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Fri 15 Apr 2016
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Adventure Log
A log of the people, places and things encountered.

Adventure Log
  • Killed Yagrin, Giggles, Hookshanks and Bloo [445xp]
  • Killed Gaedron and Gobbleguts [400xp]
  • Brought justice for Zellara and freed the other Lamms [200 xp]
  • Defeated Otyugh on the streets. [300xp]
  • Captured the renegade guards. [400xp]
  • Discovered ambassadorís secret [800xp]
  • Defeated ettercaps and rescued orphan [800xp]
  • Captured Trinia [300xp]
  • Defeated Skeletons & Derro [500xp]
  • Defeated Derro, avoided stirges and otyugh, recovered Gaekhen's legs [600x]
  • Defeated necrosnakes and survived acid hallway trap [400xp]
  • Defeated fourth Derro [200xp]
  • Defeated giant guard [150xp]
  • Recovered Gaekhen's head [100xp]
  • Defeated Vreeg and recovered arm and torso [6000xp]
  • Defeated carion golem, retrieved arm, completed quest [1300xp]

Book 2
  • Saved Brienna's life [200xp]
  • Maneuvered through crowd peacefully [150xp]
  • Defeated vampires of Racker's Alley [1,200xp]
  • Defeated wererat sentries [520xp]
  • Defeated Girrigz and his wererat allies [1,500xp]
  • Defeated sea hag and recovered evidence from the wreck of the Direption [2,200xp]

Current Level: 5
XP Total: 13,265 / 15,000 xp

Level  6:  15,000xp
Level  7:  23,000xp
Level  8:  34,000xp
Level  9:  50,000xp
Level 10:  71,000xp
Level 11: 105,000xp
Level 12: 145,000xp
Level 13: 210,000xp
Level 14: 295,000xp
Level 15: 425,000xp

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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Adventure Log
NPC Attitude Tracker

Helpful Contacts
  • Zellara - dead fortune teller now haunting Harrow deck
  • Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, human head of Korvosa town watch
  • Trinia Sabor, human artist accused of killing the King. Party helped her escape the city.

Friendly Contacts
  • Grau Solado - human friendly guard
  • Vencarlo Orisini, human famed swordsman
  • Ishani Dhatri - human acolyte of Abadard

Indifferent Contacts
  • Tayce Solado - human peasant washerwoman
  • Dr. Reinier Davaulus - human doctor from Cheliax sent by the Queen to help fight the plague
  • Queen's Doctors - a group of silent doctors that are assisting Dr. Davaulus
  • Gray Maidens - a new military order of female knights that report directly to the Queen

Unfriendly Contacts
  • Devargo Barvasi, human crime lord who runs Eel's End. Known as the King of Spiders.

Hostile Contacts
  • Sabina Merrin, human bodyguard to the Queen
  • Queen Ileosa Arbasti, human recently crowned Queen of Korvosa
  • Ramoska, unknown agent sent by a Ustlavan Count(?). Was working with vampires before dismissing them and letting them run free
  • CT?, possibly an Ustalvian Count (Conte) who sent Ramoska and vampires to Korvosa
  • Borzid, now re-deceased vampire operating out of a toy shop in Old Korvosa. They were to help/spy on Ramoska or "RM"

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Mon 23 Nov 2020
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Quests & Leads
Korvosan Plague Leads

  • Plague Carters are rumored to be dumping bodies in Racker's Alley
  • A "ghost ship" was sunk the night before the plague started
  • It is rumored that rats from the sewers are spreading the plague

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