this info:

BASIC CONCEPT (paragraph or less)
TRAITS: (abilities, skills, feats, etc, things they can do, briefly)
WHERE DO YOU "WAKE UP": (not every character has to have been in a coma / hospital,
but you have to have been "out of it" and not know how the zombies happened)

NO MAGIC. NO PSIONICS. NO CINEMATIC FEATS (nothing over the top unrealistic)

NO, YOU CANNOT BE RICK GRIMES. (unless, you know, you really really want to)
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Mon 18 Apr 2016
at 22:45
The Dead PCs Game
For maybe ten or twenty years now, I have been thinking about running a specific game. The timing was never right. Think of your favorite player-character who can no longer be roleplayed because she died in the game. You now revisit that character, playing her as a ghost. She meets with other dead PCs, and they explore the afterlives together. They experience many afterlives including Valhalla, Heaven, Hell, Riverland (from the sci-fi novel series), Big Rock Candy Mountain (where hobos go when they die), and others.

A full campaign might take quite a lot of time. That would depend on how long it takes the PCs to settle on an afterlife of their choosing. A full campaign would be divided into three acts. In the first and shortest act, the PCs are freshly risen ghosts (like in Beatlejuice) who have to haunt a house until they find the way out. In the second act, they are wandering spirits exploring one afterlife and then another. In the third act, they settle into a specific afterlife (or different specific afterlives each) and must work to establish a place for themselves. In the Vignette version, we'll only focus on an episode from the second act. The PCs will already know each other and have been working together for a time. Their exploration leads them to one specific new afterlife, the Elysian Fields for example.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS DESIRED: 2 (I would run this)
GENRE: Discovery
MOOD: Mystery, Hope, High Weirdness
SETTING: The Lands of the Dead
THEME: exploration
HERO(ES): Any character who you have previously played in a different game and has died in-game
VILLAINS: local monsters, stubborn gatekeepers
SUPPORTING CAST: possibly a boatman, various locals
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: Reaching the shore of a new afterlife, a short adventure there, deciding to stay or continue onward
OTHER STORY REQUIREMENTS: willingness to travel, decisiveness
RULES DESIRED: Wraith: the Oblivion fits best for the initial portion, and we could stick with that system through the game. Baring that, any system would do. I am thinking Palladium (using Beyond the Supernatural as a base), D6 Adventure, GURPS or CORE.
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: all PCs would be equally powerful regardless of how strong or weak they were during life

BASIC CONCEPT (paragraph or less):
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Tue 19 Apr 2016
at 00:17
Alien Fiction
Here is one in which I would definitely like to be a player.

If you think about it, monster training games and stories are hideous. The entire point is to hunt semi-intelligent creatures, abduct them, train them to fight each other for your amusement or bragging rights, and breed them as you (not them) see fit. The logical parody would be to reverse the scenario. The PCs are monsters who abduct humans. In the world of Alien Fiction, the aliens are supremely powerful and ancient entities who developed during the early days of the universe. They are the omniterrestrials. Humans from the many earths across the galaxies know these alien intelligences as gods, animal spirits, or simply as icons. Humans are critters to be collected, traded, or placed in strange tournaments wherein they compete their master's glory.

VIGNETTE NAME: Alien Fiction
LICENSE: Creative Commons No-Derivatives (without asking first) Non-Commercial License
GENRE: Sci-Fi Commedy
MOOD: humorous
SETTING: the endless universe
THEME: collecting, high weirdness, competition
HERO(ES): Omniterrestrials are alien creatures with the power and technology to do anything they want, and they compete against each other through the proxy of human champions. Each alien takes the title of a pagan god and appearance of an animal spirit, usually one of the animals of Chinese Zodiac. It helps if the personality matches the Chinese Zodiac sign also, but that is not required.
VILLAINS: none, the omniterrestrials know only each other as rivals
SUPPORTING CAST: humans from an endless variety of earths
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: a day in the life; omniterrestrials will each abduct a human, train or modify that human, and then send it into combat (or some humorous contest) against other abductees.
OTHER STORY REQUIREMENTS: nothing comes to mind
RULES DESIRED: We need something extremely flexible, capable of representing very inhuman PCs yet very streamlined. I came up with a CORE module for this campaign once, but I am open to suggestions. Otherwise, it might just work with using freeform rules for the aliens and their actions but some simple combat-contest system for the humans.
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: experience based entirely upon how much we make the GM laugh

BASIC CONCEPT (paragraph or less): The all-father, the boar, the wise man. That's how he describes himself, but the reality is that he's the universe's version of Charlie Brown. No matter how intelligent his strategies, he always gets one-upped by his peers. His expertise includes quantum physics, psychic powers, and genetic design. He hates magic.
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: The omniterrestrials may take on any form they like, but they have each settled on something ironically non-godly. Odin the Pig appears as a small green piglet in sunglasses.
CATCH PHRASE: "With great power comes great sarcasm."
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Sat 23 Apr 2016
at 02:38
Rise of the Steel Gods
The same guy who created the World of Villains game concept also created an amazing sci-fi game concept. He never went so far as to pick out a system, but the concept combined trans-humanism, nano-technology, existential dystopia, and giant robots punching kaiju monsters.

In the very distant future, a human civilization stretched across all known space and then crumbled. Due to a complex backstory, humans are boxed into a small nebula which is surrounded by the enemy. The enemy cannot enter the nebula directly but instead sends gigantic weapons built of bio-engineering and mechanical engineering combined. After a robotic defense failed, humans tried a cybernetic approach in which human soldiers were outfitted with weapons powerful enough to match those of the invading bio-weapons. As both sides escalated, the human resistance was forced to scale up its plans and transform its defenders into gigantic living weapon platforms. The psychological stress proved to be overwhelming and cyborgs turning on their own creators became commonplace, so the engineers created a system by which the weapons and abilities installed in the cyborgs were locked away until the soldiers reached appropriate stages of psychological stability. Each time a new weapon is needed, the soldier must focus on a memory which reminds him of what it means to be human to him -- and why he volunteered to become a steel god.

VIGNETTE NAME: Rise of the Steel Gods
RATING: M for mature
GENRE: Dark Science Fiction
MOOD: Personal and tense
SETTING: The last inhabited human colony worlds in all of space
VILLAINS: one or more bio-weapons of mass destruction (monsters) from space
SUPPORTING CAST: humans who support the Steel Gods both during the battle and during flashback scenes
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: three scenes which tell the arrival of a bio-weapon on the planet's surface and start of a battle, a flashback, and the resolution of the battle
OTHER RULES REQUIRED: Actually, we might do this through either freeform or else a familiar combat system but with everything scaled up. I'm cool with either.

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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 04:57
Beyond the Supernatural
Thinking back a few years, there was a game of Palladium Book's Beyond the Supernatural which I never got off the ground. We got as far as starting a thread on the Lazlo Society web forums, but I may have been the only one to post in it. The meta-game concept was that I wanted a story for all those characters who had gotten too high level. As a monster-fighting game based on horror movies, BtS strongly favors low level characters. I noticed that several characters had been retired to NPC status because they just got too powerful to work well with the younger and more challenged characters. Why not run a game specifically for the high level guys?

VIGNETTE NAME: The High Rollers
GENRE: supernatural horror
MOOD: heroic yet scary
SETTING: Based on the published adventure, A Window to Worlds. The agents come across the site of a military experiment gone wrong. The facility has been destroyed, and a stable rift between worlds has opened in the air where the lab used to stand. Gargoyles are coming through the portal. This vingette can start after the agents arrive on the scene thus cutting out the entire first act.
THEME: monster-bashing action
HERO(ES): Level 8 to 15 agents of the Lazlo Agency (a supernatural investigation organization, the good guys) or the Court of Tarot (a secret society, the not-as-good-guys) or affiliated with them. Human characters are strongly preferred, but psychics, mages, and legendary martial artists are par for the course. Established characters would be best of all.
VILLAINS: gargoyles are no joke. These huge creatures are considered minor demons due to their limited magic, but they are unnaturally strong, intelligent, rutheless, and fierce warriors. There are a lot of them.
SUPPORTING CAST: maybe some survivors in the form of military personnel or other human prisoners
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: Unless the rift is shut down, within hours the gargoyles will have gathered into an army that is capable of wreaking havok across the globe.
RULES DESIRED: Beyond the Supernatural, either 1st or 2nd edition. Now that I think about it, we could actually run this with Supernatural RPG (from Margaret Weiss Games), World of Darkness, GURPS, Trail of Cthulhu, or I guess True20.
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: horror and sanity

BASIC CONCEPT: adventuring journalist
CAREER: publisher of the After Midnight News Agency
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Older than his appearance in the Boxed Nightmares sourcebook but just as snide and arrogant as ever
TRAITS: minor latent psychic abilities, highly skilled, some martial arts training and weapon skills picked up here and there, his most impressive trait is the ability to call in help in the form of an investigational journalist with supernatural experience anywhere in the world and assign them to a specific case (not that useful in this scenario)
HISTORY: Raven was an official NPC in an early 90s sourcebook. He has gone on to become a successful writer of books about paranormal matters and owner of the famed (and hated) After Midnight News Agency.
PERSONALITY: Don't even ask; he's terrible
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 05:20
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
VIGNETTE NAME: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
GENRE: comedy
MOOD: goofiness
SETTING: television studio
THEME: making each other laugh
HERO(ES): roleplay as yourself, a fictional comedian, or an actual comedian from the show
OVERARCHING PLOT POINTS: one episode consisting of three or more games
OTHER STORY REQUIREMENTS: the GM will need to prepare specific games for us to play, such as Scenes from a Hat
RULES DESIRED: Points, but they don't matter
SPECIAL RULES DESIRED: I would rather be a player for this one