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Game Background and Notes
Egg System Description

The Egg System, named thus by an Imperial Scout over a millennia ago for reasons unknown, is a binary star system with a G2V primary and a distant M6V companion star, nearly eight light months distant.

The primary system (Giri) hosts a large asteroid belt, a pair of small, rocky inner planets (Bata and Moreth), and two gas giants (Tala and Jora) in the outer system. The secondary system (Spairemr) has two gas giants (Aronn, Uerer ) in the inner system, and two ice ball planets (Boerh, Luca) in the far outer system.

Egg has been settled for approximately seven hundred years, and currently has one million, eight hundred thousand residents; most of whom live in space habitats in Giri’s asteroid belt. It has been two hundred and fifty-three years since an Imperial destroyer squadron swept through the system, destroying the starport and several manufacturing facilities. Before they could complete their slaughter, a rival force appeared, drove off the attackers, and simply jumped out again.

The casualty count was relatively light; thirty-four thousand people out of a population of five hundred thousand had been killed in the attack. Although the starport had been obliterated, much of the local industries had survived. Egg’s local government had always maintained a state of quasi-independence from external suppliers, so the local industries were capable of supporting the populace’s technological needs.

Months, then years, then decades passed with no word from the Imperial government. The one thing Egg could not build was a jump drive, for they lacked certain critical elements and technology to produce them. There were a few traders in system after the battle, but they all jumped out before anyone thought to stop them. Since the last trader left, there has not been a starship in the Egg system.

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Game Background and Notes
The Traveller starmaps were accurate... 250 years ago. I'm postulating that it's taken a lot longer that TNE says before the events described therein start taking place. Oh, and up front, there is no Virus as described in TNE. No, nope, not going to do it. Note that I didn't say there weren't dangerous things out there...

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Game Background and Notes
Life in the Egg System

Although there are no habitable planets in the Egg system – and no living person has ever been on one – the habitats offer close to a kilometer of open space for each inhabitant. The habitats are generally paired cylinders 20 to 30km long and 5-8km in diameter. They slowly rotate to provide gravity for the residents. The interiors are open, with forests, streams and a variety of animals. The largest animals are deer, foxes, horses and cattle. There are many smaller animals (foxes, squirrels, dogs, cats), birds, fish and aquatic animals like dolphins and seals. [Player notes: There are no large land animals like elephants, or large predators like tigers or wolves. There are also no sharks or whales, or large marine animals. No one even knows what these creatures are, aside from literary references.]

The habitats offer a variety of environments; some cycle through seasons, while others do not. Some are colder, with snow in certain seasons, and there are some that are desert-like, all with the flora and fauna to match. Others are nearly completely covered in water, and small boats crisscross the lakes.  With over a thousand habitats to choose from, there is something to fit nearly everyone’s tastes.

Gravitics is a new science, having been developed a decade ago. Their use is restricted to facilities that cannot be spun for gravity, such as installations on moons. There is one new habitat under construction that will use grav plates, and a few transport ships have them in place of spun hab sections. The technology is too mass and power-intensive for spacecraft under 1000dt.

Egg’s government is a representative democracy, with a strong central government. The political climate is fairly benign, with no real radical groups. There are a half-dozen political parties in existence, but there are few fundamental differences among them. Personal freedom is valued, but there is also a strong ethic to respect others, as one might expect from a society living in artificial environments. A mistake or rash act could have disastrous consequences, so one must follow rules for everyone’s safety.

Personal choices, such as marriage and religion, are left to the individual to decide. Having children is a serious matter, and there are few families with more than two offspring. The rate of population growth is small, as a result. The humans here are descended from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, but one’s ethnicity is nothing more than a scientific curiosity to Egg’s inhabitants.

Egg’s historical records are spotty, with large gaps in the histories of other star systems. There is a fairly large body of literature from the Third Imperium, a smattering of material from a planet called Earth, and some histories from the Hivers. Other races, such as the Zhodani, Hivers, Ithklur, Vargr and Aslans, are known from this literature. Save for a single living Hiver who calls itself Scientist, there are no races other than humans left in the Egg system.

Fusion power is steadily supplanting older systems, and HEPlaR thrusters are coming into general production, although there are a large number of fusion engines still in use, especially in freighters. The one item that cannot be produced from in-system resources is the jump drive. When the starport was destroyed, certain technical literature and the stores of necessary rare elements were lost, and efforts to build one without them have been unsuccessful.
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Game Background and Notes
Map information for Execute:;scale=174.8515625
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
Wanderer's Supplies - this list is also in the New Eggs Dropbox folder

10 DT Cargo Container
                          Volume Mass MW Notes
Fabrics Fabricator        1.4 0.1 0.0006 operates in place
Metals Fabricator        28 2 2.0 needs to be set up to operate
Polymers Fabricator      2.8 0.2 0.0012 needs to be set up to operate
Electronics Fabricator  2.8 0.2 0.0012 operates in place
Components Assembler         28 2 2.0 interfaces with other assemblers - needs setup
Gases Fabricator         4.2 0.3 0.0018 operates in place
Liquids Fabricator         4.2 0.3 0.0018 operates in place
Solids Fabricator         4.2 0.3 0.0018 needs setup with other fabs to operate - portable smelter and chemical processor
Fabricators Materials         64.4 4.6 Allows construction of 4.6dt worth of items total - cannot manufacture superdense. TL-12 limit.
                         140 10 4.0084

Other Supplies - small containers
                          Volume Mass
Food Consumables        42 3 One year supply for eight people (doesn't include ship's normal 100 day provisions)
Other Supplies:          14 1 in addition to ship's locker supplies and crew equipment
Welding Rig
10 combat armor
10 ACRs w/5000 rds each
6 vacc suits
Assembled Spares          14 1 Enables ship to conduct one annual overhaul. Annual due 120-1403.

Usable Cargo Area        490 35

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Mon 30 Mar 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
I completely forgot we had all the fabrication modules!  Those are better than gold in this setting!  They don't have the power source to run them here though.
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Mon 30 Mar 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
I'm using TNE rules for the equipment, so I can give you some idea of what power sources are available.

The fabricators are limited to TL-12, so here are the specs for some powerplants to run the entire fabricator setup:

The smallest possible fusion reactor weighs 40 tonnes and produces 20MW - and it uses superdense in its construction.

A fuel cell big enough to run all the fabricators masses 5.34 tonnes, and consumes about 170 gallons of liquid fuel per hour. This also covers turbine and reciprocating generators.

For solar panels, they would cover 40,000 square meters, and mass 240 tonnes.
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Thu 2 Apr 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
Looks like we need less than 10MW.  That's not too bad but more than I think the locals can manage.

What TL is Egg?
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Thu 2 Apr 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
Egg is TL-10. They are working up to TL-12 with legacy tech, though.
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
That puts it in context, thanks.

And our ship is TL-12 as well?
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
Yes, that was the standard in Imperial space. The higher TL stuff was from a few larger systems.
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Mon 25 May 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
So smaller jump capable ships than 100 tons?

Also, is Jump 2 rare?
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Tue 26 May 2020
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Stores and Equipment Aboard Wanderer
From Wanderer's database, and what is available at home, the Imperium had advanced to Jump 6 at their highest tech level (TL-15 in the game). Naval vessels, X-boats, fast passenger liners, and couriers were among those ships that could jump that far. So, they weren't altogether rare, but they were usually only for governments or corporations, since they couldn't carry much cargo for their displacement tonnage.

I'm using TNE rules, so it will allow for some really small jump-capable ships. This is the smallest one I could engineer at TL-15.

At TL-21, it's possible to make a jump-capable spacesuit with an antimatter power source. I don't know that I'd want to spend a week going potty in a spacesuit, but it's possible ;-)