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Dungeon Master
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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 14:47
Equipment Log
A global tracker for loot and player equipment.

Unclaimed Items
  • Wand of Acid Splash (28 charges)
  • Unidentified wax-sealed vial

Other Wealth
416gp worth of credit at Watch store
-80gp Kyra's alchemical purchases
-235gp Kyra's anti-undead purchases
101gp credit

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 Rogue, 53 posts
Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 15:00
Kraw's Equipment
Kraw's equipment.

 992 gp, 32 sp, 7 cp

MW Chain Shirt
Mw Kukri(2)
MW Daggers (2)
Sleeves of Many Garments (can act as MW Clothing, +2 Diplomacy)
MW Thieves Tools
Ioun Torch
Wrist-sheathes (2)
Masterwork Backpack
Potion:Infernal Healing (2)
Oil: Abundant Ammunition
Potion:Protection vs Evil
Acid (3)
Vermin Repellent (2)
Dagger (3), Cold Iron dagger
Burglar's kit (Glass Cutter, Glue paper (10), Grappling Hook, Magnet, Silk
Rope 50', Twine 50')
Rogue's kit (Bedroll, Belt pouch (2), Chalk (10), Flint & Steel, mess kit, mirror,
piton (10), soap, sunrod (2), Waterskin, whetstone)
Swarm Suit
Net (2)
Sap (2)
Bag of Marbles
Smelling Salts

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Figus Dva
 player, 98 posts
Sat 1 Jun 2019
at 19:55
Figus' Equipment
Potion Mage Armorx1
Potion CLWx2
Smelling saltsx1
Empty vialsx6
Smog Smoke pelletx1
Throwing daggersx2
Cold Iron Scimitar 
Silver Light Mace 
MW studded leather 
Fine Clothes 

MW Shortbow

892 gp
 25 sp

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 player, 69 posts
Sat 1 Jun 2019
at 19:55
Kyra's Equipment
Spell deck
Fortuneteller's cards
Dagger (cold iron)
Shard gel x2
Smokestick x2
Wand of CLW

Fine pickpocket's outfit
Shawl of shadowy disguise
Waist pouch x2
Spell component pouch
Wrist sheath

Acid x4
Holy water x1
Holy weapon balm x2
Soothe syrup
Smelling salts
Healer's kit
Vermin repellent x2
Scrivener's kit
Ink (vial)
Scroll case
Parchment (sheet) x5

Cash: 566,5 gp

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 Bloodrager, 113 posts
Sat 15 Jun 2019
at 03:55
Ayeesha's Equipment

sleeves of many garments
+1 cloak of resistance

acid flask (2)
vermin repellent
tindertwig (5)
oil flask (2)
antitoxin (0)
potion of clw (2)
potion: enlarge person x2 (thanks Santacles!)

cold iron morningstar
composite longbow (+1 Str)
mwk greatsword
silver dagger
ioun torch
belt pouch
grappling hook
masterwork backpack[APG]
mess kit[UE]
piton (5)
silk rope (50 ft.)
trail rations (5)

arrows (20),
cold iron arrows (20)

2002 gp
-1000 for cloak of resistance
1002 gp


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The Iron Bank
Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 04:35
Bank of Abadar
A transaction log to better track your finances.

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