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Tue 31 Dec 2019
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[1.07] The Dead Warrens
Korvosa’s vast graveyard, a place known as the Gray District, is a mournful place even by day. Alone in the city, this place is quiet and calm in the face of the civil unrest, yet this calm is an unnatural stillness in the air, almost as if the graveyard were preparing itself for a vast influx of new dead. Certainly, this ominous feeling is nowhere more noticeable than in Potter’s Ward, the final resting ground for Korvosa’s poor and homeless. Mounds of unmarked
dirt stretch far and wide, indicating sites of mass graves, while crumbling mausoleums from years ago, abandoned by their families as the Gray District expanded to the west, dot the bleak landscape, forgotten and empty. Mourners do not visit here, for the dead buried in Potter’s Ward leave behind few who regret their passing.

Locating the mausoleum described by Elkaris is a relatively simple task. No sign of Gaekhen’s body remains in the area, although Figs finds the presence of a man’s tracks and a wheelbarrow
trail. More interestingly, several smaller humanoid tracks, each bearing only four toes, clutter the site as well. These tracks lead into the mausoleum itself, where Kraw discovers a poorly hidden secret trap door in the floor that leads down into the dark.

Figus, having heritage of the underdark, recognizes the tracks as those belonging to derro. Pale blue fey similar to gnomes yet notoriously wicked and evil. With a weakness to bright lights they make their lairs deep in the darkness. Their twisted little minds give them an uncanny resistance to mental effects and they have an array of small illusionary powers to daze and disorient attackers. Finally, and most importantly, is that the race tends to rely heavily on poison to compensate for their small stature and poor sight, typically favoring a spider venom that weakens attackers and makes them easy prey.

OOC: To translate
- Strong Will saves
- Vulnerability to Sunlight
- Can cast Darkness, Daze, Ghost Sound and Sound Burst
- Weapons, especially ranged weapons, are typically coated in spider venom that does STR damage

Nice passive skill checks rolled all around!

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Tue 31 Dec 2019
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[1.07] The Dead Warrens
Figus takes a look around and pulls out his Antitoxin. "Bottoms up folks. We are going to need them."

Once everyone, who will be taking a dose, gets theirs out Figus raises his hand in a toast "To life!" and downs it.
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Tue 31 Dec 2019
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[1.07] The Dead Warrens
Kraw unstoppers his own antitoxin and downs it, happy that he was prepared for this.
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Thu 2 Jan 2020
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[1.07] The Dead Warrens
Kyra drinks a vial of antitoxin as well before proceeding. She really wishes she took more than vial with her before they came here. "Oh, well..."