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Thu 14 Apr 2016
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The Great Vale - Realm of the Lord of Light
Ninety eight years ago the Lord of Light lead the faithful from lands beset by war and the depredations of monsters and delivered them to the Great Vale, a vast flood plain surrounded by mountains. After establishing the Fortress of Stonehearth the people went forth and colonized this land and under the guidance of the Wardens, the ruling body of paladins, the most capable of the settlers were raised to the nobility and the people of the Vale have prospered greatly. While the occasional incursion of Savage beasts and monstrous humanoids has justified the iron grip of the Wardens, their army and the various colleges the people have become complacent and for years the commoners have questioned the tithes demanded by the nobility.

In recent times the greatest of the lands sages have come to notice portents and omens and have started to notice irregularities in the flow of magic throughout the Vale.

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The Watchful Prescience
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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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The Great Vale - It's Ecology and Geography
Some factors to consider that will effect gameplay:
- There is no moon. A small sun orbits this world at a steady pace. The sun rises in the south heating the southern waters and causing the mornings to be more humid than the evenings. The setting sun heats the waters to the North and during the pitch black cold nights this causes heavy rainfall. A quirk of the shape of the Northern mountains funnels much of this rainfall to a place where the humans have built the town of Rivercliff. From here the main river of the Great Vale flows to the South and terminates in a small valley and pools in Possibility Lake beyond the massive fortress known as Fort Cage.
- As there is no alteration between the seasons the Wardens (the rulers of the Great Vale) have created a calendar where each week is five days (four days of toil and a day of rest), four months to a season, four seasons to a year.
- The capital city of the Great Vale is Stonehearth, a fortress city built into the side of a granite mountain. A city of castles, temples, courthouses and barracks, hundreds of workers delve ever deeper into the mountain. These tunnels and rooms have created a city under the city and provide the bricks for the cities ever growing walls and towers. The focus of the city is the Martial Academy, the Arcane Academy and the Cathedral of Light, all of which report directly to the keep of the Grand Warden.
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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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The Great Vale - It's Ecology and Geography

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