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Fri 15 Apr 2016
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Adventure Log
A log of the people, places and things encountered.

Adventure Log
  • Killed Yagrin, Giggles, Hookshanks and Bloo [445xp]
  • Killed Gaedron and Gobbleguts [400xp]
  • Brought justice for Zellara and freed the other Lamms [200 xp]
  • Defeated Otyugh on the streets. [300xp]
  • Captured the renegade guards. [400xp]
  • Discovered ambassadorís secret [800xp]
  • Defeated ettercaps and rescued orphan [800xp]

Current Level: 3
XP Total: 3,345 / 6,000 xp

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Sun 27 Jan 2019
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Adventure Log
NPC Attitude Tracker

Helpful Contacts
  • Zellara - dead fortune teller now haunting Harrow deck

Friendly Contacts
  • Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, human head of Korvosa town watch

Indifferent Contacts
  • Queen Ileosa Arbasti, human recently crowned Queen of Korvosa
  • Vencarlo, human famed swordsman

Unfriendly Contacts

Hostile Contacts
  • Sabina Merrin, human bodyguard to the Queen

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