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The Legend of Santacles
There once was a mighty hero rumored to have the blood of a god running through his veins. His strength of arm was only matched by the strength of his character and so generous was he that after every adventure he would travel Golarion gifting magical trinkets to all the good little boy and girl adventurers.

One day the god of Greed, Norgorber, became quite upset with Santacles. Norgorbor was used to teasing adventurers with magical items to lure them into his web but with Santacles just giving magic away nobody was being lured anymore. Appalled at such acts of generosity he appeared before Santacles to stop the rampant generosity.

"It is not wise to just give away such powerful boons when they could aid you instead!"

Santacles just boomed out a loud "No! No! No! What I might gain from such gifts is nothing compared to how much others might need them!" And Santacles went back to his gift giving. Norgorbor tried to stop him using the lure of wealth and riches to hire mercenaries to attack Santacles but such was Santacles' kind spirit that no mercenary could bring himself to attack the kindly man.

One day the god of Envy, Zon-Kuthon, grew tired of hearing the whole land praise Santacles' good nature and appeared before him.

"Why do you give you glory away? You should keep the magic for yourself so as to prove your might to others!"

Santacles just boomed out a loud "No! No! No! What need for I of memories and proof when I have my stories to share. My stories are more then enough for me." And he went back to gift giving.

Zon-Kuthon tried to stop Santacles, hoping to incite less powerful adventurers to rise up and claim glory at the death of Santacles but no adventurer could bring themselves to attack as most of them had greatly benefited from Santacles' aid and the rest just could not bear to strike at such a noble fellow.

One day the god of Contracts, Asmodeus, overheard both Zon-Kuthon and Norgorber complaining about Santacles, about how his generosity and good nature were turning their worshippers away from them. Asmodeous appeared in a firey burst and steepled his fingers with a grin.

"You say you want Santacles out of the picture, well I can arrange for that. It will only cost you a future unamed favor which will be collected at a future date. If you agree, just sign on the line below."

Despite knowing the terrible conditions that a contract from Asmodeus would present, both gods leaped at the chance to remove that troublesome mortal Santacles from the realm. The contract signed and dotted Asmodeus cast a powerful spell that imprisoned Santacles in the astral plane.

However Santacles did indeed have the blood of a god running through his veins as the legends told, specifically he was the son of Cayden Cailean, the god of Freedom, himself. Santacles was not powerful enough to break Asmodeus' spell entirely however he could muster up enough of the divine essence of Freedom to escape for one night a year. With powerful magics he gathered up magical boons from his secret stockpile and dashed throughout the world to quickly deliver presents to all the goodly little adventuring boys and girls.

And so as we approach the 25th of Kuthona Santacles once again breaks forth from his magical prison and all the party finds wonderful gifts stuffed into their boots in the morning.

To Ayeesha the barbarian is a potion of raging red with a little card that reads "For the strongest"

To Kraw the thief is a potion of mercurial silver with a little card that reads "For the cleverest"

To Figus the ranger is a potion of verdant green with a little card that reads "For the bravest"

To Kyra the witch is a potion of cerulean blue with a little card that reads "For the smartest"